Top Halloween Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2023 (With Examples)
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Top Halloween Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2023 (With Examples)

Elena Cucu
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It's time for marketers to captivate social media with hauntingly creative Halloween campaigns.

Looking for inspiration?

We've got a lineup of standout Halloween marketing ideas.

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Top Halloween Social Media Content Ideas

13 Halloween social media post ideas that never fail

  1. Host a Halloween giveaway
  2. Leverage user-generated content
  3. Dive into Halloween challenges
  4. Create Halloween-special playlists
  5. Bring a personal touch by using team highlights
  6. Share Halloween DIY Ideas
  7. Use interactive polls & quizzes
  8. Team up with influencers for a Halloween collab
  9. Add "Spot the Difference" to your Halloween calendar
  10. Curate your product lineup for Halloween
  11. Use a Halloween color palette
  12. Share tips and tricks related to Halloween
  13. Offer branded Halloween templates

How to use Socialinsider to find Halloween content inspiration

13 Halloween social media post ideas that never fail

Zombies, skeletons, and witches are taking over businesses' social media this Halloween season!

With brands splurging big on spine-chilling campaigns, the race to bewitch users is fierce.

But remember, even on a budget, a captivating story can work wonders.

This is why weโ€™ve compiled a list of the best tricks & treats for acing your Halloween marketing.

#1 Host a Halloween giveaway

Don't underestimate the power of giveaways!

A simple treat can introduce your brand to eager trick-or-treaters, proving that even classic tactics can be as impactful as any grand gesture.

Such giveaways naturally drive higher engagement, introducing the brand to new eyes and reaffirming its place among loyal followers.

By showcasing a product or service as the prize, brands subtly promote their offerings while riding the festive Halloween wave.

Essentially, it's a blend of timely celebration and strategic marketing, making the content both relevant and beneficial for brand growth.

One notable brand that utilized Halloween giveaways as a marketing strategy is Funko, renowned for its pop culture collectibles.

These giveaways typically involved participants engaging with the post (likes, comments, and shares), and in return, they stood a chance to win exclusive Funko Pop! figures or other Funko merchandise.

By capitalizing on the festive spirit of Halloween and the fandom of various pop culture characters, Funko boosted engagement and drew attention to their newer releases.


#2 Leverage user-generated content

If you need help with Halloween content ideas, turn to your community for genuine and engaging inspiration.

User-generated content can be a goldmine for Halloween posts across various brands.

Clothes retailers can highlight customers rocking their outfits, while cosmetics brands can showcase unique makeup looks crafted with their products.

Candy brands might share joyful moments of kids savoring their treats.

Party suppliers can display epic Halloween setups using their items, and craft brands can spotlight DIY Halloween creations.

Streaming services could even highlight fans dressed as popular characters.

The essence of UGC during Halloween is authenticity, tying a brand's products seamlessly into the festive spirit and showcasing real, relatable moments.

The online fashion retailer Fashion Nova, for example, frequently shares photos of customers wearing their outfits on Instagram.

For Halloween, they encouraged users to share their Halloween costumes made with Fashion Nova pieces.

The best or most creative looks were then showcased on Fashion Nova's official page.


#3 Dive into Halloween challenges

Embracing the spooky season isnโ€™t just about trick-or-treating; it's also about igniting creativity and community spirit through branded challenges.

Encourage your followers to don their thinking caps, or witch hats, and participate in a special Halloween challenge under your brand's banner.

Participants can use a distinctive hashtag to showcase their innovative costumes, intricate pumpkin carvings, or mouth-watering Halloween-themed recipes.

Chipotle's annual "Boorito" challenge on TikTok is a great example.

The fast-food chain encouraged users to showcase their Halloween costumes and incorporate a Chipotle theme.

By using #boorito, participants got a chance to win free burritos or other prizes.

Halloween challenge

#4 Create Halloween-special playlists

For brands in the entertainment or lifestyle sector, crafting a Halloween playlist is a strategic move to resonate with their audience's festive spirit.

Sharing those on platforms like Spotify or YouTube amplifies brand visibility, leveraging these platforms' vast user base.

More than just a collection of songs, it's an immersive branding tool.

When this playlist underscores a Halloween party or a night of crafting costumes, the brand subtly embeds itself into the celebratory moments, creating a lasting association.

In essence, a well-crafted Halloween playlist entertains and strengthens the bond between the brand and the audience, making the brand an integral part of the Halloween experience.

While primarily a video streaming platform, Netflix curated a YouTube playlist based on the soundtracks of their popular horror and supernatural shows.

It reminded them of their Halloween-worthy content and engaged fans who wanted to add a spooky cinematic touch to their celebrations.

halloween netflix

#5 Bring a personal touch by using team highlights

Amid brand promotions and marketing strategies, it's crucial to remember the human element that truly connects with audiences.

Share behind-the-scenes content of your team getting into the Halloween spirit, whether it's office decorations, a Halloween party, or staff in costumes. By doing this, brands can foster a deeper, more personal bond with their audience.

Such glimpses behind the scenes offer a window into the lives and personalities of the people powering the brand.

#6 Share Halloween DIY Ideas

A unique DIY project can position your brand as a source of inspiration this Halloween season, illustrating that resourcefulness can be just as captivating as any big-budget campaign.

Such DIY ideas naturally garner attention, attracting crafty enthusiasts and those seeking unique Halloween preparations.

By integrating your products into these ideas, like a fashion brand suggesting DIY costumes using its apparel, you subtly push the versatility of your offerings while embracing the Halloween spirit.

Take for example IKEA. The furniture giant occasionally shares 'hack' ideas โ€“ unique ways to repurpose or use their products.

For Halloween, they've provided suggestions like turning lanterns into spooky decorations or using their jars for creative Halloween-themed goodies.

ikea halloween

#7 Use interactive polls & quizzes

Do not shy away from using quizzes like "Which Halloween Monster Matches Your Style?" or polls such as "Favorite Halloween Candy?"

They pique curiosity and tap into shared nostalgia and preferences.

This form of engagement offers a personalized experience, blending individual responses with broader festive conversations.

By weaving the brand's messaging into these formats, businesses can create memorable, engaging experiences that place them at the center of Halloween discussions.

#8 Team up with influencers for a Halloween collab

Teaming up with another brand or influencer for a Halloween-themed collaboration can be a strategic masterstroke.

Imagine a clothing brand partnering with a makeup influencer to create a comprehensive 'Halloween Look' or a candy company joining a popular vlogger for a 'Trick or Treat Challenge.'

Such collaborations combine the strengths and audiences of both parties, amplifying reach and engagement.

Moreover, collaborations introduce brands to new demographics and potential customers who might have been previously untapped.

When executed well, this joint effort not only boosts brand visibility but can also drive sales, as the endorsement from a trusted partner or influencer can enhance perceived value and credibility.

Morphe's cosmetics brand collaborated with beauty influencer James Charles on a Halloween makeup palette.

With tutorial videos showcasing Halloween looks using the palette, the collaboration was a hit, given James Charles' significant influence in the makeup community.

Team up with influencers

#9 Add "Spot the Difference" to your Halloween calendar

"Spot the Difference" posts have always been a delightful test of observation, and integrating this into a Halloween marketing strategy can be both fun and beneficial.

By posting a regular product or brand image alongside its spookily altered counterpart, brands invite their audience into an interactive visual journey.

This approach achieves several things: it encourages extended engagement as followers scrutinize the images, sparks discussions and comments as people share or debate their discoveries, and subtly emphasizes the product or brand features by making them the focus of the challenge.

Furthermore, in identifying differences, followers are taking a closer look at the brand's offerings, thus reinforcing product details and brand identity.

#10 Curate your product lineup for Halloween

For Halloween, brands can meticulously curate combinations from their repertoire that resonate with the spooky festivities.

Drawing an analogy with a wine brand might suggest a deep, blood-red Merlot or a mysterious, dark-shaded Cabernet Sauvignon as the perfect companions for a Halloween party.

This enhances the ambiance and establishes a deeper connection with the holiday's aesthetics.

Just as a cobwebbed bottle might serve as an intriguing centerpiece, pairing products can amplify the festive experience, turning regular items into memorable Halloween essentials.

#11 Use a Halloween color palette

Integrating Halloween-inspired colors like black, orange, and purple into posts can subtly yet effectively evoke the season's spirit.

By adjusting the color scheme, brands can immerse their content within the Halloween ambiance without requiring extensive content overhauls.

This strategic use of a festive color palette serves a dual purpose: it captures the audience's attention with its thematic relevance while maintaining the core message and identity of the brand.

Such visual cues resonate with consumers, making content more memorable and enhancing overall engagement during the Halloween period.

Crafting Halloween-centric social media posts or articles allows brands to seamlessly intertwine with the festive mood while providing valuable content to their audience.

These posts, tailored with season-specific tips and tricks, act as a conduit for brands to showcase their expertise in a contextually relevant manner.

Taking the example of a beauty brand, an article titled "10 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks" taps into the holiday spirit and demonstrates the brand's versatility and relevance.

Such themed content can increase website traffic, bolster engagement, and position the brand as a thought leader when consumers actively seek Halloween inspiration.

Sephora often shares makeup tutorials and tips, especially around festive occasions.

For Halloween, Sephora rolled out content like "Spooky Eye Makeup Techniques" or "Halloween Lip Art Ideas" in the past, demonstrating the versatility of the products they sell while offering fun, festive content for followers.

Sephora halloween

#13 Offer branded Halloween templates

Offering Halloween-themed templates, such as e-cards or Zoom backgrounds, with subtle brand elements is a savvy marketing strategy.

By integrating subtle brand insignias, companies can ensure their identity is present without overwhelming the design, striking a balance between promotion and genuine engagement.

When users share these templates, the brand naturally reaches a broader audience, seamlessly merging festive celebrations with organic brand promotion.

This approach enhances seasonal engagement, fosters goodwill, and strengthens the brand community.

As a design platform, Canva regularly updates its template library based on seasons and festivities.

For Halloween, they introduced specialized templates for e-cards, social media posts, and more.

While primarily serving the user's needs, these templates also occasionally spotlighted Canva's own brand elements.

poster templates

How to use Socialinsider to find Halloween content inspiration

Using Socialinsider's Social Listening feature, brands can delve into specific Halloween hashtagsโ€™ posts or even a particular companyโ€™s unique Halloween hashtag to gauge their performance on Instagram and gain powerful insights that can inspire effective content.

By looking into this kind of data, you can get a clear perspective on the preferred content formats and themes that are trending.

Social Listening

Socialinsider's Social Listening feature also boasts a Popular Keywords section.

It allows brands to discover the most commonly used words and phrases within Halloween-related content associated with a specific hashtag.

This way, brands can stay in tune with the latest Halloween trends and tailor their messaging to align with current cultural conversations.

So, whether a brand is promoting a special Halloween sale, meme or an influencer is sharing DIY costume ideas, analyzing these hashtag-driven insights allows for optimizing content to align with what truly resonates with the target audience, ensuring maximum engagement and effectiveness.

Last thoughts

If you're at a loss for inspiration, let these suggestions guide you, ensuring your brand not only participates in the festive celebrations but truly stands out.

Remember, timely and relevant content is key, and with these ideas, you're set to captivate your audience like never before.

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