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How To Maximize The Instagram Questions Sticker Feature

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How To Maximize The Instagram Questions Sticker Feature

Instagram launched a new feature for Instagram Stories - Questions Stickers- and it's a new way to increase the engagement rates and the app usage overall.

It takes after Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) format which is incorporated into an Instagram Story. It enables to attach stickers on images and videos that prompt followers to ask them any questions regarding a particular post or topic.

This is done by selecting the β€œquestions” sticker located in the sticker library. The followers then respond and participate by tapping and typing responses.

Subsequent viewing of the post enables to view these questions by swiping up. Tapping on these questions enables the user to respond to the followers.

The user can then choose to respond publicly or privately thereby creating another story. The profile images and usernames of the followers who ask questions are not shown however.

Note! The questions aren't anonymous, users can see your questions, only the answers made public are anonymous :)

Alex Tooby explains how to use Instagram Questions Sticker

It is possible to optimize the Instagram Questions Sticker feature even further by taking the following measures:

#1. Choose your day with care

Despite the obvious gains with this feature, there are ways to even further optimize it. For instance, choosing the right day to post a question sticker can improve engagements with followers considerably by taking advantage of the Instagram algorithm.

It is also noteworthy that the best time to post on Instagram varies from one account to another. It is necessary that posts and Instagram Stories should be made when the majority of one’s followers are online. This enables your profile to be seen by a wider audience and at a faster rate.

Taking advantage of time zones when the majority of followers are online can mean the difference between multiple likes and views. The most active time zone is the one with the most online followers at any given time. Posting during off-work hours such as evenings and lunch also drive engagements.

#2. Invite relevant followers and influencers to participate

Inviting relevant followers and influencers to participate is another great way of maximizing upon the question sticker. The right followers and influencers imply more likes and views for the Instagram Stories. It would further translate to more questions asked as a result of the sticker feature.

Engaging with influencers that have greater followings on Instagram is an important way of improving one’s social media presence.

Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories makes it easier for posts to be found as the Instagram algorithm can easily navigate. These are necessary for relaying your stories to potentially interested people.

See how Skyscanner is using Instagram Questions Sticker

Check your hashtags before posting them and see if they were banned.

#3. Incorporate eye catching visuals

Incorporating eye-catching visuals in your Stories is also bound to attract more attention. This is in addition to the obvious illustrative purposes which visuals usually serve.

It is noteworthy that internet users spend more time on Instagram compared to other social media networks. Instagram is using all its resources to increase the app usage in the near future.

Visual content also enables the business to determine how they want a brand to be presented. Instagram has a number of embedded filters which can be used to increase the quality of visual content and to maintain a profile consistency. Beautiful visuals optimize the usage of the question sticker.

See how Canva and Hubspot are using the Instagram Questions Sticker feature

#4. Measure your efforts with Instagram analytics

Measuring your efforts with Instagram analytics is also an important step to take towards the maximization of this questions sticker feature.

A lot of insight can be gleaned from Instagram analytics such as the nature of the demographic, overall performance, and optimization of content. By tracking the most important metrics, it helps you develop a better strategy for Instagram.

When tracking Instagram Stories analytics, take a look at:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Forward
  • Back
  • Exited
  • Replies
  • Next stories
  • Live viewers

Using Instagram Questions Sticker it will improve your reach, impressions, backs (if you publish the answers), replies.

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Final thought

Once again, Instagram has come up with an innovative way to reach more followers. By enabling profiles to post their questions on the actual item of interest, the conduit for passing messages on social media has become even shorter.

This new question sticker feature is potentially a game-changer for your Instagram Stories. The simplicity of tapping the sticker and attaching it to any place on the stories helps you create engaging Instagram Stories with your audience.

It is possible to choose to respond privately or publicly by sharing the opinions posited in the question.

Your turn. Have you dabble into it?

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