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Instagram Business Account Vs. Personal. How Do You Identify A Business Account?

Instagram Analytics
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Instagram Business Account Vs. Personal. How Do You Identify A Business Account?

What are the differences between an Instagram business account and a personal one?

Some Instagram statistics say that there are 25+ million business profiles on this platform, and over 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day.

An Instagram business account acts pretty much like a personal account, you can upload pictures, videos, and Stories about your brand or business where you can connect with your customers.

With a business account, you can access Instagram analytics and run ads to help you grow.

Before the Cambridge Analytica issue, third-party analytics apps provided data for any account - both business and personal.

Instagram now shows you insights only for the business ones, forcing its users to switch from personal to business.

In this article, I'm going to show you the differences between an Instagram business account and a personal account in 2019.

Instagram Business Account Vs. Personal. How Do You Identify A Business Account?

Let's start!

👉 The benefits of an Instagram business account
👉 How to create an Instagram business account
👉 How to identify a business account on Instagram

#1. The benefits of an Instagram business account

An Instagram business account it’s just like any other account, but you can access the insights and run ads.

Once you provide contact information for your business account, a contact button will appear in your profile.

Access the insights. Create promotions

Instagram users have to click that button and then they choose whether they want to email you, call you, or find your location on a map. This will make you more easy to find.

With a business account, you have access to analytics.

Analytics for Instagram are very important because you can get an overview of your content strategy, how engaged is your audience, demographic data or the best time to post.

Clicking the 'insights' icon on the top right of the screen, you'll get a list of:

  • Profile stats:
  1. Interactions
  2. Profile visits
  3. Reach
  4. Impressions
  5. Engagement rate
  6. Tags on branded hashtags
  • Stories stats
  1. Impressions
  2. Reach
  3. Forward Taps
  4. Back
  5. Exited
  • Content metrics:
  1. Calls
  3. Emails
  4. Engagement
  5. Follows
  6. Get directions
  7. Impressions
  9. Reach
  10. Saved

Using an analytics tool like Socialinsider, besides these metrics you'll get:

  • Historical data for any Instagram business account
  • Followers growth over time
  • Average engagement per post - Instagram
  • Average engagement rate per post - Instagram
  • Posts evolution
  • Top hashtags
  • The most engaging posts
  • Posts by type
  • When is the best time to post

Check your stats

Last but not least the Instagram business account makes ad creation easy. Ad creation could only be accessed through the Facebook’s advertising tool before the business profile rollout.

Setting up your account for paid promoting, you can promote a post by clicking on it and then selecting 'Promote'.

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#2. How to create an Instagram business profile

If you want to create an Instagram business profile you have to follow these five steps.

  1. Login to your Instagram account and go to settings
  2. Tap Switch to Business Profile
  3. Instagram will prompt you to connect to a Facebook business page (you need to have Admin access to the Facebook page)
  4. Choose a category for your profile/business
  5. Fill out your contact details (make sure you put there all the important information)

Switch to a business account to access insights

These five simple steps transform your personal account into a business profile in minutes.

#3. How to identify a business account on Instagram

There are a few notable differences between a business account and a personal account.

For example, if you see any buttons that give you the option to contact the company directly there (“call” or “email”), that particular brand is using a business profile.

One of the benefits of a business profile is the ability to add additional contact options.

If you see there a phone number, an email address, a business category, and even your business’s physical location - that's a business account.

As you can see in Sue B. Zimmerman case, her Instagram account has all the information you need to know in order to know who you are following.

Sue B. Zimmerman Instagram account

Or look at Alex Khan's Instagram account. You can see that he is a Social Media Coach and CEO @ Social Media Agency Attractive Media. Also, you can find there his website Alexkhan.tv.

Alex Khan's Instagram account

Let's now talk about the Pros of an Instagram Business Account.

First, you can create a relevant bio with more than 150 words plus a direct link to your blog or website.

You can add more information about you and your work - a short presentation. Plus you can add the email, phone number, even the location so people can find you more quickly.

Run ads and boost your brand awareness. By switching over to an Instagram business account, you have the option to run all sorts of ads and drive potential customers and followers to your page.

Having a business account also gives you the opportunity to promote specific posts from directly within the app.

Last but not least, you can get insights about your account activity. Insights provide a glimpse into who your followers are and what they’re looking for, your content performance or engagement evolution.

Final thought

Now that you know the difference between a business account and a personal account you can make your decision.

If you choose a business account, you’ll find everything you need to know about growing your business through Instagram here on Socialinsider's blog.

Start a free Socialinsider trial today and track your Instagram analytics! Report and analyze multiple profiles from one dashboard, quickly evaluate your Instagram performance based on the metrics that matter, understand your hashtags performance and get Stories analytics!

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Instagram Business Account Vs. Personal. How Do You Identify A Business Account?
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