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Monthly Review: Facebook Engagement Evolution of 5 UK Clothing Brands

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Monthly Review: Facebook Engagement Evolution of 5 UK Clothing Brands

More and more Facebook marketing is a craft where you, as a social media specialist, should focus on the community's needs, engage with your fans, benchmark the results against your local competitors and measure the average engagement rate for your posts.

Once you got an engaged community, the social media KPIs your brand should monitor are:

  • Quality of (customer) support
  • Brand and awareness
  • Sales

In this order, please.

You cannot expect to have an increasing number of sales from Facebook when people reply to your posts with sad or angry reactions.

You cannot hope to have a positive impact on your brand when nobody interacts with you on your page.

Facebook is an awesome tool for marketing and PR where 72% of adult internet users use this platform. Use it wisely :)

In the previous reports I showed you:

In this report, I’m going to show you how small communities engage with their fans on Facebook by analyzing five local clothing brands from the UK for the 1st half of the year 2017.

Valuable tips regarding the Engagement Rate of Facebook Pages

You could have deep insights about your Facebook page performance such as Engagement Rates in the page. This metric is computed as a percentage of Likes plus Comments plus Shares on a given day (the engaged fans) out of the total number of fans.

Once you have this metric for your page, you could easily compare your Facebook insights with your relevant competitors.

I’m saying relevant because if you are a clothing brand from the UK is more important for you to discover Facebook insights for Monki or Jacamo UK than comparing the results with H&M which has a global page and UK is not in the top 10 countries of its followers.

The Engagement Rate per Page shows you how relevant is the content for the community. If this metric is above the average, then your community love your content, but if you have less than the average it means that:

  • you should dig deeper to understand why your audience has a lower engagement rate and to improve the content strategy.
  • your Facebook reach is lower, and some boosted posts might help you reach out the community.

The power of small communities


When comparing your brand page with the bigger ones, it’s important to establish why are you doing that. Is representative for your strategy comparing local brands with global pages? If you’re looking at them for inspiration, and what type of posts are they using, then the comparison is useful for your business.

Let’s find out how five clothing brands from the UK have a higher engagement rate per page vs. Zara, H&M, Forever21, Mango and Bershka and what’s the strategy behind:

  • Lavish Alice
  • Glamorous
  • Monki
  • Jacamo
  • The Idle man

Lavish Alice - Engagement Evolution, H1 2017

Lavish Alice got for the 1st half of the year 2017 an Engagement Rate per Page of 11.98% with Engagement Rate per Posts of 0.049%. They posted on average 7-8 posts per week most of them photos with total posts of 228.



Lavish Alice has an engaged community where people react with love and wow reactions.



Glamorous - Engagement Evolution for H1 2017

Glamorous is a women’s clothing store which got 0.025% Engagement Rate per Post in H1 2017 and 12.48% Engagement Rate per Page. They posted 501 with an average number of 20 posts per week.


In the first trimester of 2017, they published some videos on their Facebook page where people reacted with haha reactions and got a higher engagement for that period. In 2017 native Facebook video is the king of the engagement.


Monki - Engagement Evolution, H1 2017

Monki is a street-style-meets-scandinavic-design brand, and its Facebook page got an Engagement Rate per Post of 0.161% and an Engagement Rate per Page of 12.1% for the first half of the year 2017.

They posted on average 4 posts per week and only 75 posts for H1.


They have an impressive engagement evolution with higher rates for posts with photos. Most of their fans gave them love reactions which is a predominant reaction in the community.


Jacamo - Engagement Evolution, H1 2017

Jacamo is the winner of engagement in this top for the 1st half of the year 2017.

They published only 261 posts in this period and got an Engagement Rate per Post of 0.205% and an Engagement Rate per Page of 53.55%.


Jacamo is a brand for men located in Manchester United Kingdom.

They got this impressive Engagement Rate per Page because of their Facebook video content where people highly reacted with haha, love and wow reactions.


The Idle Man - Engagement Evolution, H1 2017

The Idle Men is an online store for men which got for the H1 2017 0.006% Engagement Rate per Post and 4.4% Engagement Rate per Page.

In this top, they have the lowest interaction on the page, and it's correlated with their type of posts: mostly links, with no image added to the page. Facebook algorithms show more in the news feed posts with photos separately than just posts with links. How awesome is this?


Their fans mostly used love and wow to the page's posts.


Final thoughts

  • Always measure your social media results with direct and local competitors, and look for inspiration at the big brands.
  • For a higher engagement rate use photos with texts and links. For better results add native Facebook videos to your page.
  • If your Engagement Rate per page is lower than the average re-think your content strategy, and measure the impact. If it persists, boost some posts. Measure again.
  • Use useful Facebook analytics tool for measuring your Facebook actions.
  • Be human, be kind, always help your community, eliminate the buy intend from the editorial plan.

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Monthly Review: Facebook Engagement Evolution of 5 UK Clothing Brands
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