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Brands, Don't Let Your Instagram Followers Mute You!

Instagram Analytics

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Brands, Don't Let Your Instagram Followers Mute You!

Wondering if Instagram mute option affects your engagement rates?

In the following post, we've covered six ways you can use to outsmart the Instagram changes, grow your reach, and spend more time on your audience’s screens.

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How do you mute someone on Instagram?

Last week, Instagram launched the mute option which is a new way to help users hide the posts they do not want to see in their feed. One does not need to unfollow an account to keep from seeing their posts. This helps users to personalize their Instagram feeds to only see what matters to them.

A menu at the corner of the post will give you the option to mute an account. You can mute stories and posts from a profile or from the story in your tray.

With muted accounts, you can still see the posts in the muted accounts and get notifications when you are tagged in a comment or post. Those you have muted will not know they have been muted and that you are not receiving their posts. Whenever you want to, you can unmute the accounts and continue receiving the feeds.

Instagram Mute Option

6 ways to outsmart the Instagram mute option

#1. Use all the Instagram Stories' features

Instagram Stories is more than just a great way to connect with your followers. Posting to Stories consistently and using the latest features impacts your content strategy and the Instagram algorithm overall.

For example, now you can easily share feed posts to your story. Tapping on the airplane button under the post will do the trick. You can customize the background and move the sticker to make the post as attractive as possible for your audience.

The shared posts will display the original poster’s Instagram username. When you tap on a shared post, you will see more about the one who created it.

Only public accounts allow you to share posts. If you want your posts not to be shared by others, just opt out in the settings and they will not be sharable.

Instagram Feed to Stories

#2. Encourage audience interactions

Make your followers a part of the conversation to keep them engaged. This helps to grow followers and prevent being muted from their feeds. Desists from seeing them as just consumers of your content but participants who need to be engaged all the time.

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Work on building a community rather than mere followers and the audience will love your account and will not wish to miss out on anything you post.

#3. Have consistent brand aesthetics

Regardless of the budget you have set for the campaign, your entire publicity strategy should be cohesive and geared at speaking the same language all through.

Maintain your brand tone, theme, and approach to avoid confusing the audience or boring them. Once you pick a purpose for being online, work on it and do not desire to accomplish several tasks with one brand message.

Bolster your brand story with every post and make it tight to make the audience flow with you through the story. Let everything from your brand color, logo, to theme be consistent all through the story and in every post and share.

With a strong understanding of Instagram analytics, you will deliver the right content for a larger reach. It will help you know the day of the week and time of day to post for maximum reach.

As you build and maintain consistency in your brand aesthetics, you can leverage user-generated content to stay relevant and appear more human and one with the audience. The audience can post photos related to your brand and use your hashtags in their post to spice up the engagement. This will help you source lots of content and make it easy to find the content that related to your business or goal.

#4. Make use of hashtags and location stickers

Do not waste this opportunity when making posts or stories. The first few seconds after a post is made are the most important to your account as they can bring in new followers while keeping the current ones engaged. With such effort, it will be difficult for a follower to mute your posts in their feeds.

Instagram Locations Stickers

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#5. Create Instagram Stories ads

This requires paying close attention to your values and voice without losing focus on your brand image. Tell stories infused with the right emotions relating to your audience’s life experiences. Keep the talk about your product to a minimum and aim, instead, to talk about solutions to the followers' problems. Let them know what they can become with your brand. Say this in video and images in a way the audience will relate to and want to engage with.

#6. Be a real human online

The audience gets bored when you post like a robot and do things like clockwork. Actively engage them and respond to all comments and DMs you receive.

Ignoring some comments will only show them that you are interested in others and does not aim to build a community. Respond to each person to show them how much value to attach to their interest in your brand. This is the way to build friendships that lead to a stronger more vigorous engagement with your followers. They will not even remember the Instagram mute option when engaging with you.

Use your hashtags not just for content distribution, but also to find likeminded Instagram users. People like to know that you value their thoughts and opinions, something mechanical posters will not know about. Come down and engage with them like a real human being in a conversation.

Ask your followers about their day, share a photo of what you are currently working on. It pays to share your real human life with them online. Start anything to get them talking and you will be surprised just how many will reply.

Final thought

With these tips, you can overcome the fear of Instagram mute option. It is all about engaging your followers and posting interesting images and videos. These will make them want to hear more from you and will not think of muting your posts.

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Brands, Don't Let Your Instagram Followers Mute You!
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