Instagram Carousel Study

What top-performing carousels posts look like

You’ll learn:

  • How popular are carousel posts? Look into the go-to type of content on Instagram and how carousels rank in brands’ preferences
  • How does the engagement of carousels stack up? Compare engagement rates of carousels, videos, and images.
  • What should carousels contain: carousels with images, carousels with videos and mixed carousels that contain both photos and videos in one post?
  • How many slides should carousels have? Learn how many images or videos should go into the best carousel posts.

Leverage the power of Instagram carousels in 2020!

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See how carousels stack up

Look at carousels’ performance

Take a look at the average engagement per post to better understand how Instagram carousels perform compared to videos and images.⇣

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See how carousels stack up
Find the magic carousel formula

Find the magic carousel formula

Tips to make carousels perform better

Find out how many slides should a carousel post contain, or if it’s better to use videos and images in your carousel post. Get the data.⇣

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