New Study Highlights Key Trends for Increased TikTok Engagement

Bucharest, 25th September 2023

Initially positioning itself as the only platform dedicated exclusively to short-form video content, with the launch of a brand new post format, TikTok is expected to raise even more challenges for marketers looking to increase their brand’s exposure through the platform’s unique set of features and continuously growing userbase.

To help digital marketers better understand TikTok’s algorithm, in an attempt to create a more effective content strategy, Socialinsider - a top social media analytics, benchmarking, and social listening tool has conducted a study consisting in the analysis of more than 600K videos to uncover the latest performance trends and best practices for TikTok marketing in 2023.

From an engagement perspective, a decreasing tendency has been sizable ever since the beginning of the year.

What this new TikTok benchmarks study highlights and puts an emphasis on is how engagement fluctuates depending on various factors, like integrating a mention or not, an original sound, or a trendy song, all for different account sizes.

A couple of the most noteworthy findings of the research were that when integrating a trendy song, the smallest accounts (those below 5K followers) get a chance to increase their engagement by 20%. Furthermore, as indicated by data, for these same accounts, another tactic that has proven successful in generating more engagement is integrating a mention. This is a strategy that works exclusively for the smallest accounts because TikTok’s algorithm favors the newest, fast-growing profiles.

Reversely, for accounts that have already established a large follower base, most of the engagement comes from their community, being less pushed for discovery by new people, and therefore, a mention integration is not that relevant and does not lead toward an engagement lift.

By engagement, Socialinsider defines a post’s sum of interactions - including likes, comments, shares, and saves, then divided by the number of video views and multiplied by 100 to get the average engagement rate.

For more engagement on their TikTok videos, marketers should “leverage relevant news and industry topics since those are great ways to provide value and hot takes on timely and trending content,” said Adina Jipa, co-founder at Socialinsider.

Since TikTok is a video-centered social platform, KPIs such as video views or the average watch time also represent some of the vitally important metrics marketers need to monitor in order to evaluate their performance, topics that were also covered in the study introduced.

Socialinsider’s formula to calculate the average watch rate consists of a post’s views count divided by the total number of followers and multiplied by 100.

According to data, TikTok’s video view rate - a metric also known as watch rate - stands at an average of 14.49%, registering a 10% decrease compared to last year’s values.

Aiming to uncover what are the most effective content approaches for a successful TikTok strategy, Socialinsider’s research analyzed the platform’s average video view rate from multiple angles, correlating it with variables such as video and caption length.

Among the most notable performance benchmarks that the study has revealed are the stats indicating that shorter captions lead to a higher video view rate, as follows: captions with less than 10 words generate an average video view rate of 10.25%, those between 20-30 words a video view rate of 8.24% while the numbers continue to lower down as the caption length increases.

Lastly, the research also indicated that shorter videos perform better than longer ones and that after exceeding a 15-second video length, TikTok’s average video view rate decreases by 16.55%.

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