• Socialinsider roadmap - winter Edition

    What we want to release between December 2017 - March 2018

    1. New graphs and stats for aggregate metrics over the whole period.

    Now we have a lot of evolution over time-based graphs. We want to show you also the aggregate values for the entire period - for example - during last month how many posts were status updates, how many were videos, etc.

    2. Tech stack - DONE

    We're currently using the best programming tools in our stack the industry provides and we're staying on top being fully upgraded to the latest version. Except for the database - the version we use is almost 11 months old. This is unacceptable from our tech standards and we need to set aside a couple of days to upgrade it.

    3. UI/UX improvements.

    We want to rethink from scratch our tabbed UI. We feel that we can come up with a sexier way to show you the sometimes not sexy data.

    4. Insights for your own pages

    Connect the facebook pages that you manage and get insights right there

    5. Instagram followers analytics

    Need the permissions first

    6. Reporting page vs category

    The user defines the category as the pages in the folder and in the multi folder view he should be able to see the average numbers for that category as a whole

    7. Instagram compare hashtags

    Could be useful

    8. Posts made by fans

    The tagged endpoint

    9. Pdf reports - DONE

    Download to pdf

    10. Scanner improvements - DONE

    Upgrade the scanner to scan more and faster

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