TikTok Business vs. Creator Account: What Are the Differences and Which Oneโ€™s Best for You
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TikTok Business vs. Creator Account: What Are the Differences and Which Oneโ€™s Best for You

Learn the differences between TikTok Business vs Creator accounts, and find your best fit for boosting reach and engagement.

Anda Radulescu
Anda Radulescu
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From maximizing visibility and engagement as a business to harnessing creativity and building your personal brand as a creator, this article will provide actionable insights, tips, and strategies tailored to each account type.

So letโ€™s dive into the key differences between a TikTok Business vs Creator account, exploring their unique features, benefits, and how each can elevate your presence on the platform.

TikTok' business vs creator account: everything you need to know

  1. Business account on TikTok: whoโ€™s it for?
  2. TikTok's creator account: who's it suited for?
  3. TikTok business vs. creator account: main differences
  4. TikTok business account vs. creator account: deciding whatโ€™s best for you
  5. How to grow your TikTok account with Socialinsider

1. Business account on TikTok: whoโ€™s it for?

Unlocking the potential for your business, TikTok's Business accounts cater specifically to your brand's requirements โ€” offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to elevate your presence on the platform.

With a Business account, you can seamlessly connect with your audience in real-time, surpassing the limitations of a personal account.

Access to essential TikTok analytics tools empowers you to refine and optimize your marketing strategy with ease.

  • How to switch to a business account

To switch to a Business account on TikTok, you need to:

  1. Open TikTok and go to your profile page
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner
  3. Access the "Settings and Privacy" menu
  4. Select "Account"
  5. Tap on "Switch to Business Account"

2. TikTok's creator account: who's it suited for?

The Creator account, a personal account equivalent on TikTok, caters specifically to the needs of creators spanning various fields, such as artists, musicians, influencers, and anyone passionate about self-expression.

Tailored features within this account type are designed to amplify and highlight the unique talents and creativity of individuals on the platform, empowering them to shine brightly in the social sphere.

  • How to switch to a Creator account

Switching to a Creator account on TikTok is straightforward:

  1. Tap on "Profile" located at the bottom right to access your profile
  2. Click the three-line icon situated at the top right to navigate to your settings
  3. Select "Settings and Privacy"
  4. Choose "Manage account"
  5. Tap on "Switch to Personal Account"

3. TikTok business vs. creator account: main differences

TikTok differentiates its Business, and Creator accounts to cater to distinct audiences.

While Business accounts are aimed at brands seeking marketing tools, advanced analytics, and advertising options, Creator accounts focus on individual content creators, offering creative tools, a wider selection of music, and simpler analytics.

And while Business accounts are tailored for promotional strategies and may have music usage restrictions, Creator accounts are designed for engaging content creation with potential access to monetization options like the Creator Fund. This division ensures users can maximize their TikTok presence according to their specific goals, whether for business promotion or creative expression.

Hereโ€™s a more detailed overview of the features provided by each account type:

differences between tiktok's business vs creator account

4. TikTok business account vs. creator account: deciding whatโ€™s best for you

For the time you have to decide between a TikTok Creator account vs a Business account, the platform lays out a clear-cut directive: businesses are best suited for a Business Account, while creators typically lean towards a creator or personal account.

Yet, the decision isn't always so straightforward.

It's essential to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons associated with the TikTok Business account vs. Creator to determine which aligns best with your objectives.

For instance, as a business, the absence of access to the full sound library might be disheartening.

However, is it worth risking legal entanglements just to leverage a trending sound?

Pros of a TikTok Business account

  • Access to TikTokโ€™s Business Suite: Business accounts have access to TikTok's Business Suite, offering analytics on profile, video, and LIVE video performance, along with tools for ads, promoted videos, and a Commercial Music Library.
  • E-commerce storefront integration: Businesses, especially e-commerce brands, can create a TikTok store to showcase products directly on the app, facilitating seamless shopping experiences for followers.
  • Integration with social media management and analytics tools: Business accounts can connect to platforms like Socialinsider for streamlined social media management, including content scheduling and performance monitoring across various channels.
  • Messaging flexibility: Business accounts can message anyone on TikTok, enabling direct communication with a broader audience and the option to set up automated responses for efficient engagement.
  • Traffic generation: Business accounts can include external website links in their bios, driving traffic to company websites or specific marketing campaigns.

Cons of a TikTok Business account

  • Limited Sound Library access: Business accounts have access to a restricted library of royalty-free commercial sound clips, limiting audio options for video content.
  • Restricted Duet and Stitching options: Due to sound limitations, business accounts may face restrictions on duet and stitching capabilities, particularly when using non-commercial audio.
  • Exclusion from Creator programs: Business accounts do not have access to certain Creator Programs like the TikTok Creator Fund or Creator Next, which offer additional monetization opportunities and support for content creators.

Pros of a Creator account on TikTok

  • Full access to Audio Library: Creators have access to a wide range of popular songs, sound bytes, and audio clips, enhancing their video content options.
  • Stitch and Duet features: Creators can engage with other users' content through stitching or duetting, fostering interaction and collaboration.
  • Access to Analytics: Creators can track their account's performance with insights and analytics, enabling them to refine their content strategy for better reach and engagement.
  • Video promotion: Creator accounts can utilize the "Promote" option to extend the reach of their videos, potentially increasing visibility and audience engagement.
  • Eligibility for monetization: Creators can join the TikTok Creator Fund and receive tips from top followers, offering monetization opportunities.

Cons of a Creator account on TikTok

  • No website link in profile: Unlike Business accounts, creators cannot add external website links to their profiles until they reach 1,000 followers, potentially limiting traffic to external sites.
  • Limited management tools: Creator accounts lack integration with third-party management tools, restricting the optimization of social media marketing efforts.
  • Restricted direct messaging: Creator accounts can only message users on their friend list, unlike Business accounts which have broader messaging capabilities, potentially limiting communication options.

After meticulously weighing the benefits against the limitations, you can commit to your chosen account type.

5. How to grow your TikTok account with Socialinsider

Leveraging a third-party social media analytics tool for your marketing strategy is essential for businesses and creators aiming to increase reach and engagement.

While platforms like TikTok offer basic in-app data, external tools, such as Socialinsider, provide an extended set of data that enables more in-depth performance insights and optimization directions.

Here's a quick look at how Socialinsider can benefit your account growth โ€” be it Business or Creator.

Offering content performance analysis, Socialinsider allows you to track the performance of your content across various metrics such as top videos, follower growth, likes, views, comments, engagement rate, and more.

By analyzing which types of content perform best, you can refine your content strategy to create more compelling and engaging posts.

tiktok performance analytics

Comprehensive data enable better content development, trend identification, and ROI measurement. That's why Socialinsider's list of TikTok metrics also includes a series of custom KPIs, such as the average number of days a video reaches virality, the average engagement rate of a TikTok video when it reaches its peak in viewership, and many more.

By integrating a social media analytics tool such as Socialinsider, you can gain access to a wealth of analytics and insights that can help you make informed decisions about your content strategy, audience targeting, and overall social media marketing efforts.

Final thoughts on TikTok business vs. creator account

Ultimately, when deciding between a TikTok creator vs Business account, what matters the most is to keep your goals in mind and understand which type of account can better you you achieve them.

By carefully weighing the benefits and limitations outlined in this article, along with leveraging analytics tools like Socialinsider, you can effectively navigate the TikTok landscape and strategically grow your presence on the platform โ€” whether as a business or a creator.

TikTok Creator account vs. Business account FAQs

1. Are there any differences displayed in the TikTok Business account vs the Creator account?

Yes, there are a couple of differences in how a TikTok Business account and a Creator account are displayed on the platform, reflecting their distinct purposes and functionalities. For example, only Business accounts can leverage CTAs such as "Shop Now," "Learn More".

2. Does TikTok boost reach more in the case of a particular account type?

TikTok has not confirmed any preference for Business or Creator accounts regarding reach, focusing instead on engagement, relevance, and quality of content. Observations suggest that visibility is more influenced by user interaction and adherence to community guidelines than account type, with algorithm changes affecting all users equally.

Essentially, success on TikTok hinges more on how well content resonates with viewers than on the account classification.

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