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5 Ways B2B Marketers Are Capitalizing On Facebook

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5 Ways B2B Marketers Are Capitalizing On Facebook

For many people, Facebook is a platform for sharing family photos and barbeque videos. Most people, see it as a domain where only consumer-facing brands popularly known as B2C can flourish. Most businesses feel like marketing for b2b on Facebook may not apply to their business. Their assumption being that most Facebook users do not want to share work-related posts on their walls.

However, Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing platforms in social media. This is because of its large user base - 2 billion monthly users to be precise.

Facebook provides access to an unparalleled potential audience. It also offers deeper engagement levels and sophisticated targeting capabilities in addition to the standard metrics like gender, location, and age.

For instance, Facebook allows you to pinpoint people based on job title, level of education or even reaching young career women. Also, a report by Facebook indicated that 75% of its users were using Facebook for professional purposes.

Today, some of the biggest B2B companies are already using this platform to establish thoughtleadership, deliver targeted messages, lead generation and collect brand loyalists through b2b campaigns on Facebook.

How b2b marketers use Facebook

1. Sharing thought leadership

B2B brands are using Facebook to better position themselves as market leaders by becoming the go-to resource in their area of expertise.

These brands are sharing relevant content that is full of facts or think pieces about business in their niche in an easy yet captivating manner.

These companies may use simple links to blogs or articles, while others employ visually arresting formats such as videos or infographics. This, in turn, helps to capture the attention of industry insiders looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Some even share original content, using their thought leadership as a powerful messaging to showcase their expertise to their customers.

This Facebook marketing strategy helps them to build trust and position their company as a thought leader in the industry.

A good example is Canon US who used Facebook video ads to increase awareness and purchase intent. They were able to record an 8-point increase in ad recall for each targeted age group.

"In an already crowded marketplace, Facebook and MediaCom allowed us to effectively and efficiently reach our target audiences. With the use of custom segments, we were able to reduce our cost per engagement by 57% while increasing purchase intent and brand lift. Best of all, people on Facebook saw content that was truly relevant to them." - Doris Tsai, Sr. Director, Marketing, Canon USA

2. Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeblood of B2B business. Leads help them find prospects, achieve business goals and ultimately increase revenue. Hence, B2B companies are always striving to come up with engaging content to further improve lead generation as it is crucial to staying ahead in the business landscape.

Most b2b companies on Facebook can generate leads through the use of lead magnets such as white papers, tools, downloadable eBooks, and other types of content.

These magnets are then linked to landing pages where visitors are supposed to provide their information to access the content. Other ways companies are using Facebook for lead generation is through the call to action, posting a variety of content and even using the Facebook, event planner.

A good example is Cisco WebEx, an online meeting service. This company used Facebook lead ads to attract more potential customers, and boost return on advert spend by 84% in less than three weeks.


"Facebook is our biggest lead generator within our social media programme." - Maria Perez, Social Media Marketing Manager, WebEx Demand Generation, Cisco

3. Bring the value proposition to life through Facebook Live

Facebook Live opens up a remarkable access to a potential audience of 1.65 billion users from across the world. According to Social Media Today, users watch live videos three times longer than pre-recorded videos.

Today, b2b marketers on Facebook have the power to use their creativity in presenting their value proposition to their target audience in a more exciting and relatable way.

B2B content does not have to be long, complex and dry. Facebook Live helps to build greater trust, engagement and overall reach. For better success, have a scheduled Facebook Live show so your fans know when they can tune in.

You can use this time to answer customer questions to generate engagement and gain trust for your product or service.

AWeber is an email marketing company that is using Facebook Live to share various awesome ways their customers can use this tool to engage and build on their target audience for their business. This way they are able to build loyalty and trust for their brand.


4. Humanizing the brand

Often times, businesses makes the mistake of forgetting to view their customers as human beings. Facebook is largely a people social network. This makes it a natural fit for companies to tell stories about their philosophies, business culture and the people behind it.

B2B marketers can use Facebook to show their company's human side by showcasing their business’s corporate responsibility initiatives or even raising the curtains on employee activities to connect their brand with its intended audience on an emotional level.

This can also be done through creating content aimed at educating people rather than promoting your company’s image.

A great example is Oracle which takes time to highlight interesting employees in their #lifeatOracleseries and use it to retarget their viewers with an apply now message.


5. Talent recruitment

Other than just speaking to prospective customers, b2b marketers are using Facebook to showcase the company through content that portrays the organization as a great place to work to lure in top talent as well.

Since Facebook allows one to target audience based on things like job title, educational background, and company size, it makes it easier for businesses to zero in the best candidates. Do not hesitate to post random shots of employees working at their desks or meetings in action. Such post gives prospects an idea of what it is like to work for you.

Kalibrr, a cloud-based recruitment solution that matches candidates with the right jobs, is doing an impressive job by combining carousel ads with Facebook’s powerful targeting tools which drive a huge increase in signups.


"There’s no doubt that Facebook has done a lot for us in terms of user acquisition and branding. Since we started using Facebook Ads, our daily user base has grown from 50 to 2,000. Thanks to its powerful targeting products and ability to optimize a campaign for specific goals, Facebook has proven to be the most cost-effective channel we’ve tried to date." - Roxanne Lim, Marketing Manager, Kalibrr.

A final thought

Facebook offers endless possibilities for B2B marketers. With the right Facebook campaigns and Facebook tools, it can put you on a course for a very lucrative financial year ahead. Explore this platform’s high active user levels and extensive custom audience features coupled with creative b2b campaigns on Facebook to find new opportunities.

How you engage with your audience determines how successful you are.

Arm yourself with sufficient knowledge and then use it to create strategic marketing decisions to make Facebook work for your company.

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5 Ways B2B Marketers Are Capitalizing On Facebook
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