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Valentine’s Day Marketing: Strategies, Tips, and Content Ideas

Find out why creating Valentine's Day marketing content is a successful strategy. Dive in and get some fresh V-day 2024 ideas!

Andreea Udescu
Andreea Udescu
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Roses are red, violets are blue…and Valentine’s Day is coming for you.

As a regular human being, you can always choose to ignore this holiday when you don’t really feel like celebrating. However, as a marketer, you have to step up your game each year.

Luckily, with the Valentine’s Day marketing tips that we put together below, you’ll have an ace up your sleeve for spicing up this year’s Valentine's Day campaigns.

Ready to get down to business?

Valentine's Day Marketing Tips for 2024

  1. Valentine’s Day marketing ideas
  1. Examples of Valentine’s Day social media posts

  2. Valentine’s Day marketing on social media: data-backed insights

1. Valentine’s Day marketing ideas

If you’re a social media coordinator at a company that’s in the love business, or you’d just like to mark the occasion with a some cheeky Valentine's Day marketing messages,now you have the perfect opportunity to do it.

However, it’s tough to come up with new and engaging Valentine's Day marketing campaigns ideas every single year.

So here's some Valentine's Day content inspiration that will get the ball rolling.

  • Create a series of themed social media posts

While it makes for a great opportunity for businesses to boost their sales, Valentine’s day social media posts don’t have to be all about selling.

Think of it this way - Valentine’s day is all about love - one of the strongest feelings in the world that has an unbelievable driving power. So, why not capitalize on that?

With the social media landscape nowadays being shaped by an increased need for authenticity, creating social media posts that appeal to people’s emotions is, by far, your best shot at gaining their attention and interest.

dunkin donuts valentine's day marketing post

Whether it’s through humor, nostalgia, excitement, or you name it, capitalizing on the power of emotions will surely help you make your social media followers open up their hearts and, in the end, their wallets.

When creating your Valentine’s Day social media campaigns, remember that you can joggle between sales and engagement-oriented posts to keep things interesting for your social media followers.

  • Put together some Valentine’s Day gift guides

Shopping for your loved one is not an easy task. Everyone wants to buy the perfect gift, but not everyone knows what that gift should be.

You can help ease the anxiety with a simple and effective idea: Valentine’s Day Gift Guides.

Draw up a list of items that would make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts and include a few of your best products.

Try out some ideas like:

  • Gifts for him/her
  • Gifts for your BFF
  • Gifts for your family
  • Gifts for yourself

Gift guides give people exactly the information that they are looking for in a clear and precise manner, while also leaving room for plenty of self-promotion.

macy's valentine's day marketing post
  • Create dedicated collections or experiences

If your budget allows it, don’t shy away from spreading the love by creating a dedicated collection or brand experience (maybe even a giveway?).

It may not be the cheapest option, but if you’re planning on running a long Valentine’s Day marketing campaign that can run for the entirety of February, this is worth considering.

2. Examples of Valentine’s Day social media posts

Businesses that are outside the Holy Trinity of Valentine’s Day - meaning the jewelry, candy, and flower industry may be wondering whether or not investing resources in a special Valentine’s Day marketing campaign it’s really worth it.

Naturally, depending on your budget and marketing objectives, you can choose to go big for this Valentine’s Day campaign or lay lower and just mark the celebration with a couple of cute Valentine’s Day social media posts.

Equally, if you’re active in one of those industries that benefit the most from this festival of love but haven’t quite had the time to prepare for this year’s holiday, you can try out the last-minute strategies we mentioned earlier.

And to help you quickly gain some inspiration, here are a couple of examples of Valentine’s Day social media campaigns that some of the most notorious brands have launched this year.

cartier valentine's day marketing post

Known for its refined yet minimalist style - for its social media Valentine’s Day campaign, Cartier chose to keep things simple and adopted a soft-sales approach.

When it comes to Valentine’s day, jewelry brands are all about affection and unlocking hearts. In most cases, their captions encourage their followers to purchase products that will stay forever in the hearts of their loved ones.

Also, most of their products are intended gifts for women.

pandora valentine's day marketing post

With each that passes, it appears that more and more brands are starting to leverage video content for their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.

Hopefully, these posts sparked some fresh Valentine's Day content ideas.

And here comes the cherry on top - if you’re curious to know how your competitor’s Valentine’s Day social media campaign is performing and want to get some insights on how to outrank them, now you’ve got the means to do it!

Well, Socialinsider’s Strategy feature allows you to search for specific keywords used in your profiles of interest’s captions that you can set as different campaigns and then check the data about those specific posts.

Here, I compared Tiffany's and Swarovski's 2024 Valentine's Day social media campaigns, to see which one performed better and what set them apart:

valentine's day marketing campaigns comparison socialinsider

To get this data, I searched their recent posts using their individual campaign hashtags - #TheWonderOfLove for Swarovski and #ATiffanyValentinesDay for Tiffany & Co - and grouped the relevant posts into seperate campaigns.

Talk about competitive research and content strategy made easy, right?

3. Valentine’s Day marketing on social media: data-backed insights

For this year’s Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns, most of the businesses that are in the love industry seemed to have chosen Instagram as their primary communication channel.

So, naturally, there’s the question of whether or not this is the secret to creating a successful Valentine’s Day social media campaign.

Well, that’s all up for debate.

As a matter of fact, according to our latest social media industry benchmarks study, the platform’s overall engagement rates significantly decreased since TikTok’s rising.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the data:

valentine's day marketing average engagement rate social media socialinsider data

To help you in developing your Valentine’s Day social media strategy, I’ll give you one final insight that Jenn Hermann - Instagram marketing expert - has shared with us.

This is a quote of Jenn Herman - Instagram marketing expert related to what performs best on Instagram in 2023.
PS: When doing your research for Valentine's Day marketing campaigns, a bunch of apps, such as Instagram analytics tools, may come in handy to gain inspiration from your competitors or another brand you admire. 

Final thoughts

Regardless of the industry, there’s always something special you can do on social media for Valentine’s Day.

Show your audience you’re ready to come to their rescue by offering them a promo, a discount, interacting with them through a contest, or simply making them laugh with a witty post.

Andreea Udescu

Andreea Udescu

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