Teach Me: What’s Trending in Social Media for 2022

Hosted by:
Adina Jipa

Adina Jipa

Co-founder @Socialinsider
Mana Ionescu

Mana Ionescu

Founder, CEO at Lightspan Digital

Date | Time

December 16th at 11:00 AM EST / 16:00 BST


Learn what are the social media trends that matter for 2022.

The pandemic has accelerated the age of the consumer, and brands have to listen and respond to consumer demands. They expect to get personalized content, faster service, and better experiences.

How can brands better prepare their social media strategy for 2022?

Join Adina Jipa, Co-founder at Socialinsider, and Mana Ionescu, Founder and CEO at Lightspan Digital, for a roundtable discussion about social media trends in 2022.

This special webinar teaches you what's trending in social media for the next year:

  • Tiktok will take over social media, leaving other platforms to adapt
  • Social selling will simplify the customer journey.
  • Omnichannel engagement will change the way consumers engage with social media.
  • Influencer marketing is now a dominant marketing methodology.
  • Communities will develop and take control.

Join this live training webinar and discover practical insights from a passionate, resilient, compassionate, and agile leader, Founder, and CEO of Lightspan Digital, a digital agency based in Chicago.

This training is ideal for social media managers and community managers.

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