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[WEBINAR] How to measure your campaigns across multiple channels

Socialinsider Webinar

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[WEBINAR] How to measure your campaigns across multiple channels

Keeping track of your social media campaigns' results is a useful way to regularly learn from the past while improving future tactics and overall marketing strategy.

At Socialinsider, we've updated the campaign feature, and now you can get in-depth insights on each campaign you are running.

Using Socialinsider's campaign report, you'll be able to:

  • measure your brand's campaigns
  • track your influencers' campaigns
  • tag and research your competitors' campaigns

And much more.

To show you more about this update and how you can use it, we've built a live training webinar hosted by Adina - co-founder Socialinsider.

Here's a how-to video, in which Adina, walks you through analyzing your campaigns with Socialinsider.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How to compare campaigns side by side
  • How to measure engagement by social channel
  • How to track the success of your influencers
  • How to get in-depth insights on each campaign you're running

You can check out our past recordings as well as the upcoming training sessions in the Live Webinar Section!

Got questions? Ask away in the comments section below! 🀩

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[WEBINAR] How to measure your campaigns across multiple channels
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