Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023
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Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023

Laura Dascau
Laura Dascau
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When great minds get together, they generally come up with even greater ideas. That’s what happens at marketing conferences year after year.

We all get our energy and inspiration from people and with people. That is why every gathering that gravitates around social media and digital marketing is a great opportunity for new connections to establish.

This is the place to fuel your inspiration and harvest friendships that could lead to excellent business ideas and collabs.

Below we compiled a list of marketing conferences to attend in 2023. We encourage you to step out your comfort zone and attend at least one of them to gain valuable knowledge.

Top 22 social media conferences to attend in 2023

  1. Social Media Strategies Summit
  2. B2B Marketing Exchange
  3. Social Media Marketing World
  4. Product Marketing Summit
  5. SXSW Conference
  6. Ad World 2022
  7. Digital Summit
  8. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference
  9. International Social Summit
  10. Brand Reputation Summit
  11. Atomicon
  12. Social Media Week Lima
  13. Influencer Marketing World
  14. Marketing Analytics Summit
  15. ContentTECH Summit
  16. SocialDay
  17. MozCon
  18. State of Social
  19. Content Marketing World
  20. Inbound
  21. Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2023
  22. Social Media Week

1. Social Media Strategies Summit [June 13th - 16th]

A screenshot from the main page of social media strategies summit

The Social Media Strategies Summit is the first marketing conference that open 2023 and brings a lot of opportunities for participants.

The marketing conference is in June, 13th-16th.

What you should know about it is that you only need to buy your ticket for the virtual summit, without worrying about needing to travel somewhere else.

The Social Media Strategies Summit gathers together leader from the social media space, sharing their expertise and knowledge on social media strategies.

This comes as a great help for participants who are in need of new points of view to better structure their next marketing strategy.

Participants will learn from the best.

Use the code "socialinsider10" to save 10% off registration on any of their 2023 corporate events.

2. B2B Marketing Exchange [February, 27th - March, 1st]

A screenshot of the b2b marketing exchange main page

The B2B Marketing Exchange will soon begin and you only have a few days left to sign up.

This marketing conference takes place between February, the 27th and March, the 1st, in Scottsdale.

This marketing conference will teach how to embrace creativity and improve your results in the digital world.

The B2B Marketing Exchange proves that none of the “B”s stand for boring, offering participants the chance to meet some of the most knowledgeable leaders in their industry.

The line-up of speakers will definitely impress. Go on their website, look for more details and don’t hesitate to sign up.

3. Social Media Marketing World [March 13th - 15th]

A screenshot of the main page of social media marketing world

The Social Media Marketing World is definitely a marketing conference that you should not miss in 2023.

The marketing conference is powered by Social Media Examiner and it will take place in San Diego in March, between the 13th and the 15th.

You should not waste time thinking about it and simply go on their website and buy your ticket.

The Social Media Marketing World conference will help you exchange ideas with the greatest specialists on digital marketing and develop the best strategies for your brand.

For us, this sounds like the best plan. These are some of the speakers that will blow your mind this year:

  • Derral Eves, YouTube expert
  • Sean Cannell, YouTube expert
  • Michael Stelzner, the Social Media Examiner’s founder
  • Molly Pittman, digital ads strategist
  • Millie Adrian, Instagram expert
  • Mari Smith, Facebook expert

4. Product Marketing Summit [March 15th - 16th]

A screenshot of the product marketing summit main page

Another noteworthy marketing conference for 2023 is the Product Marketing Summit.

This conference is taking place multiple times every year, in different locations. The upcoming Product Marketing Summit will be in march, between the 15th and the 16th, taking place in New York.

This marketing conference is designed by product marketers for product marketers, teaching people in the industry useful tactics to develop better brand strategies.

Here are some of the speakers that will offer you insightful ideas:

  • Sam Duboff (Spotify)
  • Lindsay Wershaw (IBM)
  • Riana Frischman (Amazon)
  • Matthew Fitter (Microsoft)

5. SXSW Conference [March 10th - 19th]

A screenshot of the main page of sxsw conference

In 2023, spring sprung with this marketing conference where digital creatives get together to share their opinions and innovative thoughts on the latest marketing trends.

The SXSW Conference will take place in March, between the 10th and the 19th, in Austin, Texas.

This marketing conference encourages participants to offer a loud voice to their cutting-edge ideas.

When everyone shares opinions on diverse topics, the world starts spinning around branding and social media.

This conference is the place to be if you want to discover people working in different industries and areas, with a complete and complex work experience.

Learning a bunch of lessons from digital professionals will help you put your brand on the map.

6. Ad World 2022 [March 29th - 30th]

A screenshot of the ad world conference's main page

AdWorld is another marketing conference you should not miss out. This social media conference will take place online, in March, between the 29th and the 30th.

The AdWorld conference offers you the chance to see and hear more than 60 speakers from over 160 countries.

The diversity and the exchange of ideas, from people with different backgrounds working in different industries, will surely inspire participants.

All the brightest minds of social media and digital marketing will unite to amaze you with insights that you can apply for your business.

The event focused on advertising will help you meet leading voices from your area of expertise.

7. Digital Summit [March 29th - 30th]

A screenshot of the main page for the digital summit conference

The Digital Summit is a well-known marketing conference that attracts more people working in digital marketing year after year.

The leading experts invited as speakers at this conference will share with you tips and tricks on how to develop marketing strategies to increase your brand’s metrics.

This marketing conference has more editions annually. The first one this year is in Phoenix, in March, between the 29th and the 30th.

With this social media summit, you will get insights from fields like lead gen, emerging tech, data analytics, branding, email marketing and seo.

This sounds like the greatest opportunity for you to connect with people from all these fields.

8. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference [April 17th - 18th]

A screenshot of the midwest digital marketing conference's main page

Some say that “April is the cruelest month”. We say that this is a great chance for you to meet social media specialists at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference.

This is one of the best marketing conferences to attend in 2023, in April on the 17th and the 18th, in St. Louis, MO.

The conference is not only about finding out the latest ideas of digital marketing specialists, but also about brainstorming and participating in insightful workshops.

Here you will find out a lot more about email marketing, social media and how to implement analytics.

The keynote speakers will prepare more than 20 breakout sessions and you will have the chance to meet some of the greatest experts in your industry.

9. International Social Summit [May 5th]

a screenshot with the internation social summit main page as one of the best social media conferences in 2023

The International Social Summit is an event for social media and digital marketers with responsibility for multiple markets and languages.

The conference will take place on May, 5th, at the World Trade Center in Barcelona.

The 2 track, 20 speaker agenda will dig into all aspects of social media marketing from a global perspective.

The topics discussed range from influencer marketing and global social strategy, to paid social media and how to develop viral social video.

With speakers and attendees from all over the world, the International Social Summit brings social professionals together to share experiences, meet others in similar roles and make new connections.

You can find tickets for purchase here. The great news is the discount code SOCIALINSIDER10 gives you 10% off when buying your ticket.

10. Brand Reputation Summit [May 23rd - 24th]

A screenshot of the brand reputation summit's main page

The Brand Reputation Summit is a social media and marketing conference that will unfold the world of PR experts and communications managers.

This marketing conference is not one to miss. It will take place in May, on the 23rd and the 24th, in New York City.

If you decide to attend this conference, you will learn more on crisis management, brand reputation and brand safety.

This way, you will know how to manage any situation when trying to grow your brand.

Learning how to plan your strategies and safety net will certainly help you gradually develop a brand everyone will trust.

11. Atomicon [June 13th]

A screenshot of the main page of atomicon conference

In June, once the summer starts, Atomicon is there to set the tone. This marketing conference with an excellent line-up of specialised speakers will definitely change the way you look at social media.

The great part about Atomicon is that it will take part both online and in person on June, the 13th.

Contrary to expectations, we’re sure this will be a lucky day for social media people.

If you decide to take a trip and get to know the speakers in person, this marketing conference will take place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

The keynote speakers are set to be Rachel Rodgers, Joe Wicks, Rob & Kennedy, and Andrew & Pete.

We also have a useful tip: If you hurry up to buy the early bird tickets, you can save up by 54%.

12. Social Media Week Lima [June 21st - 22nd]

A screenshot of the main page of social media week lima

This year, Social Media Week Lima is a one of the most promising marketing conferences you should consider attending to.

The Social Media Week Lima, powered by NOW Marketing Group, will take place in Lima, Ohio, SUA, between June the 21st-22nd.

A marketing conference like this one is a great opportunity for marketers, digital strategists and people working in social media to exchange valuable knowledge.

The innovative ideas shared during marketing conferences in 2023 can inspire a lot of people to be bolder when developing their marketing strategies.

On the list of speakers, among many others, there are listed specialists like Sadea Canty, Viveka von Rosen and Fiona Lucas.

13. Influencer Marketing World [June 21st - 22nd]

A screenshot of the main page of influencer marketing world

Influencer Marketing World, one of the best conferences to attend in 2023, will take place in London, in June, on the 21st and the 22nd.

This marketing conference offers you the chance to see and hear over 25 speakers who are eager to share their innovative thoughts.

The Influencer Marketing World conference is the right event for those digital geeks who want to learn more from people with greater experience in their industry.

At this conference, you will get to know great content strategists, new people working for big brands and social media influencers.

Take advantage of the growth opportunities this marketing conference brings you and let new ideas make room into your life.

14. Marketing Analytics Summit [June 19th - 22nd]

A screenshot of the main page of marketing analytics summit

The Marketing Analytics Summit is a digital marketing conference with a promising line-up of speakers.

This social media conference will take place in Las Vegas, in June, between the 19th and the 22nd.

With this event, you will feel lucky to get to know marketing specialists from Microsoft, Amazon, Shopify, Publicis Sapient, and many more.

This marketing summit will shine a light on several aspects of digital marketing, helping you better plan the growth of your brand.

15. ContentTECH Summit [June 20th - 22nd]

A screenshot of the main page of the content tech summit

The Content TECH Summit is a great opportunity for content nerds to get together and brainstorm some of the best ideas that could revolutionise their strategies.

The must-go marketing conference is an online one and it is set to happen in June, between the 20th and the 22nd.

At this event especially designed for content creators, you will learn how to manage and scale content experiences.

If you were wondering whether your business is using the right type of content, here you will get all your answers.

16. SocialDay [June 28th]

A screenshot of the main page of social day conference

As the month of June sets off, you will be able to sign up for another marketing conference in 2023 that is bound to challenge your knowledge about the marketing world.

SocialDay is the perfect opportunity for you to learn from social media specialists. The marketing conference will take place on June the 28th, in London, UK.

Industry leaders will meet up at The Social Media Marketing Forum in London, uniting their insights to create a proper space for learning.

You should hurry up and buy yourself a ticket to gain the opportunity to connect with digital marketing professionals.

17. MozCon [August 7th - 8th]

A screenshot of the main page of mozcon conference

MozCon is one of the most appreciated marketing conferences to attend in 2023. The conference will take place in Seattle, WA, in August, on the 7th and the 8th.

This is a great chance for marketers and people working in agencies to learn what happens in the brain of a worried social media manager or a digital strategist.

Having a bigger picture of how the marketing world works behind the scenes can help you design a better strategy for your brand.

The speakers will offer tons of insightful ideas. Here are just a few of them:

  • Amanda Jordan
  • Brie E. Anderson
  • Andi Jarvis
  • Crystal Carter
  • Jackie Chu

Hurry up, access their website to find out more details and book your ticket.

18. State of Social [August 22nd - 23rd]

A screenshot of the main page of the state of social 2023 conference

State of Social 2023 is is Australia’s largest social media conference and is led by founder Meg Coffey.

The marketing conference comprises a year worth of training and learning in just two days.

This insightful conference offers workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions with the best in the business! It features speakers such as Andres Lopez-Varela, Aaron Matthews, Alexa Heinrich, Meg Coffey and many more.

The digital and social event takes place on Optus Stadium, Perth. There are expected more than 1000 guests who represent digital marketing and social media across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

All Access tickets will gain you full exposure to international icons and local legends. Signals and strategies. Trends and tactics. Be coached by the best from a host of brand-building, marketing and technical disciplines.

19. Content Marketing World [September 26th - 29th]

A screenshot of the main page of the content marketing world 2023

This year, the Content Marketing World conference is about to become everyone’s favourite from the moment they’ve published the line-up.

I mean, who doesn’t want to hear the speeches of brand innovators and marketing leaders like Andy Crestodina, Bonin Bough or Jessica Bergmann.

The Content Marketing World conference will take place in Washington, DC, in September, between the 26th and the 29th.

The 26th of September is dedicated to workshops, then the conference will be on the 27th and the 28th, while on the 29th of September participants and speakers will have the chance to network and talk.

All the speakers invited will inspire participants due to their stories behind their success.

20. Inbound [September 5th - 8th]

A screenshot of the main page of the inbound conference

As the autumn sets in, there’s yet another marketing conference you should not miss. Inbound by Hubspot is a marketing and social media conference that will surely make you ponder on the practices you used so far in the digital world.

This marketing conference will take place in Boston, MA, in September, between the 5th and the 8th.

Inbound promises to unite all the creativity, innovation and the outstanding cultural traits for the collective good, sharing it with the whole world.

This is a great opportunity for people working in digital marketing to learn from the best.

When buying tickets, you can opt for the VIP Pass or the General Admission Pass, depending on your needs.

21. Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing NYC 2023 [November 7th - 8th]

the cover for reuters events: strategic marketing 2023

Reuters is currently planning a massive marketing event that could really contribute to so many marketers' education. The event is taking place in New York, between November 7th - 8th.

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing NYC 2023 brings together the world’s most influential brands to define the future of marketing.

This is the global platform to inspire and empower marketing leaders – map the digital DNA of your consumer, foster brand loyalty and community, and unlock innovation.

In today's dynamic landscape, marketers face immense pressure to continuously adapt. You need to stay relevant, showcase your value, and bring purpose to the heart of your organization.

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing will empower you to evolve in tandem with your customer, embrace innovation, and integrate brand purpose in everything you do.

Key Themes for 2023

Leadership and Growth: Unlocking Success through Strategic Vision: Marketing leaders are constantly required to think holistically. Gain valuable strategies and leadership skills to effectively navigate challenges, inspire your team, and unlock new opportunities for sustainable growth.

Brand Evolution: Harnessing the Power of Identity, Rebranding, and Purpose. Discover strategies to connect with socially conscious consumers, create impactful brand stories, and build a loyal community around your purpose. Explore the intersection of brand building, societal impact, and sustainable growth.

Content and Creative: Igniting Engagement and Mastering Storytelling. Compelling storytelling is the key to creating valuable, relevant, and shareable content that captivates your customer. Harness the magic of visual storytelling and the power of influencers to attract, engage, and retain your target audience.

Data, AI, and Consumer Insights: Unleashing the Potential of Intelligent Marketing. Navigate the intersection of technology and consumer understanding. Discover how to utilize power of advanced analytics to gain actionable intelligence, identify emerging trends, and personalize customer experiences.

Gain access to first-hand insights from the world’s biggest brands and leave with strategy-defining knowledge, enabling you to stay ahead of the game.

You can register here to take part in the event crafted by marketing leaders for marketing leaders.

22. Social Media Week [November 7th - 9th]

A screenshot of the main page for the social media week by adweek

There is yet another Social Media Week conference you should put up on your list this year.

Social Media Week - The European Edition is a new conference that will take place in London, UK, in November, between the 7th and the 9th.

This marketing conference is presented by Adweek and it has a lot in stock for all those interested in the digital marketing.

The social media world is dynamic, in a continuous state of change. And what social  media managers and people working in agencies wish for is to keep up with the fast pace.

To find the recipe to success in 2023, this marketing conference will help you understand the rules you have to follow to gain higher engagement.

If this did not convince you, then you should definitely take a look at their line-up and see what specialists are going to share their innovative ideas at the Social Media Week.

Final thoughts

All these marketing conferences to attend in 2023 are bound to educate people in the digital marketing and social media field even more.

These summits and events represent great opportunities to become more knowledgeable in your field and apply some of the smart tactics that you can learn.

The strategies discussed by experts in this domain can contribute to you developing better content plans and brand strategies that can help you grow.

And since everyone is looking for growth in the marketing world, you just have to make sure you sum up the basics from all the professional speakers and apply them.

Hopefully this list of best marketing conferences to attend in 2023 is going to serve you well, motivating you to participate to social media summits and getting to know people from your industry.

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