Teach Me How to Perform a Social Media Content Analysis

Let’s learn how to optimize your social media content analysis with posts tagging

Ever wonder how to analyze and report on posts from any social media platform and obtain content performance insights across all major channels? Or want to compare last season campaigns with the results from 2021?

Join Adina Jipa - co-founder at Socialinsider - for a live training webinar, at 11:00 AM EST, on January 12th, 2021.

In this training webinar Adina will discuss:

  • How to get a comprehensive social posts analysis
  • Easily spot the best performing content for your campaigns
  • Compare social media campaigns side by side
  • Automate your social posts tags with auto-tag rules
  • How to track the impact of your branded hashtags
  • How to get social media content inspiration with the posts tagging feature
  • Get influencer campaign results
  • Automate your influencers tracking with auto-tag rules

This training is ideal for strategists or social media teams who are already using analytics to dive deeper.

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