Teach me how to do a competitors’ research on social media

Hosted by:
Adina Jipa

Adina Jipa

Co-founder @Socialinsider
Dorra Lunet

Dorra Lunet

Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

Date | Time

April 29, at 09:00 AM EST.


Let's learn how to crush your competitors on social media and create competitive reports.

Join Adina Jipa, Co-founder at Socialinsider, and Dorra Lunet, Director at Hanging Gardens Agency for a roundtable discussion on social media competitors research and learn how to strengthen your social media strategy with competitive insights.

We dive into exactly what social media competitive insights you need to research, why it is important to do a competitor's research, what competitive insights to measure, and how Socialinsider helps the Hanging Gardens Agency to keep an eye on the competition.

This special webinar teaches you how to:

  • Perform competitive analysis on social media
  • Define the social media competitive goals
  • What platforms you need to research the competitors
  • Follow the most important social media metrics

This training is ideal for social media teams or those already using analytics to dive deeper.Grab your spot now, if you haven't already!

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