LinkedIn Post Ideas and Examples That Will Elevate Your Strategy
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LinkedIn Post Ideas and Examples That Will Elevate Your Strategy

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Shuffling through a whole list of LinkedIn content ideas can help you test various types of writing and communication with your audience to see what engages them more.

In what follows, we’ll be looking at different types of LinkedIn post ideas and how they could help you improve your LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn post ideas to improve your game

  1. Why it’s important to explore LinkedIn content ideas

  2. Linkedin post ideas that will help you elevate your brand
    2.1. Use employee highlights
    2.2. Send LinkedIn newsletters
    2.3. Develop interactive content
    2.4. Highlight corporate achievements
    2.5. Post trendy content when it fits your brand
    2.6. Share relevant insights
    2.7. Show your company’s culture and values
    2.8. Post customer success stories
    2.9. Ask questions
    2.10. Include user-generated content
    2.11. Offer your audience guidance, tips & tricks
    2.12. Don’t be afraid of integrating memes

  3. Examples of successful LinkedIn post ideas

  4. How to know your LinkedIn content strategy is working

  5. How to use Socialinsider to get LinkedIn post ideas

1. Why it’s important to explore LinkedIn content ideas

Exploring different ideas, from funny memes to lists of people you follow and posts about tips & tricks, can help you develop your marketing team’s writing skills.

This will help your brand to better communicate with your audience, testing something and then analysing your audience’s reaction.

Through various content ideas for LinkedIn, you can find out what your audience’s needs are and learn how to address them.

2. Linkedin post ideas that will help you elevate your brand

This is the part that you’re here for, scrolling through this article. Here are a few examples of content ideas for LinkedIn that could elevate your content marketing strategy.

2.1. Use employee highlights

If you want to show your audience the human and relatable side of your brand, it’s time to post employee highlights posts.

They are a fantastic opportunity to share employee experiences, strengthen relationships among staff members, and enhance your company's and employer brand.

Employee highlights are also an endless source of content inspiration. You can create content around your employee’s history with your company, accomplishments, personality, work anniversaries, challenges, and more.

This way, you’ll give potential new leads more information about the people they would be working with.

Employee highlights

2.2. Send LinkedIn newsletters

Sadly, after following your brand on LinkedIn, many people will stop thinking about it.

This is why LinkedIn newsletters may be a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy to be top-of-mind for them.

A newsletter can help you increase brand recognition and position yourself as an industry leader.

This is a content idea for LinkedIn that will give more value, while your connections will consider you a reliable source of information.

The main advantage LinkedIn newsletters hold to other types of content is that your subscribers are notified whenever you publish. This increases the likelihood of them actually reading your content.

An article, for example, enters your timeline when it is published. Only those of your connections who scroll through their feed will see it.

If you’d like to give this feature a try, you’ll first need to learn how to set up a LinkedIn Newsletter.

2.3. Share interactive content, such as polls

In today's oversaturated digital market, interactive content is the key to success.

Research shows that 51% of B2B buyers say interactive content is helpful when tackling business challenges.

Many brands fail to provide interactive content, which causes their content to be ineffective and businesses to struggle.

Polls, surveys, and quizzes are incresible content ideas for Linkedin, since they are fun, unique techniques for collecting valuable data like audience feedback and buying preferences.

This is an example of why polls are a great LinkedIn post idea for engagement.

2.4. Highlight corporate achievements

Writing posts in which you highlight your team achievements could be one of the great content ideas for LinkedIn to try this year. Maybe it will really elevate your strategy.

It's always good to take time out from deadlines, meetings, and endless emails to acknowledge even the smallest victories at work.

Some LinkedIn milestones worth mentioning would be your first 1,000 connections, your first client, or your first publicity opportunity. The list goes on.

Don't allow those significant business milestones slip you by.

Take advantage of the chance to express gratitude to everyone who helped you succeed. Recognizing achievements can do wonders for your company culture.

And who wouldn't want to work with a brand that's on the winning side?

2.5. Post trendy content when it fits your brand

Staying relevant to your audience means keeping up with everything that’s new in your niche and industry. Being ahead of trends is not that easy.

It requires a lot of research and a very creative marketing team so you can adapt the social media trend to your products or services.

Use this content idea for LinkedIn and never miss a meme that went viral in your niche or industry. If you are not riding the wave, it means you're not swimming in the right waters.

2.6. Share relevant insights

Being relevant doesn't only mean to follow trends. Staying relevant is one of the greatest missions every brand has.

That is why turning large volumes of data into visually-pleasing, easy to understand graphs and charts can be both a challenge and a great content idead for LinkedIn. This strategy will surely pay off.

You must develop extensive research to be able to collect the right infos and further transmit your audience the right data.

Your audience will highly appreciate this kind of insights, and that will generate an increase in your follower count, engagement and visibility.

This is a chart post example as a Linkedin content idea

2.7. Show your company’s culture and values

Another useful LinkedIn content idea is to showcase your brand’s values and culture in your LinkedIn posts.

Since you’re addressing a wide audience on social media, this is your chance to be authentic, to show your true colours and be bold.

You should consider this content idea for LinkedIn and post some workplace stories or even your employees’ achievements.

This type of LinkedIn content will also show the human side of your brand. Plus, your employees will feel appreciated.

By showing your company’s values and culture you get to have a unique identity and be recognized for it, increasing brand awareness.

2.8. Post customer success stories

When your customers are happy with your products and services, it’s clear that you’re doing a great job. This content idea on LinkedIn will clearly attract more people to find out your brand story told by your customers.

Why not share that with your whole community? By posting customer success stories, you get to show everyone that your products or services are a valuable asset.

This is an example of why customer stories make great LinkedIn post ideas.

2.9. Ask questions

By using polls as part of your LinkedIn B2B content ideas you get to find out what are the new trends in your industry and niche and what your customers want.

You’ll see that generally LinkedIn users would be very willing to answer polls. If you decide to ask your audience questions and post a longer text post ending with a question, then this might increase your brand’s engagement.

Polls and questions are your chance to trigger interesting conversations targeted on certain topics. Plus, this content idea for LinkedIn is bound to increase your impressions.

2.10. Include user-generated content

With this LinkedIn content idea, it’s pretty much the same with customer success stories. User-generated content proves that your brand satisfies clients with your products and services.

When people see other people believe in your strengths, then they will also be curious to try your products and services and they want to share their experience with everyone.

You can include user-generated content on your brand’s LinkedIn page as photos, testimonials, videos and reviews.

Therefore, you have a wide range content ideas for LinkedIn you can choose from.

2.11. Offer your audience guidance, tips & tricks

When frequently posting on LinkedIn, users may come up with different queries or questions in the comment section.

It is important to show them that you are there for them, answering their questions and helping them solve their problems.

By offering guidance, you don’t only gain a new customer, but you gain a loyal one.

When it comes to launching new products and services, it’s important to show people how to properly use them. Some tips & tricks posts can come in handy for them.

They will surely appreciate your effort to help them correctly use your services and make the best out of them.

2.12. Don't hesitate to use memes

I know it’s LinkedIn we’re talking about, but more and more brands have gradually transformed it into a friendly platform, even if it started as a social network for professionals.

The thing is you should not be reluctant to this content idea for LinkedIn because it can help you grow your audience.

Big brands and professionals have adopted the “go with the flow” attitude and integrated the latest trending memes in their LinkedIn posts to add some spice.

And it works. This LinkedIn content type usually shows great values when it comes to LinkedIn metrics.

4. Examples of successful Linkedin content ideas

Even if you have now got some LinkedIn content ideas that help you adjust your content strategy on social media, you may still need some examples.

We’re here to help, showing you some of the most successful posts from brands of LinkedIn. You won’t only see how it’s properly done, but you will also get a sense of the goal lying behind that post.

Because LinkedIn content marketing still relies on some main goals that need to be achieved.

  • Posts with how-to guides

This is a great example of LinkedIn content idea. When using how-to guides, this helps you attract more and more brands that empathize with your concerns and face the same problems.

Offering them a solution in the form of bite-size posts is pure bliss. This type of content idea for LinkedIn is not only educating, but it’s a great topic to stir conversation and increase engagement.

Before writing this type of post, you need to make sure that you do extensive research and use comprehensive language.

LinkedIn post idea 3 - use how to guides as seen in this example from Eddie Shleyner
  • Multi-image posts

For this LinkedIn content idea you need to choose a design that suits your brand’s aesthetics and stick to it.

Decide how many pictures to add and make sure they are all relevant for your post’s idea. The text you include should support the images you include.

The key here is to use pictures that can have a great impact on the audience to determine them to interact with your post.

This is an example of a LinkedIn post idea that features multiple images posted by Lupin.
  • News

Everyone knows that LinkedIn posts that include the latest news are extremely useful and engaging, especially when the news influences both B2Bs and B2Cs.

LinkedIn B2B content that focuses on news should include the right SEO to be quickly picked up by the social app’s algorithm.

We know that news travels fast, but LinkedIn users surely want to see relevant news. That’s why you need to make sure they reach everyone while they’re hot. Maybe you should even consider boosting this type of post.

This is a great content idea for LinkedIn because it can help you grow your follower count.

This is an example of how news sharing is a great LinkedIn content idea
  • Inspiring marketing campaigns

On LinkedIn, brands are not only about competition. Posts about successful and inspiring social media campaigns become viral really quick.

If you decide to make a top with the most inspiring campaigns, you need to consider in-depth research.

Your LinkedIn post has a better chance to become trending if you tag all the brands you’ve used as examples.

This is an example of how sharing inspiring campaigns is a great LinkedIn post idea.
  • Posts that follow trends

Memes always become trending on LinkedIn, like on any other social media platform. If you associate a thing from your industry or niche with a meme, then you win. ‘Cause that’s the lucky combo.

Trending funny memes are the key to higher engagement rate and impressions. There’s no wonder that a lot of brands use the same meme and only change the text to tailor it to their brand’s values and struggles.

  • Videos that look surreal

Lately, videos on LinkedIn that use AR have taken over the internet. A lot of brands that use this type of marketing in their LinkedIn content have managed to amaze everyone and increase their follower count.

And if it works for B2Cs why wouldn’t it work for B2Bs as well? How about you’d try to use AR to showcase how your audience can use your services or apps? This would be of great content idea for LinkedIn since it can help you increase your LinkedIn engagement.

This is an example of why video content makes a great LinkedIn post idea.

5. How to know your LinkedIn content strategy is working

If you’re actively using LinkedIn, but you are not sure of whether your content performs well, it’s time you conduct a LinkedIn audit.

An audit of your LinkedIn profile can help you assess your brand's current state and determine what needs to be improved.

Some of the most important LinkedIn metrics you can track through an audit are demographics, impressions, reach, organic engagement (reactions, shares, and comments), and follower growth.

For this, you’ll need a social media analytics tool that supports LinkedIn.

Fortunately, we’ve compared 20 LinkedIn analytics tools to help you decide which is the perfect one for your marketing ambitions and budget.

6. How to use Socialinsider to get LinkedIn post ideas

Retrieving data about your LinkedIn results can be more efficient and accurate with Socialinsider.

After implementing them, you also need to assess the performance of those useful content ideas on LinkedIn.

Socialinsider has now branched out into two different tools, a social media analytics and benchmarking tool and the Instagram listening tool.

By tapping into LinkedIn analytics, you get access to a lot of data about content, engagement, reach, impressions, audience, posts and campaigns.

For the purpose of this article, I added Spotify's LinkedIn account into Socialinsider and selected the last 3 months as a time frame.

posts evolution socialinsider

Getting insights about your posts evolution will help you determine whether you need to change the combo between the type of posts you use.

post engagement by type

Let’s say you’ve discovered that in that last 3 months, your luckiest combo on LinkedIn has been image and text posts. You should keep pushing these types of posts.

The access you get to all these insights in Socialinsider helps you adjust your content strategy on LinkedIn based on data and past performance.

Tweaking your LinkedIn strategy and completing with new data based on metrics helps you make informed decisions to improve your marketing game.

Final thoughts

To keep up with the constant demand for information and trend changes, you must update and improve your LinkedIn content strategy continuously.

Developing a successful LinkedIn content strategy requires long-term dedication.

As a social media manager or business owner, you will need to share innovative and high-quality content to educate and engage users, and, most importantly, help secure business deals.

Lastly, remember to be genuine — not salesy. A strong voice and quality content will outperform a hollow sales speech anytime. People may detect dishonesty more quickly than you might imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What content works best on LinkedIn?
  • Newsletters.
  • Audience polls.
  • Short clips from webinars.
  • Create original and lengthy content.
  • Write articles on the LinkedIn platform.
  • Produce original data.
  • Divide long posts into several short ones.
  • Take advantage of User Generated Content (UGC)

2. What are some engaging post formats?

According to our latest LinkedIn study, videos and link shares generate the highest average engagement rate.

3. How to write captivating content for LinkedIn?

Use storytelling, short phrases, and emojis to make your posts stand out and charm your fanbase.

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