New Study Reveals Evolving Landscape of Short-Form Video Content: YouTube Shorts in the Competitive Mix with TikTok and Instagram Reels

Bucharest, 9th May 2023 - Socialinsider, a leading social media analytics and benchmarking tool, has unveiled a comprehensive study that dives into the performance of the top three short-form video platforms: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. The study, which draws upon data aggregated within the Socialinsider database, reveals YouTube Shorts trails slightly in key performance indicators (KPIs), although the platform holds potential for increased growth and engagement.

TikTok has emerged as the front-runner in terms of engagement over the past few years. Instagram Reels holds the second position with an average engagement rate of 4.36%, marginally ahead of YouTube Shorts at 3.80%. Despite this, the study indicates a possible reshuffling in the near future, given YouTube Shorts' inherent advantage of a larger, more diverse audience base.

YouTube Shorts' potential for greater brand awareness stems from its wide array of content and demographic reach. While TikTok resonates with Gen Z and Instagram remains a favorite among Millennials, YouTube Shorts, with its eclectic content range, could prove a significant contender in the race.

The study also provides insight into the average monthly video posts by brands across these platforms, indicating a higher frequency of posts on TikTok. This trend can be attributed partly to YouTube Shorts' feature limitations, which currently lack the breadth of effects and AR options available on the other platforms, leading to a lower prioritization of the platform by brands and creators.

Additionally, the lack of link insertion capability, a valuable tool for marketers, has been noted as a limitation of YouTube Shorts. This could be a consequence of the platform's later entry into the short-form video market; however, the study underscores the necessity of swift adaptation to user needs in this dynamic digital landscape.

The report also shed light on the average watch rate, with Instagram leading the pack, and YouTube Shorts at the lower end. According to Adina Jipa, Founder at Socialinsider, "TikTok is a go-to for viral content, while Reels are well-suited for longer-form videos with higher watch rates."

However, context is critical to understanding these findings. Although YouTube Shorts is a recent addition to the platform, it enhances YouTube's long-form content core by introducing it to more viewers who have watched a channel's Shorts.

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