Social Media Bottlenecks

What are the main social media bottlenecks?

In this Socialinsider study, you’ll discover:

  • Social media professionals find it hard to increase traffic and engagement on social media
  • Reports are typically done once a month and take up to 4 hours
  • The main metrics to follow are: Engagement rate per post, Likes and Comments, Page/Fans Growth and Total Reach
  • Pharma & Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Banking, and Public Administration are considered the hardest industries to represent on social media

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Professionals are sharing their solutions

How social media experts solve bottlenecks

320 social media specialists, managers, directors pitched in, answered our questions and shared their expertise. Here’s their advice⇣

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Professionals are sharing their solutions
Traffic and engagement, an issue for 55%

Traffic and engagement, an issue for 55%

Overcome the main bottleneck

Professionals explain their real-life experience when dealing with some of the most common bottlenecks, such as driving traffic and engagement.

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