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Why Data Geeks by Socialinsider

Data Geeks is where data turns into comprehensive social media studies with actionable, clear insights.

Want to provide your attendees with data backed actionable knowledge and tactics? Here’s what you get:

  • A customized study, tailored to your audience and industry based on millions of social media postings
  • The experience of two experts with more than 10+ years experience in analytics, statistics and digital agencies
  • In-depth knowledge of how Social Networks’ APIs work for brands

Andrei Serbanoiu

Paragliding. Co-founder at Socialinsider

Andrei Serbanoiu is one of the Data Geeks at Socialinsider.
He wears different hats from sales to product to development.

His experience in building analytics products shapes the way Socialinsider extracts actionable insights from huge amounts of data

Andrei Serbanoiu

Maria Ganta

Data Geek at Socialinsider

A longtime fan of everything social. She loves digging into data and showing you how to use Socialinsider to boost social media engagement.

She already wrote two books: 'Life of a Social Media Manager' - a collection of interviews from top experts and' TikTok Marketing for Brands' - how brands can leverage the power of TikTok.

Maria Ganta

Teodora Lozan

SaaS Marketer at Socialinsider

Teodora is a SaaS marketer for Socialinsider and host at Insider Insights podcast. She worked for Ogilvy and Leo Burnett in the past where she managed online and offline campaigns for several European countries.

She loves digging through data and helping brands get the best results out of their marketing efforts.

Teodora Lozan

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