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How To Develop A Better Facebook Strategy Than Your Competitors

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How To Develop A Better Facebook Strategy Than Your Competitors

As everyone is working on finding new ways to improve their social media performance, Facebook marketing is emerging as a significant solution worth working with.

2018 is the year to work on optimizing your Facebook content to do better on mobile devices. People are increasingly using Facebook on their mobile devices, hence the need to do this.

The platform is gradually growing in its video database and fast becoming a major competitor to YouTube.

To top it off, those who include a Facebook competitor analysis in their strategy will know what is happening and where they stand which can help with making changes and doing it right.

Here are six ways to perform better than your competitors on Facebook:

How to develop a better Facebook strategy than your competitors

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1. Look at and use demographics data

Before you delve into the depths of Facebook marketing, it is crucial that you understand who your audience is. This includes where they are, their age, and what they like among other details. When you understand these basics, it gets easier to target the content to the right audience for better returns on your investment.

It is important to know who has encountered your brand, those who you have reached through the page and post to understand them better. With this information, you will know if you are meeting your goals of reaching the right audience with your campaigns.

2. Balance live streaming with recorded videos

Video is becoming the main contributor to any digital marketing strategy. Even though many marketers look mostly at YouTube, Facebook videos is the best way to go if you want to grow your brand and get more leads. It has more than 8 billion daily videos views which means you will gain immediate access to a very large audience. It's time to increase your focus on Facebook videos to compete effectively and even get better than the competitors.

It is crucial that you upload the videos directly to Facebook and not just link sharing. Directly uploaded videos perform much better. When creating your videos, awe the audience in the first 4 seconds. You can use humor and use scripts that will keep the user longer. Most marketers lose a significant percentage of the viewers within the first 30 seconds so it pays to avoid that.

Using Facebook 360 will help you create immersive stories. Give your audience more with every video and make them feel like they are with you in the video. And it does not hurt to feature a video on your page, this will increase the page popularity. Just include something small and intriguing about the video and watch the clicks increase. There is no need to shy from including a call-to-action in the video after funneling the large number of users.

Using Facebook Live opens the doors to many opportunities for businesses. You can live-stream events right from Facebook or use it to promote the event before the date and engage with the audience to hook them.

3. Use custom audiences to your advantage

With custom audiences, you can create separate lists of users who have visited different pages or taken specific actions. These help in targeting the hottest leads with the highest chances of making a purchase.

You can create three main types of custom audiences; those who have visited your site at one time, those who have activated a specific event on your site, and advanced custom audience which combines the event-based and standard website visitors.

Here are some ways to target custom audiences:

  • Everyone who has visited your site
  • Those who have visited specific pages
  • Those who have viewed your checkout pages
  • Those who abandoned a buying process
  • Previous customers
  • Those who read your blog

4. Nurture Facebook groups around your brand or product

Of late brand pages have become ineffective, especially if you have no budget. The option to go is Facebook groups.

πŸ‘‰ Btw, you can join our Facebook group and learn how to develop a community around your product.

Create a group related to your business and build a community around it. The objective here is not to market the business but to build the community and engage them with topics related to your business.

Once the community has grown and become active, you can promote your content that will drive the audience back to your site. As you engage them, you will be supporting the leads and customers while building your social proof. The creation aspect is very easy, but you need to spend time and energy to nurture such a group for it to reap benefits to your business.

5. Use Facebook analytics tools

Using social media is a powerful way to connect your audience to your brand. Facebook analytics tools can help you understand your audience so as to post the right content and target the right audience.

Every smart business uses analytics to learn their business position and how to better target the audience. This helps you put the right content before your audience instead of blindly sending content and hoping someone will see it.

6. Run competitive analysis

With Facebook competitor analysis, you can gain a competitive edge and perform like or better than your competitors.

It is crucial that you do a business evaluation as you start with the analytics. You must conduct a SWOT analysis to know where you stand, your strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities await out there. Get to know which are the most successful posts, your share of interactions and what your competitor may be doing better than you.

It is important that you examine your competitive landscape using Facebook competitor analysis tool to understand where your business stands in all this. Once you have this data, compare it to your performance, strategy and actions. Monitoring this over time will give you an understanding of what works for the competitors and how to apply it to your business.

Final Thought

With a good social media competitive analysis, it is possible to grow any business and beat the competitors even with a small budget. The right content created for a target audience will deliver better results compared to aimlessly posted content.

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How To Develop A Better Facebook Strategy Than Your Competitors
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