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Diana Gogolan
Diana Gogolan
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March went by so fast but we can happily see the light at the end of the tunnel. We've been busy for a good reason - to bring this light to each one of you, so Mondays don't feel like a literal apocalypse.

Here's what's new at Socialinsider:

1. New Brand Reports:

We want to apologize to those of you who didn't like the brand reports and to those who actually liked them. Are you ok? But good news alert - the new brand reports are here!

As long as you have brands created in your project, the reports are good to go. You can export the reports right from the Brand overview, and all the insights are there. Would love your feedback!

Socialinsider Brand Report

2. LinkedIn Video Views:

Hopefully, you haven't even noticed that the video views weren't even in the dashboard. If you have (apologies πŸ˜…), you should know that the insights are back.

In other words, for all the LinkedIn pages that are connected, you can now see the video metrics: video views evolution, video watch time evolution, and more.

LinkedIn video views insights

Product Improvements πŸš€

  • Create and edit brands β€” Just a quick reminder that now it’s so much easier to create brands in your projects and edit them. Moreover, we actually fixed a few issues there. Sorry about that!
  • Total Video Length β€” This is just another quick reminder that we added two new KPIs for Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok: total video length and average video length. You can also find them in the Posts reports. You're welcome!
Diana Gogolan

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