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[Webinar] Instagram Stories Analytics with Socialinsider

Socialinsider Webinar


[Webinar] Instagram Stories Analytics with Socialinsider

In this webinar, Razvan - co-founder & dev @Socialinsider - walks through how to use Instagram Stories analytics in Socialinsider to showcase your Instagram results, improve content in Stories and publishing behavior based on reach, and learn how to create more engaging stories based on data.

Using the native insights app, you'll get raw data such as taps back, tabs forward, exits, etc.

Instagram Stories metrics are divided into three sections, and here is what each section contains:

  • interactions: replies and profile visits.
  • discovery: reach and impressions.
  • navigation: taps back, taps forward, next story, exited.

Tools like Socialinsider gives you in-depth insights into:

  • what type of Stories perform better on Instagram - photos or videos
  • the best time to post Stories based on reach and impressions
  • top hashtags ranked by impressions used in Stories as text, and not stickers (API doesn't reveal data for stickers)
  • how many Stories per day you should post for better engagement.

If your Instagram Stories are gone in a flash, how can you measure their impact?

In this webinar, Razvan teaches:

  • how to analyze Instagram Stories with Socialinsider
  • what metrics you can get using an analytics app versus the Instagram native app
  • when is the best time to post Stories on Instagram based on reach
  • how many Stories per day you should post for better engagement
  • how to get the most out of engagement metrics, and more.

This video is part of our ongoing webinars program. You can check out past recordings as well as upcoming training sessions in the Live Webinars section.

If you have more questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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