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Diana Gogolan
Diana Gogolan
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It doesn’t really feel like summer is gone because we still have so many things planned.

From our podcast and studies to product features and new releases, we’re ready to bring you the sweater weather with a twist. 🍁

1. Filters and Sorting options:

We all love to see only the data that matters. That's why filtering and sorting options are important, just like when you're shopping online.

However, it's crucial to have everything in place and to make sure that you get the results that you're looking for as quickly as possible.

We made a few design changes to our filters and sorting options because we wanted to offer a better experience to the users.

New Filtering options in Socialinsider

When looking for specific posts, you can also apply some filters based on your needs.

You can sort the posts by:

  • engagement
  • engagement rate
  • date
  • likes
  • comments
  • shares
  • saves
  • views
  • reach
  • impressions
sort by

Of course, these metrics might differ based on the social platform.

You can also use filters as follows:

  • type of post: boosted, non-boosted
  • media: photos, videos, Reels, images, carousels, documents, article
  • campaigns - available only if you create campaigns by tagging posts

2. Ads autoreport:

Being able to schedule reports is a must in the social media universe. The struggle is real.

With Socialinsider, you can schedule reports and receive them directly to your inbox. Moreover, you can also choose to send them to your team or clients.

If you've been using this feature already, then you definitely know how it works. But the ads autoreports are the new addition.

The data for your paid efforts can now be sent over to your email without having to check the dashboard yourself.

Ads autoreport in Socialinsider

Make sure you select the type of report, the format, and the timeline. That's it. You don't have to do anything more.

3. Team members:

We believe that teamwork is really important, and our team members feature is here to stay.

You can now access your Socialinsider team a lot easier. Just go to your account and select Team.

Team members in Socialinsider

Make sure to add your colleagues to your Socialinsider project.

4. LinkedIn new metrics:

I don't always post on LinkedIn, but when I do, I want to make sure it's the best time. And timing is key.

Don't worry! We got you!

We added some new metrics to make sure that we all know how to make the most out of LinkedIn:

  • Best time to post by engagement (day and hour)
  • Best time to post by impressions (day and hour)

Best time to post on LinkedIn

5. New Product Sidebar:

Saved the best for last. Guess why?

Well, because this is just half of the surprise. However, you can still have fun in the dashboard while accessing your favorite sections.

Here's a quick map (sort of) of what you can do from the new sidebar:

Socialinsider new product sidebar

Product Improvements 🚀

  • Google Data Studio/Looker - Instagram Stories are now available in Google Data Studio/Looker integration. This means that you can now bring your Stories data from Socialinsider to your custom dashboard in GDS. And who said miracles don't happen?  
Diana Gogolan

Diana Gogolan

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