Socialinsider Product Updates - April

Adelina Cรฎmpeanu
Adelina Cรฎmpeanu
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They say April showers bring May flowers, and we couldn't agree more.

Here are the Socialinsider flowers from April:

  • New Paid Section. Seeing all your Ads in one place has never been easier. From reach to impressions and engagement, everything is available in the Paid section. Make sure to select the Ad account that you used when creating the ads. Of course, this is available for your own Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Hide Profiles. If you want to keep some things to yourself, Socialinsider is your partner in crime. You can now hide some of the profiles from the list of connected accounts. Click on 'Connect social accounts' to see all of them and choose the ones you don't want to display. This is useful, especially if you have more team members using the tool. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • New Instagram Metrics. There are times when more data will help you create better reports. For your own Instagram page, you can now see more information about your content - likes, comments, shares, and saves breakdown by type.

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