Teach me how to make a social media dashboard in Google Data Studio

Let’s learn how to add all the data from social media networks in one Data Studio report.

Create the social media reports you've always wanted. Take all your social media data to Data Studio, connect all your accounts to Socialinsider, and present complete social media reports to clients.

Socialinsider provides all the data you need to show off your performance in a custom Data Studio dashboard.

Watch this training webinar where Adina - co-founder at Socialinsider - teaches you how to add your social networks as a data source in your Data Studio reports and learn how to create a Data Studio dashboard in a short time.

This special webinar teaches you how to:

  • Setup a Google Data Studio integration
  • Connect all your social media accounts to Socialinsider
  • Add metrics in the Data Studio dashboard
  • Create a one-click Data Studio dashboard with social media performance

Get the exact social media data you need in one single dashboard - Google Data Studio dashboard. Data Studio allows you to set up custom social media reports and share them with the team and stakeholders.

This training is for social media managers who work in extended teams, and they need to connect multiple data points in one single report.

Grab your spot now, if you haven't already!

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