Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024
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Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024

To learn more about the social media trends and marketing, you should attend these marketing conferences. Discover some of the best by reading the entire article.

Elena Cucu
Elena Cucu
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When great minds get together, they generally come up with even greater ideas. That’s what happens at marketing conferences year after year.

We all get our energy and inspiration from people and with people. That is why every gathering that gravitates around social media and digital marketing is a great opportunity to establish new connections.

This is the place to fuel your inspiration and harvest friendships that could lead to excellent business ideas and collabs.

Top 23 social media conferences to attend in 2024

  1. Social Media Strategies Summit
  2. B2B Marketing Exchange
  3. Social Media Marketing World
  4. Product Marketing Summit
  5. Digital Summit
  6. Multifamily Social Media Summit
  7. Digital Marketing Europe
  8. Utterly Content Global
  9. SXSW Conference
  10. Social Media Week by AdWeek
  11. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference
  12. International Social Summit
  13. Atomicon 2024
  14. Social Media Week Lima
  15. Influencer Marketing World
  16. Marketing Analytics Summit
  17. SocialDay 2024
  18. MozCon 2024
  19. Social Media Day Halifax
  20. Growth Marketing Summit
  21. State of Social
  22. Content Marketing World
  23. Inbound

1. Social Media Strategies Summit [February 28-29]

social media strategies summit

This year the Social Media Strategies Summit 2024 is prone to take over the world of marketing conferences.

This social media conference is established on February 28-29 and it’s a virtual event. This way, it offers a great opportunity to all those who want to attend but don’t want to travel.

You have no excuse to register for this marketing event to learn more from experts who put the MARK in “Marketing”.

Among the speakers, there is David Velez, Leslie Douglas, Eric Dachman, Bari Tippett, Zachary Galia, Emily Andre, Meg Bradley and a lot more.

2. B2B Marketing Exchange [February 26-28]

B2B Marketing Exchange

This year, the B2B Marketing Exchange will be here to innovate, adapt and diversify. During this conference you will be able to get advice from a lot of professionals in more than 80 sessions, from 5 different tracks.

You will also get to learn from more than 20 case studies that will help you internalize the theory, showing you how to apply certain tactics.

The conference will take place between February 26-28, at The Phoenician, Scottdale and their list of speakers will blow your mind.

Among the most famous ones, there is Steve Armenti, Alex Bauer, Derek Boshkov, Tara Clever, Jennifer Fields, Kate DiLeo, Andrea Fryrear and many more.

3. Social Media Marketing World [February 18-20]

Social media marketing world

The Social Media Marketing World conference is going to take place between 18-20 of February.

At this amazing conference in San Diego you are bound to meet the greatest marketers around the world, learning from their marketing strategies.

You will meet the best online marketers and get a lot of tips and tricks from them. Make sure you get a pen and paper and start writing down everything that could help you shape your strategy.

Among the marketing pros that you will meet, there is Paul Roetzer, Michael Stelzner, Ann Handley, Andrew Davis, Jim Louderback, Dr. Mindy Weinstein, Brooke Sellas and many more.

If I were you, I’d hurry up to register for this social media marketing conference.

4. Product Marketing Summit [February 13-14]

Product Marketing Summit

This year, another social media marketing conference that you should now miss is the Product Marketing Summit. The great part is that there are more dates available so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

-February 13-14 - Product Marketing Summit - Austin
-March 21-22 - Product Marketing Summit - New York
-March 26 - Product Marketing Summit - Paris
-April 10-11 - Product Marketing Summit - Denver
-May 8-9 - Product Marketing Summit - Amsterdam
-June 5-6 - Product Marketing Summit - Atlanta
-June 12-13 - Product Marketing Summit - Seattle
-September 4-5 - Product Marketing Summit - San Francisco
-November 13 - Product Marketing Summit - Singapore
-November 13-14 - Product Marketing Summit - Chicago
-November 27-28 - Product Marketing Summit - London

To see the speakers for every date, you’d have to check the details for each of them on their website.

Whichever date you choose, you’ll surely meet great professionals from whom you’ll have a lot to learn. Hurry up so you can register for one of these dates.

5. Digital Summit [February 27-28]

Digital Summit

Just to make sure you will be able to attend this social media marketing conference, this year the Digital Summit has more dates available.

-February 27-28 - Orlando, Florida
-March 13-14 - Las Vegas
-April 3-4 - Chicago
-April 25-26 - New York
-June 10-11 - Denver
-August 14-15 - Minneapolis
-November (date to be announced) - Raleigh
-December 4-5 - Dallas, Texas

This social media marketing conference has grown into marketers’ go-to summit to broaden their horizon and improve their marketing strategies due to all the learning provided.

Find out more about the speakers present at each of the Digital Summit dates and register to the one suitable for your schedule.

6. Multifamily Social Media Summit [March 20-22]

Multifamily Social Media Summit

The Multifamily Social Media Summit is a social media marketing conference destined to attract all “property management firms leveraging social media and content marketing” to attract new clients.

This marketing conference is to take place on March 20-22 in The Meritage Hotel and Spa, from Napa, California.

This is the 12th year in a row when this conference gathers together property management companies. The event focuses on several technical and business topics relying on social media metrics, ROI, and case studies.

Go ahead and register if you are part of this industry.

7. Digital Marketing Europe [March 20-21]

Digital Marketing Europe

Digital Marketing Europe is yet another noteworthy marketing conference which will take place on March 20-22 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This is the place for international content creators, marketers and data analysts to gather and share their knowledge on the topics that interest them.

At this social media conference, there will be more than 500 attendees from 30 countries, 34 speakers, and 3 tracks.

Hurry up and register to save your seat for the conference where you will explore the digital landscape of the future!

8. Utterly Content Global [March 20-21]

screenshot from the utterly content global main page

Another social media marketing you should not miss is Utterly Content Global which takes place on March 20-21 and it’s an online event.

The social media conference focuses on gathering marketers, digital creators and all specialists wanting to perfect everything they know about social media.

You will get inspired and get more insights which you can quickly apply to your strategy. Isn’t that amazing?

They have not yet shared more details on the event. This is why you should stay tuned to find out more about the keynote speakers and the main topics.

9. SXSW Conference 2024 [March 8-15]

sxsw conference

At this social media marketing conference in 2024 you will be amazed about the great insights you will get from all digital creators gathering there.

The SXSW Conference will take place on March 8-15, in Austin, Texas, with speakers focusing on talks about technology, culture, music, film and many more.

Take part in as many as 24 conference tracks to be able to meet more people and their stories. See the list of keynote speakers and don’t forget to register.

10. Social Media Week by AdWeek [April 9-11]

screenshot from the main page of social media week by adweek

Social Media Week by AdWeek is taking place in New York, on April 9-11. This is THE marketing event you should not miss on this year.

The well-known social media conference addresses creators and digital marketers from around the world.

At Social Media Week you get the chance to discuss all the challenges and opportunities you get with your fellow marketers. This is how you will get inspired and find out more about the latest trends.

Among the speakers, you will get advice from Claudia Oshry, Soyoung Kang, Bashel Lewis, Najoh Tita-Reid, Sarita Nauth, Manu Orssaud, Evan Horowitz and many others. Register to find out more.

11. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference [May 13-15]

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

In 2024, the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is going to take place on May 13-15 in St. Louis, MO.

Make sure you register for this social media marketing conference to take part in the most useful workshops. On Day 2 and Day 3, you will have the honor to listen to some great keynote speakers sharing a lot of marketing advice.

Don’t miss out on this social media marketing conference in 2024 and hurry to register.

12. International Social Summit [May 16]

International Social Summit

The International Social Summit is going to take place in May, the 16th, at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain.

This social media marketing conference is an event destined to social media marketers and digital marketing managers around the world.

This year’s social summit is bound to focus on the opportunities and challenges of the marketing world, while running different social media programmes.

The keynote speakers will teach you more on how to effectively grow your social media presence. The 2024 agenda will soon be announced so keep your eyes on their website.

13. Atomicon 2024 [June 18]


This social media marketing conference in 2024 is going to change your life. Atomicon 2024 is taking place on June 18th, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

You can attend it either in person or online, depending on what suits you best. The most important thing is to not miss it out.

If you hurry up and register now, you can even get a discount on your ticket. This is your chance to listen to some of the greatest people in the digital marketing world, like Davina McCall, Andrew & Pete, Jen Gottlieb, Lisa Bilyeu and many others.

At this social media marketing conference you will get inspired and learn a lot of tips and tricks from the greatest specialists in the field to improve your marketing strategy.

14. Social Media Week Lima [June 19-20]

social media week lima

In 2024, Social Media Week Lima will take place on June 19-20 in Lima, Ohio, USA, at the UNOH Event Center.

At this social media conference, you will be able to develop strong connections with fellow marketers from the entire world and exchange your expertise and experience.

The keynote speaker will inspire you with their lessons and you will enrich your knowledge on digital marketing. You will gather valuable insights that will help you adjust your strategy and extend your point of view.

If I were you, I’d not miss out on the opportunity to register quicker.

15. Influencer Marketing World [September 14-15]

Influencer Marketing World

This year, the Influencer Marketing World conference will happen in September, 14-15th, in Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida.

This social media marketing conference promises thought-provoking sessions for an immersive learning experience.

Some of the speakers that will share their knowledge at the Influencer Marketing World conference are Flora Coluccia, Flora Noble, Sophie Clark, Jasira Zondervan, Pierfrancesco Scotti, Martin Jaskolowski, Esther Lopez Riva, Marcus Foley, Oisin Lunny and many more.

Register quickly so you don’t miss out on their talks at this brilliant social media conference.

16. Marketing Analytics Summit [June 6-7]

marketing analytics summit

The Marketing Analytics Summit 2024 will take place on June 6-7, at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Up to this point, only a few speakers have been confirmed, like Jim Sterne, Ely Rosenstock, Joe Miscavige, and Lina Micolajczyk.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this marketing conference where you can meet a lot of marketing professionals that could inspire you and empower you to design a better strategy for your brand.

Hurry up and register now to make sure you have your spot!

17. SocialDay 2024 [May 8th]

Social Day

The SocialDay marketing conference will take place on 8th of May, in Hjingo, London, UK. Prepare yourself to meet some of the greatest professionals when it comes to social media strategies.

At this social media conference, you have the great opportunity to connect with people from the same industry as you.

You will exchange your expertise and knowledge on topics such as AI technologies, digital marketing, and developing social media strategies.

Make sure you register as soon as possible to save a spot at one of the greatest social media conferences from the UK in 2024.

18. MozCon 2024 [June 3-4]


This year at MozCon 2024 you will have the opportunity to meet some amazing digital marketers that will help shift your perspective. The social media marketing conference will take place in Seattle, on June 3-4.

This is the place where you will be able to connect with like-minded people who have the same interests and face the same challenges.

With the help of the speakers you will get the chance to look at the future of digital marketing and learn more about the new social media trends in 2024.

Register and get your ticket ASAP!

19. Social Media Day Halifax [June 7th]


Social Media Day Halifax will take place on June 7 at Cineplex Cinema, in Dartmouth Crossing.

This social media marketing conference is bound to focus on the success of Atlantic Canadian businesses.

The event, which coincides with Social Media Day events, brings together local marketing professionals to share their brand stories and the strategies that made their world spin.

Get registered to find out more about the speakers and the participation fee.

20. Growth Marketing Summit [June 19th]

Growth Marketing Summit

The Growth Marketing Summit 2024 takes place on the 19th of June in Alte Oper, in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the event, a lot of marketing specialists will gather to talk about their main challenges and how they managed to make their social media strategies work.

This is one of the biggest marketing conferences in Europe which will bring together marketing pros from all over the world. Register and buy your ticket to attend world-class talks about the digital world!

21. State of Social [August 27-28]

State of social 2024

In 2024, the State of Social conference is going to take place on August 27-28, in Perth Western, Australia.

At this social media conference, you will surely have a lot to learn from all the keynote speakers who will share their knowledge on developing great social media strategies.

Having the chance to learn from the best and listen to their case studies will help you get inspired and work even harder on raising at the top, growing bigger than your competitors.

The list of speakers will soon be released. Keep your eyes on their website to find out more.

Get your ticket now so you don’t miss out on the great speakers!

22. Content Marketing World [October 21-23]

Content Marketing World

This year, the Content Marketing World conference takes place on October 21-23, in San Diego.

Get ready to meet some of the most amazing content marketers that will teach you about content strategy and how to create content that makes the reader scroll and scroll.

At this content marketing conference, you will meet amazing speakers ready to share their valuable lessons with you to help you develop better content.

With better content, you will have greater chances to attract your target audience and boost your brand’s growth.

At the Content Marketing World, you will meet content creators, agencies, communications experts and marketing leaders around the globe.

23. Inbound [September 18-20]

screenshot from the main page of inbound conference 2024

Inbound is yet another noteworthy social media conference that will take place in Boston on September 18-20.

Here you will see a clash between culture, innovation and creativity, all expressed by the keynote speakers who will offer you great insights.

More tactics about the development of marketing strategies can never be too much. The different perspectives and the knowledge of different digital marketers will help you test more of your ideas.

At Inbound you will also get inspired and feel more driven, after getting your hands on a lot of useful insights. Get registered ASAP!

Final thoughts

All these marketing conferences to attend in 2024 are bound to educate people in the digital marketing and social media field even more.

These summits and events represent great opportunities to become more knowledgeable in your field and apply some of the smart tactics that you can learn.

The strategies discussed by experts in this domain can contribute to you developing better content plans and brand strategies that can help you grow.

And since everyone is looking for growth in the marketing world, you just have to make sure you sum up the basics from all the professional speakers and apply them.

Hopefully this list of best marketing conferences to attend in 2024 is going to serve you well, motivating you to participate to social media summits and getting to know people from your industry.

Elena Cucu

Elena Cucu

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