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[Case Study] The Power of Facebook Videos for 14 Industries: What Engages Each Industry Audience

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[Case Study] The Power of Facebook Videos for 14 Industries: What Engages Each Industry Audience

Year by year, Facebook videos have been gaining increasingly more space in brands’ social media strategy.

In 2020, videos make for 15% of all Facebook content, rising up all the way from 5.47% in 2014.

Safe to say Facebook videos might be on the rise even more now that people spend more time at home.

In fact, audiences are watching brands’ videos constantly throughout the day, according to a survey by Facebook itself. Even before the outbreak, 94% of respondents who watch a publisher video reported sharing it.

That’s huge! 😲 🤯

People are actually engaging and interacting with videos posted by their favorite brands. But while engaging with a brand’s video is oftentimes an emotional step done when inspired by the message, the process of getting people to watch and understand a certain message is quite technical.

Our previous study shows that Facebook video engagement is largely dependent on factors such as video format, description, and length.

But how different is the audience industry to industry?🤔

Join us in taking a deep dive into the video publishing and consumption behavior of 14 industries

How to create the best Facebook videos for each industry

A. Summary

B. Key Findings

How industries stack up against each other

Politics industry has top-performing Facebook videos

NGOs make the longest videos

Media and News pages post the most Facebook videos

Vertical and landscape formats perform completely different depending on industry

Most industries seldom opt for live streams, despite them being more engaging

The best Facebook video formula for 14 Industries
1. Clothing (Brand)
2. Shopping & Retail
3. Health/Beauty
4. Arts & Entertainment
5. Entrepreneur
6. Personal Blog/Blogger
7. Politics
8. Education/University
9. Food & Beverage Company
10. Media/News Company
11. Public Figure
12. Government Organization
13. Nonprofit Organization
14. Community/ Community organization

C. Methodology


In this study, we’ll answer:

  • Which industry publishes the most engaging videos - we look at how audiences engage with each industry
  • How often does each industry post Facebook videos and how long are they - we look at the differences in posting frequency and video length per industry
  • What video formats do industries use - we analyze if the video format impacts engagement and which industries break away from the mold.
  • How do Live videos perform for each industry - we find out if going live can ever lower the video overall performance.

Key Findings

  • The top engaging industries are Politics (0.54% average engagement rate), Arts and Entertainment(0.44% average engagement rate), and Entrepreneur (0.34% average engagement rate).
  • There are 2 posting strategies: brands who post short videos more frequently, and brands who publish longer videos more rarely.
  • Clothing brands increase their video engagement from 0.32% to 0.82% with vertical videos.
  • Arts and Entertainment pages receive a 0.61% average engagement rate when using the landscape format, as opposed to the overall average of 0.44%.
  • Politicians, public figures, government officials, entrepreneurs, and NGOs make use of live videos the most.
  • Despite posting lives more frequently, Government Organizations have higher engagement rates when publishing pre-recorded video posts (0.28%).
  • Except for Government Organisations and Politics, all industries benefit greatly from creating live videos, which get almost double the engagement.
  • News and Media companies publish the highest number of Facebook videos but receive the lowest engagement rates out of all industries.

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How industries stack up against each other

After analyzing what technical aspects can improve or affect your Facebook video performance, it’s time to see how the behavior and interests of different industry audiences impact engagement.

This is how the specifics of each industry can tip the scales👇

Politics industry has top-performing Facebook videos

Facebook pages that fall into the Politics sector, meaning politicians and parties, gather the highest engagement on Facebook videos - an average engagement rate of 0.53%.

Engagement rates of Facebook videos for each industry

In second place, with an engagement rate of 0.44%, Arts and Entertainment pages gather loyal audiences.

Top 3 also includes entrepreneurs, with an average engagement rate of 0.34%.

This paints an interesting picture of what stirs emotions and interest in Facebook audiences: politics, arts, and business.

NGOs make the longest videos

Non-profits create the longest videos: 1,208 seconds or roughly 20 minutes.

On the other side of the spectrum, Food and Beverage companies’ videos only take an average of 105 seconds, or under 2 minutes.

Facebook videos lengths for industries

Generally speaking, the most engaging video length is between 2 to 5 minutes.

Media and News pages post the most Facebook videos

There’s no surprise that the News and Media industry posts by far more videos than any other industry, with an average of 2 to 3 videos per week, despite their videos not being too long.

Industries who post the most videos

However, independent creators and bloggers also post 1 or 2 videos per week, same as the Health and Beauty sector, pages that typically publish the shortest videos.

NGOs only post videos once every couple of weeks, but the videos are much longer than videos from any other industry.

As a pattern, two separate strategies can be observed: brands who post short videos more frequently, and brands who publish longer videos more rarely.

Vertical and landscape formats perform completely different depending on industry

Most brands typically choose the landscape format when recording their Facebook videos.

This also reflects on industries, as 10 out of 14 industries typically publish landscape videos.

Industries using video formats.

Independent creators, clothing brands, food and beverage companies, and health/beauty pages are going against the tide and opting for posting more videos with square formats.

However, the increasingly high usage of mobile devices might indicate that that’s not the most comfortable option for viewers.

Facebook says that people spend an average of 40 minutes a day watching mobile video, while one in 5 people watch more than an hour each day.

When looking at engagement, this behavior is reflected in most cases, as the most engaged with videos have a vertical format.

However, the nature of a specific industry’s audience does have an impact.

Video format performance for each industry.

Clothing brands, for example, increase their video engagement from 0.32% overall to 0.82% for vertical videos.

This way, this industry climbs from the number 4 spot to the leader in engagement.

While most industry pages do get the highest engagement rates on vertical videos, there are some cases where landscape videos pay off.

Arts and Entertainment pages receive a 0.61% average engagement rate when using the landscape format, as opposed to the overall average of 0.44%.

Most industries seldom opt for live streams, despite them being more engaging

Live videos have the power of creating a bridge between brands and the audience, making people feel more connected to a company.

And industries in which credibility is the main unique selling point know the impact of lives best.

What types of videos each industry publishes.

Politicians, public figures, government officials, entrepreneurs, and NGOs create the most lives.

How live stream perform versus pre-recorded video posts.

Except for Government Organisations, all industries benefit greatly from creating Live videos, which get almost double the engagement.

Despite posting lives more frequently, Government Organizations have higher engagement rates when publishing pre-recorded video posts.

The best Facebook video formula for 14 industries

While, as a general rule, numbers show that vertical video format outperforms landscape and live streaming beats pre-recorded videos, there are exceptions to the rule.

To better understand how to manage brands from each industry, we looked into the posting patterns, as well as what makes these different audiences more engaged.

1. Clothing (Brand)

Clothing brands have quite a leg up when it comes to creating engaging Facebook videos. Their overall performance is in the top 4 when stacking industries up by average engagement rates, scoring 32%.

Brands within this page categories post videos approximately once every 3 weeks, and just about 10% of those videos are live.

On average, their videos last 389 seconds, around 6 and a half minutes.

However, their video performance boosts instantly when filming in a vertical format (0.82%) or going live (2.17%).

These small changes make clothing brands the most privileged.

Clothing video stats

2. Shopping & Retail

Shopping and Retail has an audience that is generally harder to engage, as it achieves the second to last average engagement rates per video - 0.16%.

These brands publish videos around every two weeks, and 11.84% of those videos are lives.

On average, these videos last 458 seconds, or 7 and a half minutes.

To increase engagement, Shopping and Retail companies can opt for vertical video formats (0.27%) and live streaming (0.53%).

Shopping and Retail video stats

3. Health/Beauty

Just as with the previous industry, the Health and Beauty pages only receive an 0.16% average engagement rate on their videos.

However, their posting schedule includes more videos. Brands publish at least one video per week, with the occasional 2 posts per week, out of which 8.06% are live.

Health and Beauty videos last around 240 seconds or 4 minutes.

Vertical videos can bring engagement rates up to 0.19%, while live streaming can get an average of 0.23%.

Health and Beauty video stats

4. Arts & Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment pages have amongst the top-performing videos, with an average engagement rate of 0.44%, and second place in our industry engagement top.

Pages from this industry post on average one video every two weeks and 11.21% of their videos are live.

Generally, the videos last just over 6 minutes, having an average length per industry of 368 seconds.

Given the artistic nature of the content, it makes sense that videos from this category would break the vertical format rule.

The most engaging videos have a landscape format and receive rates around 0.61%, while live videos bring engagement up to 1.28%.

Arts and Entertainment Facebook stats

5. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need the power of social media to connect to their audience and showcase their business values. And videos are the perfect way to do so.

Facebook pages within this category receive decent video engagement rates - 0.34%, occupying the third spot in the industry engagement rank, after Politics and Arts and Entertainment.

Entrepreneur pages publish around one video every week and a half. They have a high percentage of live videos - 18.83%, with videos running on average over 9 minutes.

Another exception to the rule, Entrepreneur pages perform better when publishing landscape videos, reaching 0.45% in average engagement.

Live streaming also gets better results: a 0.68% engagement rate.

Entrepreneur video stats

6. Personal Blog/Blogger

Independent creators that keep their own blog have more of a challenge with Facebook video engagement, having average rates of 0.16%.

They post 5-minute videos weekly, and around 6.06% of them are live.

Vertical videos can boost the engagement to an average of 0.31%, while live-streaming achieves rates of 0.27%.

Personal Blog video stats

7. Politics

Politicians and political organizations know how to keep the audience connected, reaching 0.53% average engagement rates.

These pages also post videos on a weekly basis, but also publish more live videos than any other industry - 31.38%.

Moreover, on average, all of these videos tend to be quite long, of around 819 seconds (almost 14 minutes).

Another particularity of the industry is that pre-recorded videos have higher engagement rates - 0.59%.

When it comes to formats, vertical is still the way to go, boosting average engagement rates to 0.72%.

Politics video stats

8. Education/University

Education and University page scored lower on the engagement scale, with an average rate of 0.17% per video.

These Facebook pages publish one video every couple of weeks, and 15.07% of them are live.

The average video length is 537 seconds or almost 9 minutes.

Vertical videos improve performance for these companies to an average of 0.24% engagement per video, while the live streaming can also boost it to around 0.24%.

Education and University Facebook stats

9. Food & Beverage Company

Food and Beverage brands receive an average engagement rate of 0.28% per Facebook video.

It’s noteworthy that industry pages rarely post videos, with only one video every 4 weeks, out of which just 4.05% are live videos.

The videos that do get published are rather shorter than the ones from other industries, lasting only 105 seconds (1 minute and 45 seconds).

Live videos do get higher engagement rates of 0.35%, but the best results are received by landscape videos (0.38%).

Food and Beverage stats

10. Media/News Company

People don’t typically engage with videos published by Media and News Companies. Pages within this category get the lowest average engagement per video- 0.08%.

However, reporting on the news means posting quite a few videos, around 2-3 videos per week, out of which 15.02% are lives.

Generally, media videos last 465 seconds, or 7-8 minutes.

When it comes to engagement, media and news pages fit the rule: vertical videos increase engagement rates (0.17%), and live streaming skyrockets them to an average of 0.35%.

Media and News engagement stats

11. Public Figure

Pages created for public figures achieve decent average engagement rates per video of 0.26%, which climb even higher when streaming live - 0.35%.

Public figures post Facebook videos on a weekly basis and go live 20.60% of the time, which is the highest number of lives after Politics pages.

The videos tend to last an average of 586 seconds, or between 9 and a half - 10 minutes.

Landscape video format works better for these pages as well, reaching an average of 0.32% engagement per post.

Public Figure video stats

12. Government Organization

On average, government organizations receive 0.25% engagement rates on their Facebook videos and post once every couple of weeks.

They also go live more often than other industries, as 18.97% of videos are live.

The length of the videos is on the higher side, with an average of 805 seconds, or between 13 and 14 minutes.

What is particular about Government Organization pages is that pre-recorded videos perform better than live streams, reaching an average engagement of 0.28%, but also that the best video format to use is square (0.35% in engagement).

Government Organization videos on Facebook

13. Nonprofit Organization

NGOs receive an overall average engagement rate of 0.25% per video and publish one video every two weeks.

Non-profit organizations also understand the power of live streaming. Out of all the videos, 16.25% are lives, which get higher average engagement rates of 0.30%.

When it comes to video length, NGOs have by far the longest videos: 1,208 seconds, which amounts to over 20 minutes.

Vertical video is the winning strategy in this case as well, increasing the average engagement to a rate of 0.36%.

Non-profit organizations' video engagement.

14. Community/ Community organization

Facebook videos published by Community or Community organization pages have registered an average 0.29% engagement rate, and typically post a video every week and a half.

Despite live videos having such a personal touch, much needed for Community pages,  only 9.66% of published videos are live streams.

Community videos typically last between 5 and 6 minutes, with an average of 315 seconds.

Performance is boosted when streaming live (an average of 0.38% engagement rate) and filming in the landscape format (0.32% engagement per video).

Community Organization Facebook video stats

C. Methodology

To identify the best strategy for video content on Facebook, we analyzed more than 10,596,877 video posts from a total of 119,032 business pages with the help of the Socialinsider tool. This was the same sample used for our Facebook Video Study.

Within this report, we provide a representative sample of US and international brands that had an active presence on Facebook between 2014 and April 2020.

These pages had Facebook fan counts between 5,000 and 1 million as of the same date.

We define engagement as measurable interactions on Facebook posts, including comments, reactions, and shares.

The average engagement is the sum of all these interactions (reactions, comments, and shares) divided by the number of video posts.

The average engagement rate per video is defined as the average engagement of the posts divided by the number of fans the page has, all multiplied by 100.

The industries were created by grouping similar page categories. For example, the Politics industry grouped results from pages labeled as Political Organization, Political Party, Politician.

Similarly, the Media/ News industry includes pages under categories such as Newspaper, Magazine, Media, Media/News Company, Radio Station, Media, TV Show, TV Channel, TV Network, Broadcasting & Media Production Company, News & Media website.

We used Socialinsider to find out the engagement rates, the frequency of posting, post types, video length, and to analyze the performance of native video content compared with live streaming.

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[Case Study] The Power of Facebook Videos for 14 Industries: What Engages Each Industry Audience