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Key Metrics To Follow For Your Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Analytics

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Key Metrics To Follow For Your Facebook Campaigns

Want to understand your results on Facebook better?

Wondering why brands should track their Facebook performance?

In this article, I'm going to share a complete list of metrics you should know about Facebook and how to improve your campaigns' performance.

Let's dive in!

Key Metrics To Follow For Your Facebook Campaigns

10 Facebook Metrics Every Brand Needs to Track

πŸ‘‰ Engagement
πŸ‘‰ Average engagement rate per post
πŸ‘‰ Post evolution
πŸ‘‰ Reach
πŸ‘‰ Impressions
πŸ‘‰ Likes & Followers
πŸ‘‰ Net Likes & Followers
πŸ‘‰ Video Engagement
πŸ‘‰ Video Retention
πŸ‘‰ Link clicks

#1. Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important Facebook metrics you can track.
Engagement measures the number of times someone took action on your posts.

That could mean clicking a link, sharing your post, making a reaction or leaving a comment.

There are a couple of ways to track engagement, but the easiest is to use a Facebook Analytics tool like Socialinsider.

In 20 minutes you can generate reports that will show you how much engagement your page and posts receive, as well as the types.

Socialinsider Facebook Report

#2. Average engagement rate per post

This metric represents the sum of likes, comments and shares on a specific post divided by the number of total posts * followers divided by 100.

#3. Posts evolution

This metric will show you exactly how your account looks like. You will see when did you post and if you post in one specific day. It is the variation of the numbet of post per day.

It's like a mirror of your account. For a proper engagement, you should post at least once a day.

#4. Reach

Reach is the number of people who saw the content of your posts on Facebook. It can be either paid or organic efforts.

You can see an overview of your reach by going to your page Insights and if you want more details, you can click on the Reach tab.

Facebook Reach

#5. Impressions

Impressions can give you a good idea of the β€œviral” nature of a post.

While reach tells you how many people saw your posts, impressions measure the number of times your posts were seen. That includes if one post was seen multiple times by a single user.

To find Facebook Insights, go to the posts tab. Click on the button for β€œreach” and switch it to impressions.

Impressions - the number of times your posts were seen

#6. Likes & Followers

Page Likes are the number of people that follow your brand on Facebook. They liked your page or opted-in to be able to have your posts show up in their feed. You can think of them as fans or subscribers.

If you want more information about your page, you should know that Facebook also provides you with a breakdown of where your Page Likes happen.

Why page likes are important

They are considered a vanity metric. Likes don’t represent how successful your Facebook marketing efforts are compared to engagement, reach or other metrics. This number is showing your audience size on Facebook.

Likes & Followers on Facebook

#7. Net Likes & Followers

Net Likes shows the number of new likes minus the number of unlikes.

Net Followers shows the number of new followers minus the number of unfollows.

#.8 Video Engagement

Besides likes, shares and comments, another engagement metric you’ll see is clicks to play.
Clicks to play measures the number of times people click on your video to play it rather than viewing it through an autoplay in their feed.

#9. Video Retention

If you’re publishing 10 minute videos, but a majority of your audience only watches 30 seconds of it or less, you might want to consider cutting it down.

To find out how what percentage of your videos people watch, you can check out the Post Details section in your Page Insights.

You’ll be able to see where most of your viewers are dropping off, and change your video according to them.

#10. Link clicks

The number of clicks on advert links to selected destinations or experiences on or off Facebook-owned properties.
The metric counts link clicks attributed to your adverts that lead to selected destinations or experiences.

  • Websites
  • App stores or app deep links
  • Clicks to call
  • Clicks to message
  • Map/direction links
  • Facebook Canvas
  • Facebook lead forms
  • Facebook Marketplace

Final thought

As you imagine there are a lot of Facebook metrics you can track. It’s up to you and your brand to decide which ones are important.

Your Facebook engagement rate will fluctuate a lot.You should monitor your engagement rate consistently; perhaps daily.

Remember: Engagement means nothing if it doesn’t stimulate your audience to action.
Look through your Facebook metrics to ensure people are actually viewing and engaging with your content.

Start a free Socialinsider trial and get in-depth, easy to read graphs displaying your Facebook insights like
followers’ evolution, average engagement rate per post, reach, impressions and history data. Research your competitors on Facebook and optimize your page’s growth.

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Key Metrics To Follow For Your Facebook Campaigns
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