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Convince prospects with competitive benchmarking

Use data about your prospects’ social channels as well as their competitors to impress them with an industry overview. Win them over by uncovering their competitors’ content strategy.

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Social media analytics tool
Track the social media KPIs

Track the social media KPIs

Get in-depth insights for the profiles you manage

Grow the social media presence and understand where you’re standing against top competitors. Increase social engagement by tracking social media metrics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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Compare your performance against top competitors

See exactly where you stand

Keep an eye on your competitors’ social media performance. Uncover their posting habits, and get meaningful competitive insights. Improve your digital strategy, and shorten your social media content analysis.

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Compare your performance against top competitors
Run social media competitive benchmarks

Quickly set up a new benchmark

Done with a client or prospect? Effortlessly create a new one

Removing social media profiles and adding new ones is quick and easy so you can always start working on the things that matter. No swap limits, dive into the new data.

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