New Report Highlights Data-Backed Best Practices for Creating an Effective LinkedIn Content Strategy for B2B Brands

Bucharest, 8th June 2023 - Aiming to help B2B brands strengthen their LinkedIn performance, Socialinsider, a worldwide used social media reporting and competitive analysis tool, has just launched a new in-depth study, unveiling trends, content performance benchmarks, and current best practices for LinkedIn marketing.

The report covers a range of elements and considerations, like LinkedIn CTR and engagement statistics, alongside insights that offer some context for the presented data.

Compared to B2C brands that have an easier time reaching their audiences on multiple social media platforms - the ones with a rather entertaining nature, such as Instagram or TikTok, B2B businesses are somehow more limited in the way they can leverage social media to promote themselves. Because, in their case, LinkedIn is the most powerful social network that can help increase brand awareness, conversions, and revenue, it’s crucial for B2B marketers to understand how the platform’s algorithm works and be aware of the strategies that can help them meet their goals.

As revealed by multiple social media reports, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to leverage for traffic purposes. It is actually the second-best-performing social network in terms of CTR, being outperformed only by Facebook.

To offer more specific insights about LinkedIn’s click-through rate performance, Socialinsider’s research focused on analyzing every LinkedIn content type's average CTR and identifying which post formats are the most effective in 2023.

From this point of view, the analysis revealed that native documents, multiple images, and text posts are the best content formats to leverage for generating more traffic to a company’s website.

Similar to any other platform’s case, on LinkedIn as well, the human touch of the brands’ social media posts influences to a great extent, the people’s openness toward interaction. And the above-mentioned LinkedIn post types, which are great for portraying relevant information and company events or highlights, are the most successful in integrating that factor, facilitating stronger connections between brands and their LinkedIn audiences.

"Delivering valuable content that resonates with your target audience while staying true to your brand's voice is key to driving engagement and building a strong B2B presence on LinkedIn," - said Adina Jipa, Founder & CMO at Socialinsider.

Another important takeaway the study has highlighted is that over the last year, the consumption of video content has increased significantly on LinkedIn. Consequently, videos also register high engagement values - specifically a 3.18% average engagement rate.

According to LinkedIn itself, "users will share video content 20 times more than any other type of content".

One of the reasons video content has gained so much traction lately is its ability to deliver a long piece of information in a short period of time while also being one of the most successful formats in integrating storytelling.

Top global companies, including TBWA, VMLY&R,, Rolls-Royce, Volvo, and Mitsubi are using Socialinsider, which is a vital tool for digital marketers seeking powerful competitive insights and benchmarks to refine their social media strategies. A 14-day free trial allows users to explore the comprehensive features and analytics that Socialinsider offers.

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