Teach Me How to Create Engaging Content on Instagram

Hosted by:
Adina Jipa

Adina Jipa

Co-founder @Socialinsider
Mike Blake-Crawford

Mike Blake-Crawford

Social Marketing Consultant
Estelle Keeber

Estelle Keeber

Instagram Expert

Date | Time

⏰August 4th, 2022, at 10:00 AM ET.


Learn how to write engaging content on Instagram

What are the key elements for creating highly engaging content on Instagram?

In this live session, Adina Jipa - Founder at Socialinsider, Mike Blake-Crawford, Social Marketing Consultant and Estelle Keeber, Instagram Expert gather together to rule out great and engaging content ideas for Instagram.

This special webinar teaches you:

  • How to create engaging content on Instagram. Actionable tips
  • The most engaging type of content on Instagram: Reels. How could brands integrate reels into their content strategy
  • Reels ideas for brands
  • How to get more reels views
  • Content trends social media managers should know

This training is ideal for social media and community managers.

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