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[WEBINAR] Dive Deeper Into Instagram Analytics

Socialinsider Webinar


[WEBINAR] Dive Deeper Into Instagram Analytics

Instagram has grown to be one of the most powerful social media platforms business people use daily.

If you want to know:
🧐What are your most engaging Instagram posts & stories?
πŸ€”Which hashtags performed better?
πŸ“Έ/ πŸ“ΉWhat to post for more Instagram engagement?

This training webinar is for you!

Join Razvan Visan - co-founder & dev @Socialinsider as he walks you through what metrics you’ll get for Instagram accounts that you manage, and how to use Socialinsider to understand the real power of analytics.

Get a better look at πŸ”Ž:

  • How to access Instagram metrics for any account you manage.
  • What Instagram metrics you’ll get using Socialinsider.
  • What are your most engaging posts & stories.
  • Which hashtags performed better by avg. engagement or impressions.

You can check out our past recordings as well as the upcoming training sessions in the Live Webinar Section!

Got questions? Ask away in the comment section below! 🀩

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