How To Use Instagram’s Mention Sharing Feature To Your Brand’s Advantage

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The concept behind Instagram’s @mention new sharing is pretty simple, but what it can do for brands is groundbreaking.

With this feature, you will get the ability to share the Instagram Stories where you are mentioned.

If you are mentioned in someone’s story, Instagram will give you a notification which allows you to share that content as your own story.

Once someone does re-share your post in their Story, your username will be shown at the top of the image panel and also tappable, helping to generate exposure for that profile.

How to share an Instagram Story where you are mentioned

So, you don’t have to be there experiencing the moment to share it with your fans and followers anymore, you just need to get tagged and you can share the content as your own.

And this little difference makes a world of difference for savvy marketing managers who want to grow a brand’s popularity.

In this article, I'll show you how to use the Instagram @mention sharing feature to your brand's advantage.

  1. Run an Instagram contest
  2. Add to your Stories every UGC
  3. Call on your Instagram followers to mention your brand to appear in the official brand story
  4. Promote your events or webbinar and mention the guests. They could share your Story too
  5. Strive for authentic engagement - share every story you’re tagged in
  6. Roundup influencers, then tag them in Instagram Stories for a chance to re-share
  7. Keep an eye open on your Instagram metrics

7 ways to use the Instagram @mention sharing feature to your brand's advantage

#1. Run an Instagram contest

An Instagram contest is one of the best ways of promoting a brand through social media. The sheer buzz it creates can make a brand viral and earn it a new legion of loyal fans.

But with the new IG @mention sharing feature, these benefits can be taken to the next level. Brands can share videos and photos users upload to their accounts and at the same time have the content they upload shared by those involved in the competition.

Obviously, other tips to running a good Instagram competition still apply. These include having a branded hashtag, making the contests fun and easy to enter, and giving the winners the promised prizes.

#2. Add to your Stories every UGC

Being able to add UGC (User-generated content) to your Instagram Stories has to be one of the greatest upsides to the @mention sharing feature.

When users share content that can help push the brand’s image further, social media managers now have the opportunity to use that content as their own using the @mention feature. This ensures that the content reaches a broader audience, and with a greater level of authority.

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#3. Call on your Instagram followers to mention your brand to appear in the official brand story

Many Instagram followers, especially when they are devoted fans to your brand, would cherish an opportunity to get a shout out through the brand’s official Instagram account.

You can make some of these wishes come true by encouraging such followers to share stories that would be of interest to your brand.

From there, any mentions that spark the interest of the brand’s social media manager can be shared using the @mentions sharing feature to give the user a moment in the spotlight.

At the same time, this would create a lot of interest in the brand as anxious Instagram followers fight for a chance to outdo each other and have their content shared through the brand’s official Instagram account.

#4. Promote your events or webinar and mention the guests. They could share your Story too.

As a social media manager in charge of your brand’s Instagram channel, you have to take all the chances you can get to market your brand. Therefore, when promoting a event or even a webinar, you can mention the key guests so that they can share your story using the Instagram @mention sharing option.

This should make your brand more popular and bring in more customers and increased sales since such figures have good persuasion powers.

So, there has never been a greater motivation or tagging your guests in your Instagram photo and video posts. The @mention feature can improve the rate at which the popularity of your brand grows within your target market.

#5. Strive for authentic engagement - share every story you’re tagged in

While it is tempting to pick and choose which stories to share using the @mention, that might not do a lot of good for your brand. You should ensure that sharing stories you are tagged in seems organic and authentic, not staged.

Therefore, if an Instagram Story mentions your brand, share it without too much censorship.

Otherwise, sharing Instagram Stories that only feature information that makes your brand look good might create the wrong impression about the authenticity of your brand.

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#6. Roundup influencers, then tag them in Instagram Stories for a chance to re-share

Practically all brands run blogs, and within these blogs are influencers whose opinions have a lot of sway among brand enthusiasts.

Such people can be used to promote your brand a great deal. You just need to round them up, and tag them in Instagram Stories so that when they share them, your brand’s reputation can grow further.

Influencers have lots of fans, and these are easier to reach through people they look up to. That is why influencers can be even more beneficial to a brand that seeks to market itself through Instagram today, and it’s all thanks to Instagram @mention sharing feature.

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#7. Keep an eye open on your IG metrics

The Instagram @mention sharing is a pretty new feature, and you have to evaluate how best it can help promote your brand. That is where the Instagram analytics come in.

For instance, if you use Instagram to grow your target audience, then you should use the @mention feature to increase the number of followers. Creating high quality and viral content will create a hype that will result in an increased followers growth.

Otherwise, the new feature can also help accomplish another important Instagram goal – user engagement.

Being mentioned in the Instagram Stories is critical for your audience growth as your audience makes you feel will feel that they are part of the brand's story. Improve your brand's loyalty and make people recommmend it to their friends with the new Instagram @mention sharing.

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Final thought

Every social media manager who understands the power of the modern marketing techniques, the Instagram mention feature is a godsend. There are a variety of ways marketers can use this tweak to increase the popularity of the brands they promote.

Above are some of the options marketers should consider when using the new Instagram feature. Used right, this great option can help turn things around for businesses that have had issues creating engagement and growing their fan base through the social media marketing.

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