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Video is changing the way social media users are consuming content.

Currently, it’s one of the top-rated content on various social platforms.

But one thing that’s clear is that native Facebook videos offer the best way of significantly increasing your organic reach on Facebook. Although you might have heard about this previously, there is data to support it.

The multiple video marketing options on this platform - live streamings, Stories or Facebook watch party - provide an effective digital marketing strategy with high conversion rates.

That’s why today, we’re delighted to announce that you can get video insights for any Facebook page you’d like to track.

With this product update, you can get content inspiration for your next video posts, you’ll understand how the audience engage with the video content, what video format leads to greater engagement for your industry, and what's the video length based on an industry research.

Outlined below is an overview of some of the latest features and actionable use cases.

How to get Facebook video posts insights with Socialinsider

How Socialinsider can help you to effectively master your Facebook video content strategy

  1. Access Facebook video metrics for any page with Socialinsider
  2. Know when your competitors are live on Facebook
  3. Understand how the target audience responds to video posts
  4. See the most used type of Facebook video format by your close competitors
  5. Get the types of video formats that result in higher engagements
  6. See what video length your competitors use and the engagement generated
  7. Analyze the source of video uploads
  8. Get a list of video posts published by the page

1. Access Facebook video metrics for any page with Socialinsider

Facebook provides video metrics analytics only for the pages you manage and you can’t retrieve data from the competitors’ pages.

To access the video metrics, you need to add the page to Socialinsider’s dashboard. Once the stats are available, you can go to the video metrics tab and access the data needed.

Here's how to access Facebook video metrics with Socialinsider

Please note that you can access Facebook historical data for any page you’d like to analyze. Facebook video analytics feature is available now on all of Socialinsider's paid plans, starting at $59/ month. Upgrade now to get access!

2. Know when your competitors are live on Facebook

Do some types of video work better than others on Facebook? Definitely yes.

Based on the research that we conducted, we observed that live streaming sparks more audience engagement for all page sizes.

To understand how to better prepare your lives, here’s a list of metrics Socialinsider provides:

  • The total number of all the video posts
  • The total number of live videos
  • The overall engagement of every video format i.e. live streaming versus native video format.

For example, let's take Mari Smith's page. We know she a fan of live streamings, and once you add her page to the Socialinsider's dashboard, you can see how many live streamings she's doing per week or month, and which one generates higher engagement.

Socialinsider's dashboard

3. Understand how the target audience responds to video posts

According to Elaine Bennett from Hot in Social Media - "Facebook Live has 10 times greater reach than all other forms of Facebook content and earns 6 times more interactions than pre-recorded video."

Apart from that, analyze how the target audience of your competitors are behaving. How do they respond to video content? This will give you a better insight into how you should prepare your content or what you need before going on Facebook live.

Some of the things that you should analyze on your competitors’ video posts include:

  • Likes
  • Total comments
  • Reactions such as love, angry, sad, and haha among others.

Here's an analysis of Mari Smith's page

4. See the most used type of Facebook video format by your close competitors

There are three main types of video formats for Facebook video content: vertical (portrait) landscape, and square.

Mari Smith done a live on her page demystified what video format brands should use on their page. Based on the community feedback through comments, people are getting more engagement with vertical videos instead of landscape or square.

Vertical, Landscape or Square? Which Video Format Is Best?

What is the ideal video format? Landscape, vertical (portrait), square? And, for vertical video, which aspect ratio (9:16, 4:5, 2:3) should you choose? Let's demystify! Here is a handy guide by Facebook on Best Practices for Aspect Ratios: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/103816146375741 And the great study of over 9M videos by Socialinsider: https://www.socialinsider.io/blog/facebook-video-study Definitely get an account at www.wave.video to create all the various formats - easy peasy!

Gepostet von Mari Smith am Freitag, 31. Mai 2019

But depending on the type of industry you are in, make it a point to constantly monitor the format which your competitors use. This way, you will be able to understand which video format leads to higher engagement.

Analyze what video format leads to greater engagement

Moreover, based on the increase of the social media usage on mobile, Facebook recommends these aspects ratio for video content creators:

  • For Facebook and Instagram feeds - 4:5 but you can also use 1:1.
  • For Facebook and Instagram Stories - most people hold their phones vertically, so Facebook recommends 9:16 to capture the full screen. You can also use 4:5.
  • For video carousel format - 1:1 and consistent ratios for all videos in a carousel.
  • For Facebook and Audience Network in-stream video - 16:9 to fit the videos the ads are in.

Facebook's best practices for aspect ratios

5. Get the types of video formats that result in higher engagements

As per the data we collected, vertical video formats outshined all the other formats in terms of engagement.

So, if you are a video content creator, you should consider vertical videos.

Socialinsider's study on Facebook video content

If you take time to analyze the video data of any Facebook page, you will quickly understand what formats generate highest engagements based on your industry.

6. See what video length your competitors use and the engagement generated

Facebook algorithms are constantly changing. There is a new algorithmic update for contents in video format, and it is based on three main factors:

  • The originality of the content: the video post should be able to provide viewers with unique information that adds value.
  • Loyalty and intent: the intent of the post, as well as repeat viewership, are all vital for video ranking on News Feed.
  • Viewing duration: when creating content, ensure that it can capture the attention of viewers for at least a minute.

This latest product update offers valuable insights on the ideal length of video content. In addition to that, you will be able to know the average recommended time of staying on Facebook live.

However, the engagement around videos is far less about how long your video is, and far more about the relevance and quality of your content.

Analyze what's the ideal video length for your industry

7. Analyze the source of video uploads

Users can post native Facebook videos. Besides that, they also have an option of uploading video content via other platforms such as YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo among others.

However, evidence suggests that people love native Facebook videos rather than indirect uploads.

By using Socialinsider, you have a better chance of analyzing various sources of video uploads. This can help you to make appropriate plans when creating content.

Understand which video source drives engagement

8. Get a list of video posts published by the page

One of the best ways which you can use to improve your content production strategy is by learning about what your competitors are doing.

By using this upgraded update, you will be able to have seamless access to a list of video posts which are published by the page.

In addition to that,  you can filter the list depending on your preference with options such as:

  • Video length
  • Live
  • Type of video format

    Furthermore, there is also a sorting option. So, you can easily sort the list of video posts by using options such as:
  • Likes
  • Type of reactions i.e. happy, sad, etc.
  • Newer
  • Best posts
  • Weakest posts
  • Comments count
  • Most Shared

Diving deep into these video metrics helps you strengthen your Facebook content strategy and gives you new ideas on what to publish on your Facebook page.

Improve your content strategy by analyzing the most performing video posts

Please note that you’ll find this product update more resourceful while searching the competitors’ pages instead of own pages. For the pages you manage you can access the video insights directly from the video tab.

Here's how to access Facebook native insights

Final thought

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s understood that viewers can retain over 90 percent of the message if they watch it. This is almost 9 times more than when they read it in the form of texts.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. As a result, millions of digital marketers use it to post their contents.

With the consumption of video content rising, it’s only important to understand the key aspects of Facebook video metrics.

Hope that with this product update, you will be able to discover in-depth insights of video content and engage in competitive benchmarking.

If you have questions about Facebook video metrics or how to get started using this feature, let me know in the comments.

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