Teach me how to create social media reports for clients

Social Media Reports - How to create and explain them to clients

Join Adina Jipa, co-founder at Socialinsider, and Duncan Colman, Director at Spike, for a roundtable discussion on creating social media reports for your clients and explaining them to clients.

We dive into exactly what social media metrics you should include in your reports, what are the best practices, how to streamline your reporting process, and where Socialinsider fits in.

You’ll hear from Adina and Duncan about:

  • The most important social media KPIs you add in a report
  • How to analyze social media performance
  • Social media reports - how often, what formats
  • Social media reporting process - tools & integration

We invite you to ask questions and share your own experiences during this roundtable.

This webinar was live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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