NGOs Using TikTok for COVID-19 Campaigns

How are NGOs fighting coronavirus misinformation?

In this Socialinsider study, you’ll discover:

  • How active are NGOs on TikTok
  • What messages are NGOs sharing
  • What strategies do NGOs apply on TikTok
  • Which are the most followed and engaging NGOs

Find out how NGOs are fighting COVID-19 on TikTok

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NGOs’ strategies in fighting COVID-19

TikTok Campaigns and posting strategies

Here’s how 25 Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations created their social media campaigns on TikTok to reach and inform younger audiences⇣

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NGOs debunk fake news on TikTok

NGOs debunk fake news on TikTok

NGOs become reliable sources

From October until the beginning of April, NGOs and administrative institutions have shared 519 posts on TikTok on the topic of coronavirus and social distancing.

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Understand NGOs’ strategies in fighting COVID-19

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