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Diana Gogolan
Diana Gogolan
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While all streaming platforms are getting you into the Christmas spirit, we are giving end-of-year reporting vibes.

A small reminder that Socialinsider is by your side. πŸ˜‰

1. Profile Summary:

When in need of specific metrics, turn to Summary. This is the place where you can create your own little home for your favorite data. 🏑

You can choose the charts and KPIs you want to see. Nothing less, nothing more.

Make sure to select them from the right sidebar and voilΓ , you now have a dashboard with the numbers you truly care about. Also, don't forget to click on Update.

Profile summary in Socialinsider

2. Post Cards:

They are not technically the postcards you would think of, but they are similar.

All the cards from the Posts sections had a glow-up which means that they look better and the data is still there.

Social media posts in Socialinsider

All cards have the 'view analytics' button, which will open more details for the selected social media post.

View post analytics

Depending on the platform, the key metrics are there for all your favorite posts.

3. Add Profiles:

Some changes have been made to the flow of adding profiles.

Our primary objective as a team was to ensure that the onboarding process was as smooth and easy as possible for the users. And this means a few changes for all of us.

In other words, when you create a new project, you will be asked to add the profiles.

Add profiles in new project

Why is this change important?

The main purpose was to ease the onboarding process and help the users get the value in a matter of seconds.

This way, you can quickly see the benchmarks and overview dashboards.

Product Improvements πŸš€

  • Connect Accounts - This is not the first time we ran into difficulties with the connection flow, but now, we made a real improvement. After you connect the accounts, you will be able to add them to your projects.
  • Instagram Ads - The Ads section is available for your connected Instagram accounts and is the place where you can see all the ads in a specific timeframe.
Diana Gogolan

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