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Social Media Managers: Stop Treating Your Instagram Monthly Reports As Random Documents

Instagram Analytics
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Social Media Managers: Stop Treating Your Instagram Monthly Reports As Random Documents

Instagram is the favorite marketing tool where more than 2 million advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results.

If you're a social media manager working in a digital agency that provides continues Instagram marketing services for clients, then you know that reporting is a vital piece of the puzzle.

You shouldn't treat your monthly or quarterly reports as random documents because it drives future strategies and helps businesses understand how the brand is perceived online.

Today I'm going to share with you 8 must-have Instagram metrics you should include in your reports and how to get the most out of Instagram reports.

Let's dive in!

8 Must-have Instagram metrics for reports

Top 8 Instagram metrics for your monthly reports

  1. Changes in followers count
  2. Changes in engagement rate per post
  3. Changes in total profile engagements
  4. The most performing posts
  5. Top performing Stories
  6. Posting frequency
  7. Type of posts
  8. Audience insights

8 Must-have Instagram metrics for reports

#1. Change in followers count

Present your clients how the followers have been evolving. You need daily, weekly and monthly followers’ count in your report.

This metric gives you a projection into how your followers will grow in the future, and it shows you how the brand is perceived on social media.

#2. Changes in engagement rate per post

Show how the followers are engaging with posts.

This way you know what kind of posts attract a lot of engagements and those not doing so well. With such insights, you can rework on your less engaging posts while at the same time keep giving your followers the kind of content they find more relevant.

That’s not all you take home from these changes: you are also able to know the best time to post and how often you should do it.

#3. Changes in total profile engagements

Thanks to how Instagram has kept up with necessary
changes in how users interact with businesses, now you can keep tabs on how prospective customers interact with your profile.

You can see the action going around your bios and what you can do to increase the engagement. With statistics broken down to daily engagements around your profile, it becomes easy to boost that kind of reaction. Such precision in seeing the numbers of engagement with your profile would only push you to make necessary changes and keep such rates over the roof.

Instagram reports for social media managers

#4. Top most performing posts

Posts are like the center-bolt of the Instagram engagement with followers. It is, therefore, by default that in your Instagram reports you take note of the most performing posts.

It points you in the right direction by knowing what kind of posts work well with the Instagram audience. Plus it's crucial that you know the kind of posts bring little or no participation to your brand. With such information on your fingertips, you will be giving great posts day after day.

Top Instagram posts by Socialinsider

#5. Top performing Stories

Instagram Stories play a great role in driving your engagements with followers. You should take note of the top performing Stories and keep giving such kind to your brand followers. These Stories perform in accordance with how relevant and useful they are to viewers.

Knowing what Stories keep your followers literary glued to your Instagram timeline gives you leverage over those who do not. You will also get a chance to know the kind of Stories that are total turn-offs.

Instagram Stories Analytics and Reports with Socialinsider

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#6. Posting frequency

Instagram works differently for brands. You just have to find what works best for your clients.

Measuring the posting frequency and looking into Instagram data you'll know how often you should be posting. It could be three or more times a day; and if that is what is bringing top engagement, it is what you should keep doing. You should also know the time of the day your most followers are active.

Time to post by Socialinsider

#7. Type of posts

Instagram users are quite picky when it comes to the type of posts they react to. You need to know the type that entices and make them your mainstay. Most of the times, posts with how-to-do angles always carry the day. It could be different with your followers; therefore, you need to know the kind of posts they positively react to.

Content performance reports by Socialinsider

#8. Audience insights

It's an uphill task in trying to win over audiences that you do not know much about. You should know your audience so that you can engage with them in a better manner.

That is why you should include audience insights in your Instagram reports. Some of these insights should revolve around top locations, age, and gender. Knowing the location where you get most of your audiences from gives hints onto how to keep doing what you're doing to win more followers.

The age range helps you know the age group you are dealing with and how to keep them engaged. With gender insights, you will know exactly how and what needs to be covered in your Stories and posts.

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Final thought

Instagram is the game changer when it comes to exposing your brand to the right audiences. T

Tracking changes as they happen by day, week or month you will be able to plan, and reach stellar success with your clients and their businesess.

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Social Media Managers: Stop Treating Your Instagram Monthly Reports As Random Documents
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