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Great Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content For Social Media

Want to get more eyes and engagement on your blog posts?

It's time to repurpose your old content and reach a broader audience.

Repurposing your content is taking an article that you’ve already written on your blog and re-posting it on different social media channels. This enables you to:

  • Reach more customers
  • Get more organic traffic
  • Focus more on sales

In this article, I've created a list of different ways to repurpose your blog content in 2020 and beyond.

Expand your horizon!

  1. Why you should repurpose content?
  2. Make a list with your top posts
  3. Create a fabulous infographic
  4. Transform your blog posts into YouTube videos
  5. Host a webinar
  6. Create interactive content
  7. Write an e-book
  8. Create a podcast
  9. Use Pinterest

1. Why should you repurpose content?

Generally speaking, great content will bring more traffic to your website, that is a fact. Besides that, it will strengthen your brand's reputation and also encourage web visitors to convert.

Content repurposing increases your chances of being heard, especially when coupled with a little content promotion. It's a proven fact by the marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant who says in his book, 'The rule of 7', that:

Your prospects need to come across your message at least seven times before they notice it and take action. - Dr. Jeffrey Lant

In other words:

Your target prospect needs to see your content multiple times to become familiar with you.

Develop trust for you and your brand - enter your conversion/sales funnel. -Ana Hoffman

In another train of thought, repurposing content is a little secret some marketers use to keep traffic on their sites.

Besides, this comes with benefits:

  • Search engine traffic - more potential customers
  • Referral traffic
  • Social media traffic - you don't have to stress over and over again about what to write about.

2. Make a list with your top posts

First step is to identify your most popular posts. You can do this manually, going through all your posts and taking a look at the number of likes, comments, and shares, or if it's too time-consuming, you can use Socialinsider.

All you have to do is add the pages you want to analyse into the dashboard, select the time range needed, and you'll see a list of top 3 posts in no time.

Find your top 3 posts using Socialinsider

Make a list with those posts, and let's find out how you can repurpose that content and get more exposure and engagement.

3. Create a fabulous infographic

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network.

The first thing you should do when you want to repurpose a piece of content is to create a fabulous infographic.

As you could see in the above picture, one of Socialinsiders' top posts was an article about how to create an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Because of that, we decided to create an infographic for this article, and here are the results:

  • our blog post gained more reach & engagement.
  • people shared the infographic on social media, mentioning us.
  • Neal Schaffer (digital and social media marketing speaker) used the infographic in one of his articles.
Neal Schaffer used our infographic

After you create an infographic, you can use it in many ways:

  • Add it to the article
  • Share it on your social media accounts
  • Send it in your weekly newsletter
  • Use it in a video, etc

4. Transform your blog posts into YouTube videos

Today we can say that video-content is the future. If you transform your blog posts into a video, you will evoke more emotions and attention.

In an era in which people are always in a hurry, watching a video is more accessible than reading an article.

A study from Vidyard shows that video drives better results. So much so that marketers who use video:

  • receive 41% more web traffic from search than non-users;
  • see 27% higher click-through rates;
  • and grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Also, you can add music, voice, different slides, and the impression your post will make to viewers will be more powerful.

You don't need more than one minute and twenty slides to tell something. Just find the most important ideas in your article, add an image that fits, an excellent soundtrack, and your 1-minute video post is ready to go.

At Socialinsider, we transform our 2000 words social media studies into YouTube videos.

In these videos, we summaries the essential findings, and at the end of each video, we use a call to action in which we invite people to read the full study if they want to learn more.

5. Host a webinar

For 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders, webinars are the number one way to generate high-quality leads.

Maybe you released a new feature, or you recently launched a new product, or you just want to talk about social media strategies that will help other people grow their business.

For all the above, you can create a webinar session.

Let's take Socialinsider, for example. Every month, we are hosting 30 minutes live training webinar in which we present a new product feature.

6. Create interactive content

There are more than 3 million articles published every day. So, to get the attention of this crowded online world, you have to make something different.
The more natural way to do that is to start making interactive content for your audience.

Adrian Domocos - Brand Evangelist Flipsnack

Flipsnack is an online publishing tool that has hundreds of free templates and can be used by anyone to create different types of online flipbooks that are displayed directly in the browser.

There are more than 20 types of interactive flipbooks you can make, and the most used are:

  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Ebooks
  • Newspapers
  • Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Reports

7. Write an e-book

If you end up doing enough articles on a specific topic, you could try to compile them into an e-book.

Here's what Andy Crestodina told me in an interview:

  • Start by outlining everything you know about a topic. (table of contents)
  • Next, fit all the content you’ve ever published on that topic into that outline.
  • Find and fill the gaps by writing and posting new articles.
  • Finally, when the shape is mostly complete, start fitting the pieces together. Rewrite chapters to make it flow. Update anything that’s out of date. Remove anything redundant.
  • Write the intro, then send it to an editor and a designer.
  • Print!

Take a look at your blog articles, and maybe your first e-book is just around the corner.

8. Create a podcast

Sometimes you don't always have time to read an article, but while you are doing different things, you can listen to a podcast.

Great, right?

A good example here is Brian Fanzo, who is doing a podcast with each of his articles.

9. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is mostly used by women, and from a report that Pinterest has released, woman aged 25-54 are using it.

If other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn are helping you promote your business, Pinterest is more a place for visuals.

The majority of woman who uses Pinterest are searching for style, food and drinks, beauty, design, presents and the list goes on.

  • Finding recipe ideas for meals and snacks (67%)
  • Taking a vacation in the next six months (50%)
  • Having their ideal home in the next five years (43%)
  • Weekly workout routines (35%)
  • Seeking inspiration for kids’ birthday parties or other large parties (34%)

If you still want to share your ideas here, the easy way will be to create some graphics for your posts and then share on Pinterest.

Use Pinterest

Final thoughts

Think outside the box and be creative. Pick up your best blog post and repurpose it write now!

Rather than repurposing, try reimagining. - Ann Handley
…repurposing suggests something that might happen as an afterthought – like you might reuse an old Cool Whip container to store leftovers – whereas we’re talking about something far more intentional, as something that happens in the first phase of your content plan development.

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Great Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content For Social Media