Socialinsider Product Updates - January

Adelina Cรฎmpeanu
Adelina Cรฎmpeanu
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It's good to have you here. 'New year, new me' is so overrated, so let's make every little thing count. โšก๏ธ

Here's what's new at Socialinsider:

๐Ÿ“Œ YouTube own - connect your own YouTube account to get in-depth insights into your content.

๐Ÿ“Œ GDS (Looker Studio) improvements - fixing bugs is a hobby, so we made some improvements here

Tip of the day:

๐ŸŒŸ Take a quick look at your Instagram mentions. This way, you'll better understand your industry and audience and learn what you can do to meet people's needs.

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