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[WEBINAR] Socialinsider's Brand Analytics Feature

Socialinsider Webinar


[WEBINAR] Socialinsider's Brand Analytics Feature

Sometimes you just want to see the whole picture, and that's why we created the "Brands" feature!

With this product update, brands will be able to make informed and strategic decisions about their product and marketing efforts.

Great, right!? 🀩

Here's training webinar hosted by Razvan - co-founder & dev at Socialinsider - as he walked through our new feature!

In 30 minutes you'll discover discover an easy way to analyse all your brand's social profiles in one dashboard.

In this webinar, you'll learn πŸ”Ž:

  • How to use this feature
  • Which platform perform better for your brand
  • How to measure all your brands' social media profiles in one dashboard
  • What metrics we provide

You can check out our past recordings as well as the upcoming training sessions in the Live Webinar Section!

Got questions? Ask away in the comment section below! 🀩

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Maria Ganta

Maria Ganta

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