Thanksgiving Social Media Posts: Ideas and Examples
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Thanksgiving Social Media Posts: Ideas and Examples

Elena Cucu
Elena Cucu

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Thanksgiving - besides the day’s relevance on its own - is a very important celebration as it also marks the official beginning of the holiday season.

With it, Thanksgiving equally institutes a switch in the people’s regular state of mind, shifting their focus and energy from day-to-day activities to gift shopping sessions and quality family time. This creates a great opportunity for brands to gain their audience’s attention and increase sales.

But where to start?

In this article, we’ve put together a couple of Thanksgiving social media post ideas and examples in case you need some inspiration.

Thanksgiving marketing campaigns

1. Thanksgiving social media post ideas

2. Thanksgiving social media post examples

1. Thanksgiving social media post ideas

Even if Thanksgiving lasts for only a day, to make sure you reach a wider audience with your Thanksgiving marketing campaign, you should create a series of posts to increase your chances of getting noticed and remembered.

Think of it like this - some people respond better to humoristic or emotional content, while others are interested in straightforward offerings.

Integrating multiple social media Thanksgiving posts in your content calendar will increase your chances of hooking different personality types and audiences, which is great. The more, the merrier, right?

To help you in your seek for inspiration, below, we've listed some of the most popular social media posts for Thanksgiving so far.

What is equally important is to also try out different formats for your Thanksgiving posts for social media so that you keep your audience's interest and excitement by proving how creative you are.

Thank your communities for their support

Customers' support and loyalty are one of the main pillars of a business's success. To put it truthfully, there would simply be no company without them.

Since Thanksgiving is a moment when people usually take some time to express their gratitude for all the amazing people and things they have in their lives, it is a perfect opportunity for your brand to show your human side and how much your customers mean to you.

With authenticity being valued more than ever, surely crafting a nice thank-you-styled Thanksgiving post for social media will help you get closer to their hearts and consolidate your relationship.

While this may seem just like a themed idea - appropriate especially for a social media Thanksgiving post, you should keep in mind that it's important for your communities to feel treasured at all times.

Since they are such an important part of your brand's story, they should constantly be reminded of your appreciation for them, not solely on Thanksgiving. 😉

Launch a social media challenge

Social media users LOVE challenges. After all, it is thanks to them that some platforms, like TikTok, gained tremendous popularity.

Offering a certain context that you can play with, a social media Thanksgiving challenge is a great opportunity for spicing up your regular content calendar a little and impressing your audiences with your creativity.

To come up with a mechanism, you can take a bit of inspiration from other brands' previous social media challenges. Needless to say, you'll have to come up with something appropriate for your brand's niche.

Before moving forward to the next Thanksgiving social media post idea, here's a final tip for creating a catchy challenge: aim to come up with something relatable, something that would be natural for people to do, while at the same time inspiring some humor.

This way, people will be more tempted to join it, which will bring your brand more visibility.

Remember that for gaining social media success, content that triggers some sort of emotions is essential.

Offer a promotion or a seasonal product

Coming up with special promotions or seasonal products is a great tactic for keeping your customers' interest in your brand alive - during Thanksgiving and not only.

As new things are always exciting, such marketing approaches are likely to strengthen your social media audience's sympathy toward your brand, given that you are already on their radar. You can think of it like it's the cherry on top.

Moreover, by offering a promotion or a seasonal product, you increase your chances of growing your followers and customer base since there could possibly be new buyer personas you could target.

After all, the more diversified your offerings are, the more chances you have to reach more consumer categories.

To gain some inspiration on how to market a promotion or seasonal product for Thanksgiving, you could take a peek at how different bog brands like Starbucks, for example, communicate on social media about its fall-seasoned products.

Host a giveaway

With the holiday season coming, ”gifts “becomes a triggering word for people, as they now have to accomplish the task of finding something that will bring their loved ones a sprinkle of joy while equally being excited to get their own.

Thus, what better time to reward your social media communities for their concern about a business through a giveaway?

Social media giveaways are incredibly effective for generating brand awareness, usually being one of the best-performing types of posts from an organic perspective.

Therefore, including such a post idea in your Thanksgiving marketing campaign will surely be a smart thing to do.

Depending on your business’s vertical and budget, you can think of several mechanisms for such a Thanksgiving social media post.

On the one hand, there’s the option of giving away some products or some premium subscriptions for the services you provide.

On the other hand, there’s equally the option of offering something that is not related to your business but is designed to provide some sort of nice experience for the customers winning your giveaway - like a city break in whatever part of this world.

2. Thanksgiving social media post examples

While earlier, we've covered a couple of concepts that you can leverage for your Thanksgiving social media posts to help you in your inspiration-gaining process, we've also put together a list of some more factual examples.

Here's how some of the most popular brands have approached Thanksgiving marketing this year and how they immersed their campaigns in the season's best activities, emotions, scents, and flavors to make their business more relatable to their target audience.

Are you ready?


Walmart is a brand that is known to take Thanksgiving marketing very seriously, as the holiday - thanks to its specificity - has a huge impact on sales, especially for businesses in the food industry.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how different industries are performing on social media these days, you can take a look at our in-depth social media free industry reports here!

Jumping on the trend of leveraging TikTok to reach new audiences, as a first Thanksgiving-oriented post, Walmart chose to publish on its TikTok account a short video showcasing how to quickly prepare a no-bake dessert board for Thanksgiving.

@walmart @amy.darley saves the day with a quick and easy #Thanksgiving dessert! #DessertBoard ♬ Pumpkins - Chris Alan Lee

Aligned with the brand’s vertical and also in the spirit of the holiday, Walmart’s TikTok video is equally offering value to the viewers, as it comes with a solution for busy people that do not have much time to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

So, a key takeaway from Walmart’s Thanksgiving social media strategy would be that while tutorials are, in general, greatly appreciated social media post ideas, during Thanksgiving, they may prove even more effective in attracting more eyes to your business.

With so many preparations implied and the need to be as time-effective as possible, creating a series of tutorials on how to do different holiday-related activities (like cooking) in a faster and easier way also make for some great Thanksgiving social media posts.

T.J. Maxx

Similar to Walmart, T.J. Maxx - an American department store chain - chose a rather inspiring concept for its Thanksgiving marketing campaign.

By forging a catchy Instagram Reel showcasing how the brand’s products can help create a memorable Thanksgiving, the brand equally highlighted its unique selling proposition - that of having generally lower prices compared to other similar stores - which stirred up people’s interest.

Leveraging a video format for its Thanksgiving social media post was also a smart move from the brand, given the increased engagement video content generates nowadays.

TIP: with videos being the best-performing type of posts across all social media platforms - when creating a social media campaign strategy - it’s highly recommended to plan multiple video integrations.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the concept you’ll choose to leverage in your Thanksgiving social media posts, what matters the most is to be as humanly possible in your messages.

Moreover, for increased chances of making people stop scrolling when they see your Thanksgiving social media posts, try to come up with eye-catching designs and images.

The more original those would be, the better.

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