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[Insider Insights Podcast] Instagram for Small Businesses

Insider Insights Podcast


[Insider Insights Podcast] Instagram for Small Businesses

This episode will dive into how small businesses can use Instagram as a professional tool to grow a community.

Sue B. Zimmerman is THE Instagram expert and has helped hundreds of businesses along the way. Now, she’s joining us to help you get started on Instagram.

We’ll touch on the advantages small businesses have on the platform, how to approach Instagram marketing, and some common mistakes you should avoid.

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Use Instagram to promote your business

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What does this platform offer for brands, and why you should have an Instagram account
  • What are the first 3 steps of getting started on Instagram
  • The number 1 rule of juggling 5 Instagram neighbourhoods: Feed, Story, Live, IGTV, Reels
  • How to use hashtags

What to listen for:

  • [0:00] Let's meet Sue B. Zimmerman
  • [1:36] How did she start her career
  • [2:47] What does this platform offer that is missing from other social channels
  • [4:06] How to get started on Instagram
  • [5:18] Common mistakes should small businesses avoid on Instagram
  • [7:10] Challenges on Instagram for small businesses that larger companies might not have
  • [8:20] The difference between feed, stories, live, igtv and reels
  • [10:30] What you should know about Instagram hashtags
  • [13:15] Everything about Instagram Guide
  • [16:13] Sue B. course Ready Set Gram
  • [17:50] Top 3 important things about Instagram
  • [18:24] Future plans


Sue B. Zimmerman website

Sue B. Zimmerman on social media

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[Insider Insights Podcast] Instagram for Small Businesses