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Diana Gogolan
Diana Gogolan
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April has been a month, not gonna lie. But, fun fact, we were just as productive as Taylor Swift.

While she’s been writing about love, we’ve been writing about metrics (this is not a joke). We’re gonna make some progress on this — and if the odds are in our favor, we’re gonna release some great things before miss Swift releases a new album.

So, here's what's new at Socialinsider:

1. Facebook Metrics:

Long story short, we started working on a more complex project where we wanted to document and explain every metric available in the dashboard.

Facebook was the first in line, which means that all Facebook metrics had a nice glow-up. For every metric displayed on the dashboard, you can review its definition and its formula (if that’s the case).

The reports correspond with the metrics featured on the dashboard. This product update is important because we've streamlined it to a single variant, removing any potential confusion and ensuring swift resolution of all inquiries.

Facebook Metrics Update

2. New Filters:

You probably already know this, but Facebook posts come in various formats, such as photos, videos, albums, reels, music, events, and status links.

Now, in the Posts section, you have the ability to filter through these posts to find exactly what you need. Recently, options for "music" and "events" have been incorporated.

Navigate to the Filters menu and explore the Media section to view all available post types.

New Filters
Diana Gogolan

Diana Gogolan

Product Manager @ Socialinsider

Product Manager @ Socialinsider. Designing, Building, Testing, Releasing - from idea to successful feature. Passionate about telling stories that take different forms and shapes.

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