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Repurpose content! Expand your horizon

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Repurpose content! Expand your horizon

Wondering what you can do with content when Facebook organic reach is almost dead?

Social media is continuously changing, and the traditional platforms no longer help the marketers with their KPIs.

On January 11th, Facebook announced an algorithm change where its news feed prioritizes content for "friends, family, and groups". And these days everyone is talking about the Instagram algorithm changes and how the engagement rates decrease for different accounts.

What can we do to overcome any social media change that may come?

As Mark Schaefer said:

The economic value of simply publishing content is ZERO – unless it is seen and shared...
...it’s time to do what the best marketers have always done: adapt, adopt, and overcome.

So it’s time adapt, adopt and repurpose our content efforts.

In this article, we will share with you what we’re planning to do with our content for Socialinsider and why we do believe in #recontent.

Why should you repurpose content?

Generally speaking, great content will bring more traffic to your website that is a fact. Besides that, it will strengthen your brand's reputation and also encourage web visitors to convert.

Content repurposing increases your chances to be heard. It's a proven fact the by the marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant who says in his book, 'The rule of 7', that your prospects need to come across your message at least 7 times before they really notice it and take action.

In other words:

Your target prospect needs to see your content multiple times to become familiar with you => develop trust for you and your brand => enter your conversion/sales funnel. - Ana Hoffman.

In another train of thoughts, repurposing content is a little secret some marketers use to keep traffic on their sites. It's not illegal, and it's quite easy, so why not? :)

Besides, recontent comes with benefits:

⦁ Search engine traffic - more potential customers

⦁ Referral traffic

⦁ Social media traffic - you don't have to stress over and over again about what to write about.

The next big question is where you should repurpose content, and the answer is simple: you have to create content according to the different social media channels.

Today we will show you exactly where you can repurpose your most popular posts and gain organic traffic.

#1. YouTube - Transform your blog posts into videos

Today we can say that video-content is the future. If you transform your blog posts into a video, you will evoke more emotions and attention. In an era in which people are always in a hurry, watching a video is easier than reading an article.

A study from Vidyard shows that video drives better results. So much so that marketers who use video:

  • receive 41% more web traffic from search than non-users;
  • see 27% higher click-through rates;
  • and grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Also, you can add music, voice, different slides and the impression your post will make to viewers will be more powerful. You don't need more than one minute and twenty slides to tell something. Just find the most important ideas in your article, add an image that fits, a good soundtrack and your 1 minute video post is ready to go.

At Socialinsider we started a series of 1-Minute #VideoVitamin where we share in a creative way our blog posts and product updates. Subscribe to our channel and get weekly tips for Instagram and Facebook.

Besides that, a video content you can easily upload it on your Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.

#2. Medium - A storytelling platform

If you have a story to tell, Medium is the right place for your posts. Interviews, life-stories, journeys, ideas, suggestions, any ideas you think you may help other people are perfect for this platform. It is also a site where you can connect with other bloggers and get your content found!

For inside stories, lessons of focus, life balance, beginnings and hard work you can follow Socialinsider on Medium.

#3. LinkedIn - Become an authority in your niche

This platform is very useful when it comes to targeting by special interests - this focused way of promoting gives better results. It is simple because it shows articles only to those who pre-suppose are interested in your product or service, based on their profile information.

On this platform, you can start a conversation, gain traffic to your profile or your company profile page. The articles published here will also increase your reputation.

Adina, our co-founder, writes a lot about the social media updates. You can follow here articles here.

#4. Pinterest - Explain your brand in a visual way

In this case, things are a little different. First of all, this platform is mostly used by women, and from a report that Pinterest has released, woman aged 25-54 are using it.

If other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn are helping you promote your business, Pinterest is more a place for visuals.

The majority of woman who uses Pinterest are searching for style, food and drinks, beauty, design, presents and the list goes on.

  • Finding recipe ideas for meals and snacks (67%)
  • Taking a vacation in the next six months (50%)
  • Having their ideal home in the next five years (43%)
  • Weekly workout routines (35%)
  • Seeking inspiration for kids’ birthday parties or other large parties (34%)

If you still want to share your ideas here, the easy way will be to create some graphics for your posts and then share on Pinterest.

In 2018, we'll play more with Pinterest.

#5. Facebook Groups - Create a community around your brand

I see opportunities to encourage higher quality conversation between brands and its customer with the help of Facebook groups. If you do create a group, however, do so intelligently. Thinks of it as a social media channel, not a place where you spam your users with your links.

Groups aren’t a loophole for you to act a fool and pound everyone with your links. If you’re going to benefit from groups, it needs to be within the framework of an authentic community. - Jon Loomer.

Join our community group and see how to engage with your users.

Bonus!!! Facebook Videos

As Michael Stelzner - Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner noted in The Future of Facebook Marketing:

‘2018 PREDICTION: Facebook becomes MAJOR player in video.

Facebook will become a major competitor to YouTube. In 2017, Facebook kicked off the Facebook Watch rollout for select creators (their TV-like option within Facebook).

Play more with the video content on your Facebook page. The future of Facebook marketing will focus on video, mobile and data.
Dennis Yu - 1 minute video strategy

Final thought

Think outside the box and be creative. Pick up your best blog post and repurpose it write now!

And remember:

…repurposing suggests something that might happen as an afterthought – like you might reuse an old Cool Whip container to store leftovers – whereas we’re talking about something far more intentional, as something that happens in the first phase of your content plan development.

Rather than repurposing, try reimagining. - Ann Handley

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Repurpose content! Expand your horizon
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