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[Experts Roundup] TikTok Predictions From Top Social Media Experts

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[Experts Roundup] TikTok Predictions From Top Social Media Experts

TikTok is ranked as one of the world's most downloaded apps in the past year - with 500 million global monthly active users worldwide, the app is top-rated among young people aged 18-24.

They are the primary demographic of the platform, but if we take a closer look, it seems to be growing popular among older people as well.

And pretty fast, right?

So the question is: should marketers use this app and create a TikTok social media strategy in 2020?

I talked to 10 social media experts to find out what's their opinion.

Curious about their TikTok predictions?
Me too, so let's begin! 😉

TikTok experts included in this roundup

The experts' opinion about TikTok

  1. Matt Navarra
  2. Brian Fanzo
  3. Sue B. Zimmerman
  4. Alex Khan
  5. Dave Jorgenson
  6. Christina Garnett
  7. Lilach Bullock
  8. Shane Barker
  9. Dorien Morin-van Dam
  10. Julian O’hayon

1. Matt Navarra - Social Media Consultant

TikTok has, without a doubt, been the platform with the most amount of buzz in 2019.

Having seemingly come out of nowhere, spending millions of dollars to acquire new users and build awareness, TikTok has firmly established itself as the hippest place to create and consume short-form video right now.

In 2020, the question of "Should we have a TikTok strategy?" is on a lot of social media manager's lips. For most, the answer is, "It depends."

It depends on what sort of brand you are, who your target audience is, what you are trying to achieve etc. For those who are yet to dip their toe into TikTok's ad waters, now's a good time to experiment.

In short, if you want to capture the attention of Gen Z and Millenials, and you have the resources to produce great authentic and snackable video content, TikTok should be high on your list of social platforms to do more in 2020.

This is what Matt Navarra thinks about TikTok

2. Brian Fanzo - Digital Futurist ~ Inspirational Keynote Speaker

TikTok is bringing people together more than any other platform by simply making the content shareable and by encouraging people to be vulnerable and creative.

TikTok is the only app that allows you to share your platform to ANY platform easily.

That is why the platform is so successful and growing so quickly.

Here's what Brian Fanzo thinks about TikTok


Everyone has a story to tell and your #PersonalBrand is your first impression & your path to building a community! #digitalmarketing #hereforonething

♬ original sound - isocialfanz

3. Sue B. Zimmerman - Instagram Expert

I think it’s a great tool and offers creative ways to do videos that you can save to your camera roll and add to your Instagram Stories.

I also like that you can link your Instagram account and your YouTube channel.

This is what Sue B. Zimmerman thinks about TikTok

♬ September - Earth, Wind & Fire

4. Alex Khan - Europe‘s #1 Social Media & Live Video Coach

TikTok reminds me of Instagram five years ago.

It has a lot of potential, and it gives you the biggest organic reach if you understand how to use short-form video combined with short text layers and spiced up with the right music.

Here's what Alex thinks about TikTok

What’s your prediction for #2020 ? #getupdance

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5. Dave Jorgenson - Creative Video at The Washington Post

You have to be able to make fun of yourself, you have to be able to have fun, you have to be able to laugh at yourself and be able to laugh at others without judging others.

Here's what Dave thinks about TikTok


6. Christina Garnett - Digital Strategist | Inbound Marketer | Social Listening

For TikTok, the best brands have found a way to harness the platform understanding the content that the audience most enjoy while also not straying from the aesthetic of their brand.

They are finding the sweet spot to align TikTok with their marketing story instead of merely copying popular content and looking like sell-outs.

The key is to blend your niche within the music choices, trends, and popular hashtags on the platform.

Brands doing this on TikTok: Washington Post, Chipotle, NBA, San Diego Zoo.

Here's what Christina thinks about TikTok

7. Lilach Bullock - Content Marketing and Social Media Expert

TikTok has become so popular, so quickly, I think it took a lot of adults (i.e., anyone who isn't a part Gen Z) by surprise.

One day it wasn't there, and then suddenly, all the kids seemed to use it. However, I'm still not convinced if this is the future - and if it's here to stay.

Will it be the new Instagram or the new Snapchat, or will it simply die out?

In terms of marketing possibilities, though, these are only just starting to pop up; that said, it's only relevant for those who target a particular audience: 18 to 24 year-olds.

It will be interesting to see if it evolves beyond that and if more age groups will start to use it - that's when we'll see a true surge in marketing possibilities, especially if TikTok adds more promotional opportunities.

Here's what Lilach thinks about TikTok

8. Shane Barker - Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant

I think it’s the next big thing for marketers. The platform is growing rapidly since its launch in 2016.

By 2019, it was the third most downloaded app after WhatsApp and Messenger. TikTok surpassed top apps like Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok allows marketers to become creators in their own right and reach their target audience. Unlike YouTube, where you must edit videos before posting, TikTok will enable them to be authentic with their audience. It also offers users a wide choice of music, special effects, design features, and filters.

TikTok has the potential to increase a brand’s exposure. Marketers should join the bandwagon and build their presence on TikTok before it becomes saturated.

Here's what Shane thinks about TikTok

There are many social platforms businesses out there can use, but TikTok gets a lot more engagement than many others.

The average activation time for the app is 43.4 times a day, which is around three times in an hour.

Compare this to Twitter’s 15.5 times a day.

Marketers should include TikTok in their video marketing strategies for 2020 as a way to create awareness about their brand and increase engagement.

It is also a great platform to reach out to the younger demographic who are the primary users of TikTok. Your videos must, however, be unique, funny, engaging, and authentic.

It’s also effortless for videos to become viral on TikTok and spread beyond the platform. You can share your TikTok videos with non-users on other social media sites.

Brands that want to show their authenticity with fun and engaging content can use it to capture their audience's attention. It’s certainly a promising investment for marketers planning their social media strategies for 2020.

9. Dorien Morin-van Dam - Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant

Marketers should be aware of TikTok, just like any other fast-growing social media platform; they should be familiar with its function, uses, and growth, as well as a potential use for clients.

I hesitate to say that TikTok should be included in a marketers' social media strategy for 2020 for their clients. Still, I surely can say it should be a consideration for a marketers’ marketing strategy.

My personal social media strategy for TikTok is to read articles about TikTok from those I trust in the industry, including Socialinsiders' blog, and take my information and cues from these experts.

So far, I’ve not seen anything that warrants me or my business getting involved on TikTok beyond looking over my teenager's shoulder. I am keeping a close eye on the platform, in case a new client comes along who might want to build a presence. For now, I concentrate on a social media strategy that includes LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Instagram, and blogging

Here's what Dorien thinks about TikTok

10. Julian O’hayon - co-founder and designer @Blvck Paris

I haven't yet been very active on TikTok, but it is definitely on the list for 2020 for the brand.

I created an account ‘Blvck Paris’ end of December and haven’t started promoting the page via my other social accounts. I am still learning what works and what doesn’t and will be more active in the coming weeks.

At Blvck Paris, we have been more involved lately and reactive to the trend with launching filters using Augmented Reality. The first filter is used to darken everything around you, except the people themselves, and has had 15 million users in the first two weeks. The filter really resonates with our community as it gives an all-black-everything look.
We are launching an emoji app in the next few weeks and will be promoting videos on TikTok.

Here's what Julian thinks about TikTok

Final thoughts

As a conclusion of this roundup interview, here's what the experts think about TikTok:

  • Matt Navarra - TikTok should be high on your list of social platforms in 2020.
  • Brian Fanzo - TikTok is bringing people together more than any other platform.
  • Sue B. Zimmerman - TikTok offers creative ways to do videos.
  • Alex Khan - TikTok gives you the biggest organic reach.
  • Dave Jorgenson - You have to be able to make fun of yourself.
  • Christina Garnett - The key is to blend your niche within the app features.
  • Lilach Bullock - It's only relevant for those who target a particular audience.
  • Shane Barker - I think TikTok it’s the next big thing for marketers.
  • Dorien Morin van-Dam - TikTok should be a consideration for a marketers’ marketing strategy.
  • Julian O'hayon - TikTok is definitely on the list for 2020 for the brand.

TikTok is definitely going to be big in 2020, and if you don't have an account, you should create one. Here's a quick how-to guide that will help you.

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[Experts Roundup] TikTok Predictions From Top Social Media Experts