What Data Does TikTok Analytics Reveal?   An In-Depth View of What Insights TikTok Analytics Offer
TikTok Analytics

What Data Does TikTok Analytics Reveal? An In-Depth View of What Insights TikTok Analytics Offer

Elena Cucu
Elena Cucu

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In 2020 TikTok was the newest trend in social media, with more than 1 billion active monthly users, therefore becoming a must for every brand that wants to thrive in the online world.

TikTok marketing campaigns can be very successful and can increase your brand's exposure in no time.

With TikTok you have the option to add music, play with a lot of filters, do challenges - in one phrase: you can promote your brands' messages in a funny and unique way.

But, if you are using TikTok to promote your business, you should know that in order to discover if what you are doing is right or needs improvements you must constantly check your TikTok analytics.

When creating your TikTok marketing strategy, make sure you take a closer look at a couple of TikTok metrics that are a good indicator of your TikTok's content performance.

TikTok Analytics

  1. How to access TikTok Analytics
  2. TikTok Analytics Profile Overview
  3. TikTok Analytics Followers Data
  4. TikTok Analytics Content Data
  5. Getting TikTok Analytics with a social media reporting tool

1. How to access your TikTok analytics

If you want to see your TikTok analytics, the first thing you have to do is switch to a Pro Account.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Go to settings and click the Manage My Account option.
  • Click Switch to Pro Account.
  • Select a featured category for your account: public figure, music/dance, personal blog, education, media, entertainment, sports, etc.
  • Add your phone number: you'll receive a verification code.
TikTok Pro Account

Once you’ve set up your Pro account, go to Settings and click "Analytics."

NOTE! TikTok analytics will start recording data after you switch to a Pro account, so you will not be able to see data from the past.

  • How to access TikTok analytics from the native app

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap the 3 lines in the right corner
  3. Select Analytics
TikTok analytics from the mobile
  • How to access TikTok analytics from your desktop

  1. Go to www.tiktok.com
  2. Log in to your profile
  3. Under your photo - click "View analytics"
TikTok analytics from the descktop


From your desktop, you can download a CSV file with your metrics. (for the last 7-days)

Now that you know how to access your TikTok analytics, let's find out what TikTok data you should analyze to increase engagement and drive conversions.

This is a quote about TikTok from Brian Fanzo.

2. TikTok Analytics Profile Overview

The profile Overview tab is useful to understand how properly your TikTok profile is doing.

From here, you will discover your total video views, profile views, and follower count.

  • Follower Count

The Followers graph shows your total follower count over a 7- or 28-day period. This is a useful TikTok KPI because you can see the days that you've published content and discover whether your TikTok content was engaging enough to bring new followers to your brand or not.

Followers count
  • Profile Views

If you want to see how many times your TikTok profile was viewed over the past 7 or 28 days, this metric is for you.

Profile views
  • Video views

If you are using TikTok to promote your brand's message, one of the first TikTok metrics you should keep an eye on is video views.

The total number of times your videos were viewed shows you that your strategy works, and people are seeing and engaging with your TikTok content.

From here, you can see your video views from the past 7 or 28 days. The data is divided by day.

Video views

2. TikTok Analytics Followers Data

This is an extremely useful piece of information because you can see the dates in which your audience is active and the times your audience is the least engaged on TikTok.

Also, you can see a gender split and a percentage analysis of your audience by location.

This is a quote about TikTok analytics given by a TikTok marketing expert.

  • Followers activity

This type of TikTok analytics is extremely helpful because not only does it show you the frequent times and exact dates in which your audience is active, but you can see the times your audience is the least active on TikTok.

  • Gender

The total distribution of your TikTok followers by their gender. This is important to know because, depending on the people who follow you (male or female), you can create different content types.

  • Top territories

The distribution of your TikTok followers by territories

Followers data

  • Videos your followers watched

From here, you can see videos that are popular among your followers. I think this is the most important TikTok KPI because you can see what your followers want to see, and replicate that content in your own way.

  • Sounds your followers listened to

Like the above metric, you can use this information to create the best TikTok strategy - you know what your followers want to see, and what are their favorite songs, all you have to go is grab your phone and start filming.


Make sure you save those songs to your ''Favorites'' so that you can use them later. You can do this by tapping on the song and then pressing the bookmark icon.

How to add a TikTok song to favorites

3. TikTok Analytics Content Data

From here, you can dive even more in analysing your TikTok’s content performance, by taking a closer look at the following TikTok KPIs.

  • Trending videos

This Tiktok metric shows your best nine performing posts, that had the fastest growth in viewership over the past seven days.

  • Metrics for a particular post

If you want to see your TikTok analytics for an individual post, tap on the video thumbnail to open its unique dashboard. From here, you'll see:

  • Total like count of post
  • Total number of comments
  • The total shares on your video
TikTok individual metrics

Comments are great because they are like a validation that you are doing a great job. If someone stops at one of your videos to leave a comment, be sure that person will soon return to your profile.

Shares are also a good indicator because, in this way, your content can reach more people and be seen by a broader audience.

The number of likes, comments, and shares per video will help you get a clear view of how your content is resonating with those who have seen it.

  • Total play time

This TikTok KPI shows a cumulative amount for the time people have spent watching your videos. It is helpful because it can give you an idea of how involved the TikTok users are with your brand.

  • Total video views

It respresents the number of times a post has been viewed. By analyzing this TikTok KPI you can understand what type of content resonates best with your audience and what the users want to see more from you.

  • Average watch time

This metric reveals the amount of time people spend watching your videos, on average. It can be a good indicator of your success when it comes to maintaining your audience's attention.

  • Traffic source types

As its name suggest, here you can see where the traffic to your posts comes from, or in other words through which ways have people ended up viewing your posts.

  • Audience territories

Here you'll be able to see your reached audience and the top locations of your viewers for a post.

This is the quote of a known TikTok growth expert - Joshua Moore, about the TikTok algorithm

5. Getting TikTok Analytics with a social media reporting tool

Although TikTok’s native analytics tool helps gather data for your TikTok profile, it doesn’t give you insights about the performance of other profiles that you don't own.

We all know that taking a look at your competitors is useful - that's why you need an analytics tool like Socialinsider.

As I said earlier, from the native app, you can see your TikTok insights only for the last seven days. That's good, but if you want to create a TikTok marketing strategy, you need more data.

With Socialinsider's TikTok analytics feature, you can analyze your performance for more than seven days, and select the time range you need.

Here's a list with all the TikTok data you can track using Socialinsider:

  • Followers' growth
  • Total posts
  • Total engagement
  • Average engagement rate per post
  • Average engagement rate per profile
  • Top 3 posts
  • Top hashtags
  • Posts by published hour
  • Average engagement by published hours
  • Posts by published day
  • Average engagement by published day
  • Engagement evolution
  • Distribution of likes, comments & shares
  • Plays evolution

If you want to understand these KPIs better, here's a complete guide with TikTok metrics and definitions.

TikTok metrics with Socialinsider

Final thoughts

TikTok describes a unique chance for brands attending to drive more engagement with younger audiences in 2021.

If your audience is between 13 and 35 years old, start planning a TikTok marketing strategy.

And don't forget: understanding the data will help you prepare an effective content strategy for your brand.

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