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10 YouTube Strategies to up Your Game in 2021

YouTube Analytics


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10 YouTube Strategies to up Your Game in 2021

Did you know YouTube has more than 50 million content inventors like you, and 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute?

With 2 billion active users worldwide, YouTube has unquestionably grown as an online address for video content.

YouTube gives huge hopes for any video marketing strategy in 2021. But with so much competition, you'll need to learn to frame your YouTube marketing strategy carefully to stand out from the crowd.

Here are 10 YouTube video marketing strategies which will help you to out-do your competition in 2021⇣

YouTube strategies for 2021 you must try

1. Get Your Videos Personalized
2. Engage with long-form videos
3. Consistently post engaging Videos
4. Optimize Video Description and Thumbnails
5. Have a place for YouTube Stories in 2021
6. Optimize Video Titles For YouTube Voice Search
7. Go for Influencer Marketing Campaigns
8. Invest in YouTube Ads
9. Cross-promote Your YouTube Videos
10. Love YouTube analytics

1. Get Your Videos Personalized

Personalization is in-game, and this is something that every marketer requires to think on seriously.

Personalize your videos.

90% of consumers are likely to shop brands they can connect to and with personalization, you can give intensely targeted solutions to user's needs.

A holiday greeting with your customer’s name on it, a series of picture slides when your client last visited your offices, or a video of your co-workers chorusing your top client’s name are all nice examples of personalization in YouTube videos.

Personalized marketing lets you develop a connection with your viewers by giving them tailor-made experiences. Personalization serves your brand to stand out from the crowd.

2. Engage with long-form videos

We have heard commonly that the human concentration span is shrivelling and is now shorter than that of a goldfish, even though a study disproved this fact, marketers started producing short-form videos in an attempt to encourage greater engagement. Still, it seems that this is going to change in 2021.

Short videos are failing to get that emotional connection with viewers. Long-form videos help hold people immersed in your message and interested in your brand.

For example, a 100-second television ad feels a heck of a lot longer than a 30-second ad. But, a 160-second educational video might feel rushed. As TED Talks have proven, up to 20 minutes might be optimal for intricate topics.

For 2021, brands are seeking to make creative narratives and videos that exceed 5 minutes, to satisfy user's hunger for engaging stories.

3. Consistently post engaging Videos

Being consistent is the key to a strong YouTube strategy. Create videos that make your audience talk and post consistently so that your audience keeps thinking about you.


As a marketer, try creating YouTube videos that align with your website content. Aim to interact with your customers as much as possible; you can get this right by making your customers give reviews, share their experiences with your brand.

Your videos should be compelling enough for your audience to stay, and you should create content that brings out your brand’s story. Try posting your content when the audience is the most active to occupy good engagements.

4. Optimize Video Description and Thumbnails

Your YouTube video thumbnails and description present a glimpse into your video content. Your thumbnail should be able to push the user to click and view the video.

Your thumbnail should include a picture and a caption. Try putting in closeup images for better conversions and adding a caption that pulls the attention of your viewers.

Your thumbnail should be a visual representation of your video content.

Equally significant in your YouTube strategy is your video description.

Get all your YouTube video descriptions keywords optimized to improve YouTube SEO. Ensure your YouTube video descriptions align with your video content.

5. Have a place for YouTube Stories in 2021

With Instagram and Facebook presenting the game with stories, Youtube is also growing into this trend.

Youtube now allows channels with more than 10,000 subscribers to add short, mobile-only videos that lapse in 7 days.

You can quickly design YouTube stories with the tap button on your profile. Clip your YouTube stories and use filters, music, text, emoji stickers, and links to your video stories.

As an originator, this tool enables you to broaden your content on the platform.

With the help of this new feature and the mechanisms that come along with it, you can develop an influential connection with your audience. It will also improve your engagement with the audience.

6. Optimize Video Titles For YouTube Voice Search

Google's voice recognition algorithms are developing better and smarter, and one of the spaces where you can see this change is YouTube. Even better is the fact that YouTube quickly begins playing a video when one does a voice search.

People find it very easy to search without having to use their fingertips, and it becomes hassle-free. So it is crucial to optimize your YouTube video title to make it more SEO friendly.

Visualize yourself doing YouTube voice search. Would you go for a more extended YouTube video title or a shorter one?

People will use short keywords to express their YouTube queries. The words used will be more conversational in nature. Doing all this will enhance your YouTube SEO to a reasonable extent and eventually improve your views.

7. Go for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

People love content creators and enjoy engaging with their content; that is the reason there are so many influencer marketing happening.

For a successful YouTube campaign, you should never forget about placing influencer marketing in your marketing strategy for 2021.

  • Just like on Instagram, influencer marketing has many perks on YouTube:
  • You get a higher audience reach.
  • You get to use another YouTube creator's skills, which also helps in content diversification.
  • You get to be part of different creative campaigns with little effort.

Going for micro-influencers is also a good idea, as they have well-defined sets of audience, and it is easy for us to target their specific audience, according to the brand’s needs.

Moreover, this tactic can also lead to building a bigger audience on YouTube. Here are some more tips on how to build an audience on YouTube.

8. Invest in YouTube Ads

Paid Ads will be an essential element of a strong YouTube strategy in 2021. If you are considering advertising, YouTube bumper ads can help you connect with potential customers uniquely and memorably.

While watching a YouTube video, you must have seen a button that states “Skip Ad” If so, then you might be thinking that you’re going to pay for an ad when the user didn’t see your complete ad.

But don't worry, YouTube doesn’t charge an advertiser for the first five seconds. Viewers hold the choice to see an advertisement or else it is free.

Here's a quick video to help you understand YouTube ads.

9. Cross-promote Your YouTube Videos

Who said you could only promote your channel on YouTube?

Get a higher reach for your YouTube videos with cross-promoting on your other social media accounts.

This kind of promotion will help to bring in traffic from other platforms to your YouTube channel, but also get engagement on other social media platforms.

Another great tactic is to cross-promote your videos from one post to another within your YouTube channel.

As part of a detailed content strategy, you’ll be covering related topics on YouTube. Similar to your blog content, use interlinking to promote other related videos in your newer ones, to gain more out of your older content.

For example, you can place links in the description box of a video and urge viewers to check them out as a sort of call-to-action. Linking in your description helps viewers to watch your videos all the way through without going away.

10. Love YouTube analytics

Are you using YouTube Analytics?

Learning to use YouTube analytics is essential if you really want to grow your YouTube video channel.

By examining the successes and downfalls of your videos, you can zero in on possibilities to present value to your subscribers and keep them engaged and entertained - which makes for satisfied customers.

YouTube analytics

So start embracing YouTube analytics because it is a precious tool, set to advise you on precisely how you can optimize your video strategy for success in Youtube. It’ll tell you what holds people glued to your video content and what makes people bounce off. You’ll realize why somebody shares some videos and not others.

You can also check third party YouTube analytics tools to get even more data out of your channel, as well as take a peek at what your competitors are doing right on the platform.

Check in-depth analytics with a free trial.

Final thoughts

As your marketing game is going to get hotter in 2021, you require to shape your SEO strategy well to stay in-game. Grasping some crucial points to kickstart your YouTube marketing in 2021 is an easy-peasy move.

Planning your strategy well will help you to engage and build your audience; this is one of the most important benefits of YouTube marketing. Creating video content consistently unlocks the gate to new visitors who would never reach your business any other way.

Youtube can help you to repurpose content you have previously made into various formats like podcasts, infographics, presentations, video series etc. without having the requirement to spend a lot of time or finance costly tools and equipment.

Marketing on YouTube will help you to be found on google. You would have noticed videos displayed on Google's search results. This reveals that Google considers video to be as valuable as text-only pages.

Producing consistent video content provides you with the opportunity to make some money directly from your videos through Google’s AdSense for Video programme.

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10 YouTube Strategies to up Your Game in 2021
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