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What You Need To Keep In Mind When Creating an Instagram Branded Hashtag

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What You Need To Keep In Mind When Creating an Instagram Branded Hashtag

Hashtags work like a call to action phrase where users can interact with different brands.

They are expressed with a # symbol that you can find before a word or a sentence without space between words.

With a limit of 30 tags per post, for businesses this is a handy way to create buzz around a specific campaign that can bring traffic to your website or other social media platforms you are using.

In this article, I'll show you how to create an Instagram branded hashtag and what you need to keep in mind when creating an Instagram hashtag.

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Why should you create a branded hashtag?

Maybe you are wondering why you should create a branded hashtag when there already exists a lot of which you can choose.

Well, if you want to grow your Instagram account or if you want to transform your account into a small blog and especially if you have a business you might want to consider creating one. Here's why:

  • It establishes credibility and helps set you up as an authority on a specific subject.
  • You become a trendsetter.
  • You get engagement.

Did you know that 33.3% (1/3) of all posts contain no hashtags at all?

What do you need to keep in mind when creating a branded hashtag?

#1. Create original and unique hashtags

If it is a very obvious hashtag, it has probably been used before by a lot of other people.It’s not ok.

In this case, there is a significant chance that the information you want to transmit to your audience gets mixed up with something else that happens to have the same hashtag.

If you want to exprime your ideas or if you want to promote something using a hashtag make sure you choose the one that makes your post unique and brand visible.

#2. Create a short hashtag

The purpose when creating a hashtag is for people to keep it in mind, and in this case the shorter, the better.

This will help users to type it quickly and interact more efficiently with the audience. If you are using a hashtag for your business, it must necessarily contain the name or at least the initial of your brand. Here are some examples: #socialinsiderstories, #hootsuitelife, withgalaxy, #shareacoke.

Instagram branded hashstags

#3. Create a simple, easy to spell Instagram branded hashtag

The recipe for success is to make it simple. That means no space or accents in your hashtag. When your mind is full of ideas and projects, the last thing you’ll remember is a complicated hashtag.

Be precise and pick the most relevant word/s for your brand or campaign and make them famous. Then all you have to do is share the # word in all social media platforms you are using.

Summer by Jcrew - Instagram branded hashtag

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Bonus! See the complete list of Instagram banned hashtags and check if a hashtag is banned from using it. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ

Cross-promote the Instagram branded hashtags on other social media channels

Grow your Instagram objectives with the help of other social media channels. Here's how:

#1. Twitter

Twitter hashtags are commonly used to describe a discussion or topic.

Place your branded hashtag at the end of the post or before a shared URL.

Share a Coke on Twitter

#2. Facebook hashtags

While they’re not nearly as popular as Instagram or Twitter, hashtags are still useful here.

On Facebook, hashtags categorize by popularity and date used; also you can filter by who posted the hashtag, tagged location, and date posted.

Cross-promote your branded hashtags on other social networks

#3. Use them on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a B2B platform where you could cross-promote your campaigns. If it's the right target for your business, don't miss any chance to increase your organic reach.

How to use a branded hashtag on LinkedIn

Four benefits of creating a branded hashtag for your business

#1. Brand identity

Instagram changed the algorithm this year, and now you can follow hashtags too.

To follow a hashtag:

  • Tap any hashtag (e.g.: #impactbeyondtheclassroom) you see on Instagram.
  • Tap Follow. You'll get its photos and videos in the your feed.

This option gives you a tremendous opportunity to promote your brand values in a visual way.

Follow a branded hashtag on Instagram

#2. Increased traffic

Hashtags are making your brand discoverable and once you’re more comfortable to discover you’re likely to see higher social media traffic.

#3. Optimized for discovery

Branded hashtags are an organic source for your content. You will become a more important source of information.

#4. An easy way to measure your efforts

Knowing all about the Instagram Analytics, makes all the difference. Instagram provides a lot of features and sometimes can be over whelming, in this case, all you need is a tool that helps you see the insights, like Socialinsider does.

Final thought

Hashtags are an essential part of discovery on Instagram, allowing brands to gain exposure to groups and specific areas of interest.

If you have a business, creating a branded hashtag that will represent your brand name or values will bring more benefits like an increased engagement rate and brand awareness.

Don’t waste time and start being creative.

Start a free Socialinsider trial today and track your Instagram analytics! Report and analyze multiple profiles from one dashboard, quickly evaluate your Instagram performance based on the metrics that matter, understand your hashtags performance and get Stories analytics!

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What You Need To Keep In Mind When Creating an Instagram Branded Hashtag