Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas & Examples
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Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas & Examples

Elena Cucu
Elena Cucu

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With October settling in, the spookiest time of the year has officially begun.

This means marketers and brands must once more start casting some spine-chilling spells and bewitch social media users with their creative and uncanny Halloween marketing campaigns.

To help you gain inspiration in creating some catchy Halloween social media posts - ย or maybe even a more extended campaign, we'll show you a couple of inventive Halloween marketing ideas businesses have come up with so far.

Let's dive in

3 Halloween social media post ideas that never fail

Examples of inventive social media campaigns for Halloween

3 Halloween social media post ideas that never fail

Over the last couple of days, scary zombies, skeletons, witches, and other frightening creatures have taken over an increasing number of businesses' social media accounts.

Consequently, the competition for impressing social media users with an ingenious Halloween marketing campaign keeps on intensifying by the day.

As expected, some of the most notorious and popular brands have invested a weighty budget into their Halloween marketing campaigns, coming up with multiple original and interactive concepts (that we'll present later on).

However, while all those are eye-catching and interesting to analyze, it's safe enough to say that effective Halloween marketing campaigns can also be done on a budget.

From past years' admired Halloween campaigns, a key takeaway is that videos that rely heavily on storytelling are the most successful and brought-to-mind type of content of all time.

To discover catchy Halloween campaign ideas that can help you boost your business's sales this quarter, keep on reading the tricks and treats we have prepared for you moving forward!

1. Create a series of Halloween-themed videos adapted to your brand's niche

Alongside sweets and costumes, the makeup industry is one of the most impacted sectors by the arrival of the Halloween season. Obviously, in a positive way.

With this holiday kicking in, makeup businesses can expand their regular social media routines, leveraging more creative concepts in their visuals.

For its Halloween social media campaign, for example, the London-based makeup brand Revolution used a series of short videos portraying makeup tutorials for different Halloween looks.

Covering multiple vibes and leveraging multiple flavors - from sweet to terrifying - the brand had a little something in store for multiple personality types, which - judging by the engagement received - proved to be a very smart move.

Although the videos were indeed brand-focused, they were not sales-oriented but had a rather inspirational intention.

Given today's overextension of brands and the pressing challenge of finding a unique selling proposition, creating content that's beyond generating sales that incites a deeper bond creation is one of the most effective ways of doing social media marketing these days.

This is a key takeaway, applicable not solely to the makeup industry but to any brand that wants to improve its social media strategy and create some engaging Halloween posts.

And while we're at it, as a short reminder - nowadays, short-form videos are the new social media trend, so incorporating them when creating your Halloween social media strategy would bring a big win.


2. Host a giveaway

While bigger brands usually have enlarged budgets for such marketing endeavors as Halloween social media campaigns, smaller companies can also boost their sales during this holiday, even with minimum effort and resources.

This is particularly applicable to businesses that operate in a Halloween-related industry, like candies, costumes, or whatever else.

Since giveaways are every social media fan's favorite post type, attracting quite a number of eyes and an increased interest in a certain business, Halloween is one of the best moments to introduce your brand to a bunch of hungry treat-or-trickers.


Even if it may sound a bit too regular - especially compared to brands that have a full Halloween-mode approach, keep in mind that giveaways are quite an effective marketing tactic used by even some of the most famous brands.

Take Hershey's case, for example.

Although Halloween is clearly not a focused moment for the company (surprisingly, given its industry), the brand still did not let the holiday pass unchecked and surprised its Instagram followers with an appetizing giveaway.

With other famous brands like M&M following the same pattern, it gets obvious what heavy giveaways Halloween tends to get.

Unfortunately, by not pursuing the trends - especially if your competitors are - you risk falling behind and losing a great exposure opportunity.

3. Use creative and funny user-generated content

As the younger generations constantly come up with new trends and online habits, the social media scene keeps on shifting and evolving.

With TikTok being the new ruling platform, exactly because of its perceived increased authenticity in content, there's no better proof of how much today's social media users crave humanized connections and unfiltered experiences.

Luckily for brands doing social media marketing these days, one of the easiest ways of satisfying the customers' authenticity needs is to turn to user-generated content, which acts like a trust signal and raises credibility levels. Moreover, it is incredibly cost-effective.

Therefore, if you lack inspiration for your Halloween social media posts, you can always rely on your community's help and implication.

To highlight user-generated content's effectiveness as materials for Halloween posts below's an example of the incredible engagement ASOS gained with a single UGC-based Halloween-themed video. It's simply amazing.

Examples of inventive social media campaigns for Halloween

With Halloween approaching, brands across multiple industries, from candy to makeup to travel and many more, have started to get in the Halloween mood, bringing into their feeds the scariest characters of all times.

While several Halloween social media campaign ideas are worth talking about, we have chosen to analyze a range of three that have shown the greatest creative input so far.

Burger King

Every social media fan has certainly seen at some point - or at least heard - about Burger King's unique approach to marketing.

Being one of those companies that are not afraid to go the extra mile, Burger King is one of the boldest and most innovative brands in today's social media world.

Known to be one of the best players in the Halloween social media campaigns competition, Burger King raised up to its fan's expectations and wowed them with its creativity over again.

Putting its spooky hat once more for this year's holiday, Burger King just launched its #HomeOfTheGhosts Halloween marketing campaign, which extends further than just social media.

Starting with a teaser - like all inventive campaigns usually do - Burger King first shared a clue of what this year's campaign might involve on its Instagram account.


For this year's Halloween, Burger King developed a creative app that allows treat or trickers to - guess what - ย scan houses for ghosts. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Each download and, therefore, inception into the brand's Halloween story - besides the fun it will involve - is thought to be rewarded with an exclusive Ghost Pepper Whopper deal for two.

As for social media's involvement in this Halloween campaign, Burger King chose to spread the word about its new Halloween initiative through a mysterious yet funny video posted on its Instagram and Twitter accounts.


For a brand like Skittles, Halloween is one of the sweetest holidays of the year - both literally and figuratively - ย considering the impact and increase in sales it probably generates.

Compared to other brands, when it comes to its Halloween marketing campaigns, Skittles is a rather unique brand.

It all started a few years ago with a campaign announcing a Halloween limited edition product consisting of a Skittles package containing five new sour flavors - all of them thematically named.

Ever since, on Halloween, Skittles comes with a new iteration of its above-mentioned concept.

While last yearโ€™s spooky character used as the main character was a zombie, this yearโ€™s edition features shriekers and new inventive names for the brandโ€™s characteristic Halloween flavors.

To announce this yearโ€™s Halloween edition launch, Skittles used a concept-themed Instagram Reel that can be found below.


While being one of the most notorious brands in the accommodation industry, Airbnb's incredible success is based on the company's ability to stay true to its core mission - that of conveying enchanting stories and experiences for its clients.

Consequently, the company's marketing initiatives equally aim to align their trajectory with the brand's promise. Which is what Airbnb realized once more with its latest Halloween social media campaign.

This year the brand partnered up with Disney and created its spooky story centered around the launch of a Halloween-themed movie premiering on Disney on the frightening night of October 31st - Hocus Pocus 2.

By offering access to a Hocus Pocus 2 authentically decorated location, Airbnb succeeds in drawing its followers and customers to a legit and immersive Halloween story.

How cool, right?


Airbnb's main focus channels for this Halloween social media campaign were those where the youngest audiences hang out - Instagram and (surprisingly or not) TikTok.

@airbnb the sanderson sisters are waiting for their next soulโ€”or, umโ€”guest. will it be you? #airbnb โ™ฌ original sound - airbnb

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the presented Halloween marketing campaigns offered enough insights and inspiration so that you could craft your Halloween social media posts and delight your Halloween lovers.

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