Teach Me: TikTok Strategies for B2B brands

Hosted by:
Adina Jipa

Adina Jipa

Co-founder @Socialinsider
Keenya Kelly

Keenya Kelly

TikTok for B2B Consultant
Kate Skavish

Kate Skavish

Co-founder of Wave Video

Date | Time

⏰September 29, 2022, at 12:30 PM ET.


Learn how to create an effective TikTok strategy for your business. A step by step guide.

What are the key elements to creating a good to great TikTok strategy?

In this live session, Adina Jipa - Founder at Socialinsider, Keenya Kelly, TikTok for B2B Consultant and Kate Skavish, Co-founder of Wave Video, discuss the importance of a strategy on TikTok and give their advice on how to include this platform in your social media game.

This special webinar teaches you:

  • How to get started with TikTok as a brand
  • Reasons why brands should join on TikTok
  • TikTok strategies for B2B brands
  • What industries can be on TikTok
  • Can a brand go viral just like creators do?
  • How to create viral content on TikTok
  • How to measure TikTok's success
  • What does the future of TikTok look like?

This training is ideal for social media and community managers.

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