How Brands Are Using IGTV (With Examples)
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How Brands Are Using IGTV (With Examples)

Adina Jipa
Adina Jipa

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Recently, Instagram introduced IGTV which has received a lot of praise.

In fact, a number of top brands do not only use it, but also encourage it. Other brands that have not tried IGTV need to embrace it as it will provide them with an opportunity to interact more with their audience and potential customers.

Unlike Instagram Stories which generally disappear after 24 hours and cannot go beyond some a minute, IGTV is a game-changer for brands: a video posted on IGTV remains in the account for as long as they are not deleted. It looks like YouTube is next in their sights.

Brands can take advantage of the long form video feature to advertise their products. A customer can only see user-related content, but can also suggest or sharem them to their peers. IGTV feature enhances extensive customer coverage. In fact, your customers can also be your advocate without your knowledge.

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How brands started using IGTV

From the moment Instagram launched this feature, a number of brands immediately started using it by creating their channels.

The primary idea for a majority of the brands was to test the influence or the impact that the feature would have. Below are some of the top brands that started using the feature after it was launched:

#1. Chipotle

After the launch, Chipotle was among the first users of the Instagram feature for Instagram marketing purpose. Although the video did not take advantage of the maximum time allowed by IGTV feature, it surpassed the one minute which is permitted for Instagram Stories.

The video featured a man removing a variety of items in the Chipotle menu from a Chipotle bag with the caption: 'What’s for lunch?’

Through the video, the brand wanted the customers to know they can always have a variety of combinations at Chipotle - Regardless of what they want, their needs are still covered.

Chipotle - IGTV

#2. Netflix

Netflix also took advantage of the feature to announce the introduction of a new episode by using the 'Riverdale' star, Cole Sprouse in the video.

The video is one hour long and has completely utilized the time allocated for one video by Instagram on IGTV. In the entirely hilarious video, Cole points winks and molders while eating the burger. The Netflix video on IGTV has received more than 500, 000 views and a lot of positive comments (weird, yeah...)

Netflix - IGTV

#3. Warby Parker

#Weringwarby is a campaign that has gained a lot of attention.

Warby Parker has been sharing inspirational stories on Instagram and how it aims at helping the needy through investing in eyeglasses. Through the campaign, a needy child is helped each time and an eyeglass is bought from the brand.

Warby-Parker - IGTV

#4. J.Crew

J.Crew one minute 30 second’s video also takes advantage of the IGTV in marketing the brand.

The video is on style hacks during summer and features three ways a lady can wear a dress depending on a particular occasion during the summer, and this is quite educational.

J.Crew - IGTV

#5. Bacardi

For their first Instagram TV video, Bacardi teamed up with Les Twins, the renowned dancers, and DJ A-Trak.

The video features Le Twins dancing in different places, and it is one of the moves to help the company enhance the production of videos by fans. The campaign was developed by the agency BBDO New York.

Who's present on IGTV channel

There are currently quite a number of people who have started using IGTV to promote their brands.

The most common people post vlogs, makeup tutorials, product reviews, interview segments, funny moments or even DIY guides. As long as the content does not fall outside the terms and conditions of Instagram, people can share any video they want to.

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What IGTV means for brands

As long as the user is well versed with internet marketing, then any brand can use the feature to promote its products, and it is, in fact, gaining more popularity as a platform for creating brand awareness.

Instagram TV is a vertical video content game changer, and this even makes it easier for people to view your products and services. Whatever your brand, you can choose to drive traffic to your site by including a link in your videos.

The length of the videos, as explained by Kinzi Sparks, the lead for paid social at iProspect, provides customers with in-depth viewing experiences:

β€œIGTV presents a unique opportunity to engage with users at a deeper level. When your customers are thoughtfully seeking and opting into a more in-depth viewing experience, there’s a stronger chance that your brand’s message will be received with welcome captivation." - Kinzi Sparks - lead for paid social @ iProspect.

Unlike Instagram stories, the engagement with customers on IGTV is more intensive, and you are certain that your customers will have a better comprehension of your brands values and story. That’s why people chose to watch one hour at Netflix’s first IGTV, right?

What brands need to know if they dabble into IGTV

#1. Design videos for your audience

Before exclusively starting to use IGTV, it is essential that you understand your audience which is also technically for your customers.

#2. Cross-promote your IGTV on Facebook, Twitter, even in your Instagram Stories

You also need to do more than just posting a video on IGTV alone. You can share the video through other platforms or even in your Instagram stories. You will need therefore need to create awareness for your audience and include the IGTV link on a number of your posts - whether on blogs posts or on your status.

How to link your IGTV to IG Stories

#3. Keep the same theme and consistency over the IGTV channel

Most importantly, it is essential to have a uniquely merely and consistent theme for all your videos.

The Instagram analytics will also help you in figuring out areas where you need to adjust. If you notice that a majority of viewers do not watch the entire video, then you should find out the reason and if in any case, you need to shorten your videos.

#4. Use branded hashtags in title and description

Lastly, you can have branded hashtags as this makes it easier for one to access all your video just by clicking the hashtag.

Ready for your first IGTV? Here are some ideas on how to use IGTV to get you started:

  • Tutorials
  • Unboxings
  • Product Demos
  • Team Introductions
  • Office Tours
  • Educational Videos
  • Behind-The-Scenes
  • Events/Launch Parties

Final thought

IGTV is a revolutionary platform that brands can use to reach their customers as well as provide in-depth information about their products and services. The feature is besides, easy to use and anyone can create it.

Also, your contents have high chances of reaching a much broader audience through name tags and sharing. If you have noticed a small TV icon on the top right side of your Instagram homepage and you need to promote your brand, then it is time you gave IGTV a shot.

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